Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



                       Our Word  3

 Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


 You are within, enclosing, and beyond creation, maintenance 

and annihilation.  Verily, You within, encompassing, and 

beyond all genders, none genders, and species of life. 


We did not remember how we had to sacrifice in order to get 

out of hell.  Gradually we remembered that the best, highest, 

and greatest sacrifice is to remember You in all we think, feel, 

will, feel, say, and do.

We take shelter with You from any suggestions presented by 

the evil forces of anger, lust, and greed.  All that we think, 

feel, will, say, or do, we offer it unto You. This is how we are 

making life better, rising out of Maya, and coming back to 



 It is by remembering You that our lower levels of  

consciousness and awareness awaken and sober up 

to greater awareness.  Eventually, we reawaken to Divine

 Consciousness. We come together around You for 

this purpose. 


You are Supreme in all ways, pervading, surrounding and

 beyond the limits of systems, time, and space.  

You are the Source of the breath of life, the origin of 

the energy that is life, and You are the destroyer of 

ignorance and death. There is never a time and space 

when and where You are not present everywhere, within

and beyond everything. 


You diffuse, make up and simultaneously overreach abstract, 

concrete and all other  dualities.  We were ignorant, 

pompous, and arrogant, because of our contaminated 

consciousness.  In our ignorance and arrogance, we thought 

we were separate from You, others, and Your Law of Karma. 


You are our Supreme Being.  Always thinking of You is

Surrendering our mind to You.  Gradually, we surrender all 

to You.  This submission to You, the Most Pure, purifies our

 consciousness through association.  This awakens us from 

the results of Karma and Maya's Hell. 


In this light of awakening and rising out of Maya, by virtue of 

 of Your association, we are increasingly aware of the crucial

 importance of recognizing the Self and following It.


Thank You for teaching us Your Law of Karma and how

to live in the Self, treating others with increasing dignity

             and respect, knowing that the Self, as Supreme 

Awareness, lives within all.


"He who knows himself knows God." - The prophet

Muhammad (salallahu - alayhi wa salem)


We think of You. We concentrate on You.  We meditate on 

You. Through this service to You, we see and experience how 

You, The Immutable, Permanent, Absolute Existence, are 

within and beyond all Sentient Beings.  Time, Space, Sound, 

and Silence are within You.  However, You can not be 

contained within them.