Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 9

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

      Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

    Hari  Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We think of You as the Source of the Power of Gravity and 

our own Supreme Being.  We are benefited and comforted by 

this vast treasure of ancient knowledge. 

Passed down to us freely and shared free of charge here at

 everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, this knowledge shows 

us how to get out of the "Total Mess" Maya, and return to 

You.  This is our original eternal life of bliss and fulfillment.

Why not pass this knowledge of Self and how to attain it 

along freely without any kind of charge or commitment?  It is 

being revealed to us free of charge or any kind of obligation.  

Truly, all is given and shared through us by the Grace of 

our Most Righteous, Eternally Omnipresent, Supreme Being.  

By the Grace of the Most High,  we are passing this

transcendental knowledge along  as an offering to You, 

Our Supreme Being. This is part of our spiritual practice, 

our Sadhana.  It helps us reawaken to You.  

Aum Tat  Sat

The Self as Supreme  Energy, Consciousness, or Awareness is  

Eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss. By always 

thinking of You, we  keep negative, wicked, imprisoning 

thoughts out of our consciousness.  

True knowledge liberates us to think freely and critically for

ourselves.  Our  belief  in You or anything else is based on 

our  critical  knowledge, observation, and experience.  Deep 

within, we long to return to an eternal life  of unlimited 

comprehension and bliss; "Sat Chid Ananda."

 Always remembering You is one of the 

encouraging and inspiring spiritual practices that purifies 

our consciousness and awakens our discrimination.  The 

more this happens, the more we engage in critical free 

thought, Neti Neti, and return to our original position 

of eternal, unlimited comprehension, and and bliss.

We want to be happy because our original constitutional 

position is ecstatic bliss.  We do not want to be ignorant and 

strive for knowledge and understanding because You, our 

source, are the beginning, middle, and end of enlightenment.  

We are enlightenment, and its Source, by our eternal nature.

We can and must always think of You, our birthless, 

deathless, Supreme Awareness who is always free from 

suffering. Indeed, many of us abhor the suffering of old age, 

disease, and death.  It it is foreign to our eternal, spiritual 

nature.  Always thinking of You brings us back to our 

original Sachidananda.

This spiritual practice of always thinking of You consists of  

seeing You as the Supreme Witness of all consciousness, and 

seeing ever higher states of consciousness witnessing 

consciousness. This is our meditation.  It allows the 

consciousness to be purified and return to its 

original, blissful, inner quiet and stillness.  

        As inner quietness and stillness happens, the negative, 

       wicked, thoughts are alienated and the consciousness 

       continues to associate with You and be purified.  

      Gradually, the awareness returns to to You, our original    

                        state of Rapturous, Supreme Being.

Our greatest longing is to be with You, our Supreme Being.  

In our irrationality of self misidentification, we  are 

mistaking this longing to be with You to be a desire for sense 

gratification.  That is the cause of our frustration and 

confusion, our chasing after the mirage of sense gratification.

We are always thinking of You as our ultimate spirituality 

and  reality.  This spiritual practice is always raising us up. 

In this way, we are leaving our descendants real assets,

an undiminishable legacy and ever increasing fulfillment

You, the Greatest Treasure

 In the light of  Your leadership we are becoming 

more spiritually awake, intellectually enlightened, mentally 

sharper, physically cleaner, and healthier, on all levels, in all 

ways.  This is some of the edifying heritage we are leaving our 

children.  MayYou be pleased with these  humble  offerings.

Gradually our environment is transforming into a spiritual 

center for the purpose of becoming conscious of our eternal 

connection with You.   We meditate on You as within all, 

enveloping and transcending all, simultaneously.  

You, our Supreme Being, Supreme Soul of all, the Most 

Worthy of Veneration, we, the individual soul, are in reality 

one with You.  We worship You by calling one or more of 

Your numerous names, constantly, or as much as possible, 

according to time, place, and/or circumstances.  We also offer 

all to You and meditate on You as the Last Witness of Silence.

We can offer You everything, mentally, physically, or orally, 

anywhere, anytime.  Gradually, our consciousness returns to 

its natural calm and liberated state.  This state of being is the 

Absolute.  It is Eternal, Ecstatic Bliss, beyond bondage and 


The more we, the Soul, are at the state of  Eternal, Ecstatic 

Bliss, beyond bondage and liberation, we are returning to our 

origin and have begun to rest in our original state where we 

have always been.  This is True liberation, Freedom from 

Hell, also known as Maya.

We think of You as the One unboundable, sizeless, 

shapeless, limitless, causeless, unrivaled, Supreme Being.  You 

are the One, completely perfect, more subtle than the air, 

ether, or mind, enveloping, suffusing and transcending all, 

including Nothing.  You are our Supreme Being.  You are One.

Through our spiritual practice of always thinking of You, 

our consciousness is purified.  Gradually 

we have experiential evidence to support our 

faith that You, the Real Self,  are the Supreme Witness of all.  

We think of You as the Last and Greatest Witness 

of Infinite, Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.

At the state of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, we are in 

ever greater harmony with all sentient beings by being in ever 

greater union with You.  This is, as far as we can critically 

discern, the most viable alternative to a life of continuous 

birth, death, and rebirth.  

Union with You, the Source of Freedom, Justice, and 

equality, is to us the greatest liberation. Thanks and 

praise be to You for helping us to always think of You; thus 

we regain our greatest asset and power:  Eternal, Loving, 

Liberated, Union with You.

This spiritual practice is logical, practical, rational, and  

depends on no material considerations.  We can benefit from 

parts or all phases of it, whether we are in a Nursing Home, 

hospital bed, wheelchair, bedridden state, deathbed, business 

meeting, or whatever predicament we find ourselves in; we 

can always think of You, and we can be benefited and 


This spiritual practice which consists primarily of always 

thinking of You, is practical worship; It really works, freeing 

lower consciousness from all traces of the anxiety of 

misidentification, Identifying the self as body, mind, intellect, 

and/or ego.  

Self misidentification leads to irrationality of intellect and 

mind.  That state of consciousness entangles and enslaves us 

in Maya, the web of illusion that one becomes enslaved in

trying to attain liberation, satisfaction, and

fulfillment through the insatiable senses. 

In the enslaving and bewildering situation articulated above, 

always thinking of You comes to the rescue.  You are always 

above and stronger than Maya.  It is Your inferior, 

illusory energy. This is why always thinking of You is 

qualified to liberate us from slavery to the senses, while 

elevating us into consciousness of  You.

Thinking, feeling, willing, doing for You,  and Meditating on 

You, is submission to You. This associating with You, purifies 

the Pineal Gland  and Consciousness.  

Cleansing or decalcifying the Pineal Gland  

frees the consciousness of the brigands anger, lust, and greed. 

Those are the contaminants of consciousness.  The goal of our 

purification process is liberation from the contamination of 

material identification and conscious reunion with You. 

Anger, lust, and greed  intoxicate and entangle the 

consciousness of those who embrace them. The embrace is 

sweet at the beginning but gradually or suddenly they 

becomes more demanding and vicious.  One is drugged 

deeper into the worlds of illusion, further intoxicated by 

madness, and envy. 

Thank You for teaching us how to purify our conscious of 

anger, lust, and greed.  Thank You for showing us how to use 

whatever we have to be free of illusion and to advance in the 

infinite freedom and bliss of  Your Divine Consciousness.

Praise, thanksgiving, and worshiping You with devotion and 

love are the ways we are repaying our debt to You. Sacrificing 

our happiness to serve our parents, offering the fruits of our 

virtuous  deeds to You and in so doing offering them to all, is 

the way we are repaying our debts to our parents and our 


This spiritual practice roots out enmity from our hearts and 

sows love in its place.  Passing this on  is our way of  repaying 

our debts to our  parents, other teachers and children. 

Furthermore, this is what we can do, and must do, to have 

individual and community Prosperity, Justice, freedom, and 

Peace.  May we continually be blessed by constant 

remembrance of  You. 

Our faith is in You, the Source of all, based on our personal 

experience. Through our thoughts and actions we are striving 

to always remember You. This is our method of remaining 

free from the illusion and being united in the infinite 

freedom and enlightenment of our original nature.  

In the process of reuniting with You, our greatest 

Awareness, the Supreme Source of all, we are instruments of 

Your illumination.  In this way, we are automatically 

spreading, liberating vibrations of understanding, joy, 

beauty, and truth throughout our universes.

Vibration never stops.  It comes from You, is maintained by 

You, and it is reabsorbed into You.  The goal of Yoga and liis is 

Yoga, this is union with You, the Source, Substance, and 

Eternal Witness of all vibrations. 

Reuniting with our own Infinite Self, we are reawakening to 

our original love for You. Through You our love expands to 

include all sentient beings. This is how our spiritual practice 

is enabling us to repay our debts to our children and 

descendants. They are the heirs of a long line of 

enlightenment. This eternal, priceless, wealth will serve and 

enrich them constantly.

We think of You as the most illumined, our guiding light. A 

life centered in You is a life in association with You. Through 

association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is 

purified, and we live consciously in Your Harmony, Your 

Peace and Your Love. 

Thank You for helping us control and purify the 

mind of anger, lust, and greed. Thus, the mind is one pointed 

and illumined by always thinking of 


 We think of You as the Supreme, All Mighty, Source of all 

personalities.  Thinking of You and submitting all to You, is 

cleaning our major "Door of perception," the Pineal gland.  

As a  result, our  consciousness is purifying, rising, and 

expanding.  Consequently, we are realizing more of Your 

Omnipresent, Eternal, Perfect Peace. 

We know from experience that Your Perfect Peace is always 

present in our lives, everywhere.  Moreover, always thinking 

of You by submission to You and calling on Your name is 

helping us to remain evermore consciously one with Your 

Perfect Peace.

We increasingly cannot be checked by all the material 

impediments that are the nature of life in the worlds of 

illusion, Maya. By Your grace, we are learning how to use 

Maya to make spiritual advancement. 

Yes, we are seeing the self as spirit and You as Supreme 

Spirit. This is the beginning of the clear, high thinking, 

and simple living that is necessary to transcend and remain 

transcendental to the illusory worlds, Maya.

We are submitting our suffering in Maya to You.  The 

more we have been thinking of You and seeing the self as 

pure energy or spirit, we have been remade, born again, 

outside of the worlds of illusion. The business now is to get 

deeper into the spiritual realm and farther away from the 

worlds of illusion. 

Spiritual and material realms can be experience here, now, in 

this present moment. Thank You for showing us how to 

submit all to You.  We concentrate on You as the Supreme, 

Eternal Witness  of the present moment.

 We know, according to our previous and present knowledge, 

observation, and experience, that we are, in this 

moment, coming into greater harmony with Your will and are 

increasingly supported by our experiences of Your infinite 

love and kindness.

By constantly thinking of You we are realizing the ephemeral 

nature of material things, and the frivolousness of chasing 

after them.  Moreover, by Your association 

our consciousness is rising, returning to its original confident, 

self-respecting and productive nature. 

Thank You for showing us how to experience fulfillment and 

how to be serious instruments of Your Love and Peace, a 

positive influence in the universe, without saying a word. 

Thank You for teaching us how to manage and raise our 

lower self by our higher self. 

The better we manage our consciousness, discriminating 

about which thoughts to let in and whether to let any 

thoughts at all come in, the better we manage everything else.

 We cannot manage anything, nor can we be a positive 

influence on anything, if we cannot manage our consciousness 

and the mind within it first. We manage and raise our lower 

consciousness by our Higher Consciousness through 

our spiritual practice centered in always thinking of  You.


These are offerings to our Supreme Being, and none else.  

In the last analysis,we see, our Supreme Being is within and 

beyond everyone and everything else.  Thank You for 

accepting our humble attempts to sing Your praises and to 

offer You our thanks.

 Our duty is to follow principles of righteousness, treating 

others better than we want to be treated, that guide 

us back to You. All praise is owned by You, is due to You, the 

Most High and Absolutely Righteousness, Supreme Being of 


As we are liberated from anger, lust, and greed, 

we are strong enough to turn from our wicked ways. Slowly 

our sins are absolved, inauspiciousness is destroyed, and our 

original auspiciousness is restored.   Thus, by way of Your 

association, we are reestablished in our original nature of 

Divine Consciousness.  

The Pineal gland is also known as the Third Eye.  Verily, You 

are the Source of the energy and intelligence that pours 

through this little understood gland.  This is the Third Eye, 

and You are its Infinite Source.

From this Third Eye, according to the cleanliness of this 

Pineal gland, the light and consciousness of energy, creativity, 

and intelligence from You, Infinite Consciousness, comes in 

and radiates throughout every vibration of the ego, 

intelligence, mind, senses, and body. The more this happens, 

the greater is our ability to function with ever greater clarity 

in all we think, feel, will, say or do. 

 We think of You as the foundation of the consciousness in all 

sentient beings, throughout the cosmic manifestation. 

Supernatural in all respects, none can compare with You. 

Thank You for teaching us how to do everything as an 

offering to You. This helps us in our efforts to always think of 

You. In this way we mold our lives such as to get ever closer 

to You, consciously. This further develops our discriminating 


Such a discriminating intellect helps us in our efforts to 

always think of You, the Most Pure. This purifies our Pineal 

gland, spiritually awakens us, and withdraws us back to You, 

our original, most righteous, Pure Consciousness. 

We think of You as the only Unoriginate  One.  Thank You 

for teaching us knowledge of meditation and how to practice 

it by chanting mantras or using Silence to keep unedifying 

thoughts out of the consciousness, and keep the consciousness.  

First we offer our meditation practice to You.  Afterwards we 

place the tip our the tongue at the soft part of the palate at 

the back of the mouth.  

Then seeing the self as consciousness looking out from the 

Pineal Gland,  we practice our meditation on You as Silence 

and as the Witness of Silence

 If the consciousness  tries to entertain thoughts of anything 

other than You or Silence, we gently bring it back to You, the 

Witness of Silence. 

 Thank You for sticking with us while we get better at 

 practicing this Art and Science of meditating on You to reach 

You.  Our means and our end are synonymous.  They both 

are You.

When we are not practicing the previously mentioned 

meditation technique, or even during the meditation as part 

of  the meditation practice, we can chant Your Holy Names 

while offering You everything. This further cleanses our 

Pineal Gland and hence our consciousness of anger, lust, and 


As our consciousness is cleansed, in the place of  

those brigands:  Anger, lust, and greed, comes 

compassion, love, and charity for all Sentient  Beings. 

This spiritual practice positively improves our personal and 

universal health, which are synonymous.  As we become 

more  spiritually healthy, we  naturally manifest more  of 

 Your loving presence and avail  ourselves evermore to 

Your Most Perfect Guidance.

We come into Your presence and wait where we are in the 

body.  The real self radiates from  the Pineal Gland.  This is 

behind the eyes, between the two halves of the 


Energy, intelligence, and creativity are thus radiated 

throughout the body. The ultimate goal of all our endeavors 

is union with You, the Supreme Being of all.

We think of You as encompassing, pervading and 

transcending the oceans, lands, air, either, the either, Aum

 the Original Primeval Sound, all bodies, and the most subtle 


Yet, while pervading all, You transcend all. While bigger than 

the biggest, You are smaller than the smallest. Obviously, of 

the great, You are the Greatest.

We think of You as the Supreme Awareness in which the 

cosmic Manifestations have their origin, manifestation, and 

dissolution.  Thank You for helping us to see how to 

remember You more and better.

Thank You for showing us how we can at least purify our 

consciousness by reflecting on You. Thus, we better 

ourselves and others, for the good of all sentient beings in and 

beyond the cosmic manifestation.  This whole purification 

practice revolves around  always thinking of You 

and submitting all to You.

We witness consciousness and listen to the sound of silence 

while we wait in the tranquil bliss of Your loving presence. 

We are able to persevere and reach exceedingly greater 

heights of excellence as we purify our Pineal Gland and 

consciousness through this method of gaining Your 


Thus, while we wait, we think of You so that we are evermore 

fit channels for the manifestation of Your Righteousness, 

                                 Truth,  Love, and Peace.

 Aum Tat Sat