Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



                           Our word  3

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We think of You as within, enclosing, and beyond creation, 

maintenance and annihilation. You are Supreme in all ways, 

pervading, surrounding and beyond the limits of systems 

and space.  Verily, You within, encompassing, and beyond all 

genders, none genders, and species of life. 

We think of You as that Eternal, Supreme Force, beyond 

gravity, who pervades and transcends life and death; birth 

and disease.  Of all the great, You are the Greatest.  We take 

shelter with You from even suggestions from the evil forces of 

anger, lust, and greed.  This is how we are making life better, 

free from Maya.

We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Now, the One, Supreme Witness of Everything; This 

this includes Sound, Silence, Space, Nothing, and Now.  By 

always thinking of You, we are purified and restored to the 

Divine Beings we once were and always are.

 It is by remembering You that our lower levels of 

consciousness and awareness awaken and sober up 

to greater awareness.  Eventually, we reawaken to Divine

 Consciousness. We come together around You for 

this purpose. 

We think of You as the Loving, Most Enlightened, Eternal 

Omnipresence. There is no level of intelligence, no state of 

mind, no classification of ego, and no kind of body where You 

are not present and Supreme.

 We thank You,  who are within yet above all things and 

names, for helping us remember You and be true to You.  

Surely, You are the Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love, 

and Peace, our own Primordial Nature.  As we return to this 

awareness, we see that nothing is not impossible, in fact, it is 

the basis of  everything.

We remember You by thinking about You, surrendering all 

to You,  speaking about You, concentrating on You, and 

meditating on You. In this way we are surrendering our 

mind, intelligence, and will to You.  This is the way we are 

 coming  back to You, our Supreme Being, our Supreme 

Consciousness and Awareness.

We think of You as within and beyond forms and 

formlessness, individuals and collectives.  You manifest in 

varying degrees through all forms, personalities, 

 predicaments, names, and planes of existence.  Thank You 

for helping us destroy ignorance of self by remembering You.

In our ignorance and arrogance, our mistake was to worship, 

adore, and surrender, to a name or form rather than to You.  

We did not know, nor could we even imagine You, the One 

and the Same, Eternal, Supreme Absolute, within and beyond 

all names, formlessness, forms, sounds, personalities,

impersonalities, and other deep differences.

We think of You as the Source of the breath of life, the Source 

of the energy that is life, and You are the destroyer of 

ignorance and death. There is never a time and space when 

and where You are not present everywhere, within and 

beyond everything. 

 You are the Supreme, Tranquil, Omnipresent, Bliss, 

  Overflowing Order, within and beyond all chaos and 

 stillness.  We meditate on You by chanting Your names, 

observing our breath, observing Silence, and being aware of 

Awareness of Silence.

You diffuse, make up and simultaneously overreach abstract, 

concrete and all other  dualities.  We were ignorant, 

pompous, and arrogant, because of our contaminated 

consciousness.  In our ignorance and arrogance, we thought 

we were separate from You, others, and Your Law of Karma. 

Thank You for humbling us through Maya, and encouraging

 us to always think of You.  We think of You as our Supreme 

Unity within, encompassing, and beyond all diversities, 

including Hell and Heaven. 

 Always thinking of You is our way of purifying our 

consciousness of the poisons lust, greed, and anger.  Those are 

the wicked task makers who keep us bound to the results of 

our own doings, our Karma.

You are our Supreme Being.  Always thinking of You is

Surrendering our mind to You.  Gradually, we surrender all 

to You.  This submission to You, the Most Pure, purifies our

 consciousness through association.  This awakens us from 

the results of Karma and Maya's Hell. 

Constant remembrance of You keeps us out of Maya's Hell.  

Gradually, we can see and comprehend how the Supreme 

Unity can be in and beyond all of the vast and variegated 

diversities of life.  

In this light, of Your association, we are increasingly aware 

of the crucial importance of recognizing Righteousness and 

following ItThank You for teaching us Your Law of Karma 

and how to think, feel, will, say, and do in accordance with it.

Definitely, submission to You restores our moral vision, our 

integrity, and leads us back to You, here, now, in this present 

moment.  Thank You for revealing to us how to surrender to 

You and what it means, the benefits and the blessings.

We know this from knowledge, observation, and experience 

that submission to You, our Supreme Being, is the way we 

regain It all.  We return to You, our Source. This is our 

original, Eternal Life of Infinite, Unconditional Love, and 


Seeing You within others and others within You empowers us to stand up right in Peace.  We are empowered to deal fairly and honestly, on the level with others, treating them better than we expect them to treat us.

We think of You as the Source of the Infinite Potential within all.  Seeing and serving You within others purifies our consciousness.  This, to us, is the master key to square  business, straight forward, honest, and up right conduct with others.

It is to You alone that we bring, with all the love and devotion 

at our command, these simple songs and poems of praise and 

Thanksgiving. They help us remember You, the center point 

of our equilibrium.  

 Remembering You is what everlastingomnipresentpeace.com 

 is all about.  Forgetfulness of You is the root cause of our 

suffering.  Remembering You is our Plumb Line and our 

guide to awakening out of the vicious cycles of spiritual, 

intellectual, mental, and physical sufferings of Maya.

It is through remembrance of You that our Pineal gland is 

decalcified, our historical memory is restored and our Divine 

Consciousness is revived.  We meditate on You as Silence and 

the Witness of all. 

 The more we purify our consciousness and remember You, 

we can increasingly experience Your presence everywhere.  

Thank You for helping us remember You.  This is the basis of 

       our spiritual practice.

As our Divine Consciousness is revived, we are able to 

resist the ever present temptation to gratify the insatiable 

demands of the unappeasable senses, and turn from our 

wicked ways.

  These wicked behaviors, instigated by lust, greed, and 

anger, perpetuate our life of suffering.  Thank You 

for helping us remember You. It is by remembering You that 

we turn from our wicked ways and awaken from Maya.

Submitting everything to You helps us to remember You.  It is 

by remembering You, the Most Pure, that we associate with 

You.  Thank You for showing us how to associate with You.

As we associate with You, our activities are evermore 

proper and liberating.  They are edifying for all within whom 

we come in contact.  Most importantly, submitting to You 

 brings us into Your transcendental loving presence again.

Associating with You by calling out Your name, offering 

You everything, hearing about You, talking about You, and 

remembering You, our lower consciousness is purified of 


             unrighteousness, doing to others that which we would 

             not have done unto us.

  We are freed from attachments to that which does not exist,

the perceived worlds, and we are restored to You, our original

        position of Infinite Love and Peace, the more we 

               remember You.

Thank You for teaching us how to be beholding to none other 

than You. We are doing this by submitting all to You, the One 

Supreme Love, the Eternal, Omnipresent Consciousness and 

Awareness of all.

  We thank You for awakening our Divine Discernment and 

leading us on the fearless, faithful, most righteous path to 

reach You.  We think of You as the Eternal Continuity and 

Connectedness within all of us.

 We purify and expand our consciousness at every moment 

by keeping our mind fixed on You.  Praising and thanking

 You are some of the ways we always think of You, thus fixing 

our consciousness on You.

  Thank You for teaching us how to help ourselves evolve to 

higher and greater levels of consciousness and further 

       awakenings by always thinking of You.

Remembering You is our spiritual, transformative, 

process of  Self-recognition, of seeing and returning to You, 

the Supreme Love,  the Origin of  all.  Thank You for 

revealing to us the purifying spiritual practice of always  

thinking of  You. 

 Always thinking of You, The Most Pure, positively changes 

our thinking while it simultaneously cleanses our lower 

consciousness and revives our character to its original Divine 


 We trust in You.  History, our  knowledge, observation, and 

experience bare witness that You, the Most  Ethical, are the 

Divine Consciousness of all.  Thank You for helping us to see 

how to return to You, the One Pure Awareness, beyond good, 

               evil, and neutral states of existence.

Thank You for revealing to us the fact that the root of our 

problematic life in Maya is our identifying the eternal self 

with the temporary worlds of illusion. 

We think of You as our Eternal, Omnipresent Divinity.  

Thank You for assisting us in our awakening from the illusion 

            by helping us to always think of You.

We think of You as our Supreme Being at the base of all 

purpose and order.  By seeing the self as spirit or awareness, 

and always thinking of You we are attaining ever greater 

unity and peace within ourselves. 

 Furthermore, by seeing the self as spirit or awareness and 

always thinking of You, we are gaining greater love and 

understanding for others, and an ever greater unity with 

Your purpose and order.

We think of You as One without a second, closer than the air 

our body breathes. You are our Immortal Supreme Being, 

within and beyond our current consciousness and awareness.

The more our consciousness is purified due to Your 

association, the more we can live a simple life of compassion 

for all sentient beings.  We think of You as the Supreme Pure, 

Immovable Energy that moves all.

The beginning of purification for the experience of 

Omnipresent Divinity can start with three steps: (1) Seeing 

the self as spirit/consciousness/awareness, (2) Serving You:  

Submitting to You, with love and devotion, all we think, feel, 

will, say and do, and (3) constantly, mentally and physically,

calling out Your Holy Names.  As our consciousness 

is purified and reawakens to Its still  and quiet state, we 

can meditate on You as Silence and the Awareness of all.

Our dedication to serving You, through our work is another 

one of our spiritual our spiritual practicesIt is our method 

of being a true servant and blessing to all sentient beings as 

well as consciously yoking our consciousness with You, the 

Greatest Nobility.  

  We think of You as the freedom that knows no bounds, the 

Source of  Eternal, Infinite, Peace.  Surrendering to You is 

the Submission at the center of the spiritual resuscitation and 

the resurrection of our lower consciousness from its 

inebriated, inelegant, existence.

Young plants are given various means of protection for 

surviving and thriving by Your laws of material nature.  Our 

spiritual development is protected, survives, and thrives by

 identifying as consciousness and remembering You.

Other steps in this spiritual purification process 

are hearing, chanting, and remembering Your Holy Names, 

even as we submit everything to You. 

We think of You as the Supreme Order which pervades, 

encloses and transcends all chaos. Our Omnipresent One, to 

whom all is offered, is You.  Constantly remembering You is 

enabling us to evermore thrive in Your Tranquil, Loving, 


Our greatest wealth is You.  The ultimate goal of our life is 

You.  Our very best long term investment is You.  Always 

thinking of You is the way way we quiet our consciousness so 

that we better see the various strategies for achieving 

our goal. 

 Of course, the closer we  get to You consciously, the better we 

see and the more our wealth increases. There is no risk in this 

investment, and there is the greatest return:  Security,  

fulfillment, inner joy, and contentment.

We dove tailing our thoughts and activities into such a way 

that we can always think. In this way, we sober our lower 

consciousness and awaken from its illusory misery, Maya.

Slowly, we are ever more conscious of You in and as the

              Omnipresence of "Now."  

As we consciously unite with You, by meditating on You as 

Silence and the Supreme Witness of all, we free our lower

 consciousness from the morass of illusions and reunite with 

You, the Source of our History, our culture, and our ancient

                   spiritual heritage. 

These spiritual practices offered as Our Word help to 

resuscitate our lower consciousness from its spiritual 

comatose state.  As this happens we gradually awaken to our 

original, now more or less dormant, spirituality.

We think of You as the Supreme Source of all purity, 

strength, compassion, self-refinement, and grace.  Your 

Loving Presence is within and beyond form and formlessness.

 Thank You for showing us a way to get our consciousness

out of the internal and external delusions and back into

                     harmony with You.  

Another way of raising lower consciousness out of illusion is 

by meditating on the "Sound" of  Your Silence which  

pervades and transcends all sound.  Meditating on You in this 

way is a time tested method of regaining self-sufficiency and 

eventual reunion with You.

Constantly, ever increasing our thoughts of  You, we attain 

the real goal of life, union with You. Our original 

constitutional position, full of unlimited contentment and 

everlasting, transformative love, is You, our Supreme Being.

You, this Pure Awareness, the Most Gorgeous Source of  all 

beauty and strength, are the ultimate goal of our life.  It is

 "This" which gives meaning and purpose to our existence.