Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                                                                          Our Word 18

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


According to our knowledge, observation  and experience, You are Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.  Furthermore, You are Pure, 

Loving  Awareness of Thoughts, Consciousness and Now.


Thank You for accepting our humble service to You.  The essence of this service is to 

always think of You, to keep the mind fixed on You, and to be filled with You.  This 

spiritual practice has blessed us to be consciously in the light of Your Eternal Omnipresent 

Peace, in the midst of the frustrations of the illusory worlds.



It is You alone who are satisfying our deepest longings for love, satisfaction, fulfillment, 

and peace.  Our Word is a solution, a way out of  the illusory worlds.  All of these systems:  

Political, social, economic, racial, religious, etc., etc,.  are within the grand illusory system 

called, Maya, the power of the illusory worlds.  Remembrance of You, our strength, our 

Best Guide to Righteous Conduct, and our Salvation, is our way to awaken out of Maya.


Those worlds of Maya are, as many of us can attest, full of the sufferings of  birth, 

disease, old-age, and death.  They are the source of the wicked thoughts of anger, lust, or 

greed, that lead us to bad behavior.  That leads to further entrapment in the wicked 

sufferings of Maya.  One can suffer in Maya in all states of consciousness, even dream 



We think of  You as  Sat Chid Ananda the nature of the true Self.  We have knowledge, 

observation, and above all, experience of this fact.  Undoubtedly, we have some 

experience of  Your existence and we will continue thinking of  You as the Supreme Self, the 

One Indivisible, Eternal Witness, pervading, transcending, and Illuminating all.  


We think of You as our Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Divine Being.  

 You are the Source, Substance, and Sum of All Pervasive, Eternal Peace, the Supreme 

Self or Supreme Being of all.  We think of  You as the Omnipresent Love, giving our 

life meaning and purpose.  There is no-thing to be said, had, or done, without being 

witnessed by You.  Yes, Nothing exists, being witnessed by You.


We are truly grateful to You for showing us how to purify our consciousness and correct 

 our faults by remembering You.  Remembering You is our life line by which we awaken  

ourselves completely out of Maya's ocean of suffering.  Finally, we are reunited, 

consciously, with You.


The more we know and love You, the foundation of all love, the more we know, 

understand, and love all sentient beings.  The root cause of our spiritual, egoistic, 

intellectual, mental, and physical malnourishment, illusion, and suffering is forgetfulness 

of  You.  



As we change the way we see the self, from physical to metaphysical, calling out Your 

Names and offering to You everything, there is real positive change.  We gradually 

purify our consciousness of wickedness by cleansing It of evil thoughts.  We do this by 

always thinking of You.  Gradually, we cease wicked deeds and come back to harmony

 with You, the Supreme Awareness and the Eternal Peace and Purity of the universe.  


We think of You as the Real Self, changeless, never subject to  birth, disease, 

old-age, and death.  You are within and beyond animate and inanimate being. 


Anything that has no endurance is not real;  it does not exist.  Through 

 association with You, our Pineal gland, the eye of discernment, the First 

Eye of consciousness, is purified.  Gradually it dawns on us,  the only

 reality is You, all else is illusion, Maya.  


Maya, the illusory energy tricks the lower awareness, and hence the ego 

and mind.  In this way, it leads and entangles us ever deeper into the

 frustration and despair of  suffering.  Being trapped in Maya is our 

own doing,  our own Karma.  According to this belief, we are reaping

 that which we have sown.


We surrender all to You by our service to You. We offer our success, our failures, 

our imperfections as well as our  perfections as service to You. The greater our 

devotion to You, the more we worship You with loving service/submission. 


Always thinking of You, we build our character while cleansing our consciousness.   

Gradually, our consciousness rises out of Maya into Your vibratory, bliss filled 

Awareness again.

Ashtavakra - gita

Chapter -2

Ashtavakra - gita

Chapter -2


Increasingly we are thinking, saying, and doing everything in remembrance of 

You. Thus, we are becoming more purified. This purification process is restoring 

us to our original awareness of perfect Integrity, Freedom, and Peace. 


 Remembering You, we are evermore centered and balanced, ever freer from

 anger, lust, and greed.  Self-Knowledge, Self-Confidence, and purity of 

      consciousness and awareness are other treasures which come in the

       wake of remembering You. 


We think of  You as the Eternal Witness of All 

and Nothing.  You are the Eternal Intelligence of

 Unlimited Knowledge, fame, beauty, wealth, and



As we awaken to sanity we see that the self

 is in quality one with You.  It is the Light of 

Divine Intelligence, pervading and transcending 

consciousness, awareness, and intellect.