Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word  10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

The real enslaver is Maya.  It is the huge entanglement, 

disguised as sense satisfaction, that enslaves all, including the 

enslavers. As log as our consciousness is not clean, we will 

continue enslaving ourselves and others in the misery of 


Thank You for blessing us with the ability to have a proper 
vision of the self, to identify the self as spirit, pure 
energy, pervading and transcending the body, not simply a 
body, mind, intellect, nor a body filled with spirit or energy. 
Seeing the self as material is, to us, a life denying philosophy of life.

 We need to sort out this self identifying problem now.  Not 

 leave it to the generations that follow us to figure out.  Most 

problems that we are encountering in our universe are rooted 

in the ignorance of identifying the self to be the body, 

senses, mind, intelligence, or ego.

 If we are a body filled with an invisibility called spirit, 

then, who are we and where are we?  Life affirming, to us, 

means, we know, from observation and experience, we are 

not a body with a soul, energy, or spirit.  We are soul, energy, 

spirit, consciousness, or awareness, permeating and 

transcending the body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.

How is it that I am conscious of the body but the body is not 

 conscious of me?  The "I" is the identifiable, invisible 

witness, pervading and beyond, the body, mind, 

senses, intellect, and ego.  You, the Supreme Witness of  all, 

are the Source of the "I" thought. 

The primary cause of our enslavement is our ignorance about 

the nature of the self.  Constant remembrance of You is the 

key to liberation from the clutches of illusion, and  

reinstatement to our original nature of Pure Awareness.

We are thinking in ignorance, when we are thinking we are a

material body, mind, intelligence, or ego of some particular

designation or classification.   We can never realize  we are the

body.  However, we can realize we are the eternal spirit and 

that You, our Supreme Spirit, are the Source of all, spirit and 


The more we fix our mind on You and Meditate on the 

You as the witness within and beyond meditating on Silence,   

the more we experience our own reality witnessing Silence 

and You as the Supreme Witness, within and beyond all and 

Silence.  Thank You for showing us what we are 

experiencing as a superior  stress management technique: 

Fixing our mind on You by always thinking of You.

True emancipation, liberation, and civilization is realized as 

we progress in remembrance of You.  Remembering You, the 

Supreme Being of all being,  is, as far as we are 

concerned, the way of the highest morality and discipline. 

Thank You for teaching us to speak what we know and to 

hold on to the good.  The good, to us, is that which helps us 

return to You, the Source of Freedom, Justice, Righteousness, 

Love, and Peace.

Self - Cultivation and civilization come quite naturally as the 

Pineal Gland and consciousness are purified.  This happens 

the more we think of You

 Gradually we regain freedom from all material designations 

and liberation from slavery to Maya, Your illusory energy. 

This is Nirvana.  In this way, with You at and as the Center, 

true civilization is built.

We are Consciousness, the giver of life throughout the body.  

Another name for consciousness is "Spirit,"  "Energy," 

" Awareness." This eternal beingness is looking out through 

the body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego.

Truly, always thinking of You is  bringing us back to life  

everlasting.  This restored spiritual life and vision is enabling 

us to see, and experience the eternal, spiritual beauty and 

bliss that is You, the Supreme Self of all selves.

We think of You as the most worthy of regard, the Source of 

all love and gratitude.  There is none, other than You, worthy 

of worship.  Thank You for allowing us to see You and You 

alone, eternally the same, pervading and transcending 

all cosmic manifestations.

Thank You for revealing to us how all sentient beings are in 

You and and are Yours.  All are, because of Your loving 

presence, worthy of  our greatest love and respect.  This high 

love and respect manifests through us to the degree our 

consciousness is cleared of anger, lust, and greed.  This 

happens by virtue of our endeavors to alway think of You.

Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our mind on You. 

This Spirituality, at the center of the art and science of 

dedrossing the Pineal gland, purifies the consciousness. It is a 

very new, yet very old, spiritual way of life. 

Practicing this spirituality empowers us to survive and thrive 

in the freedom and security of our original Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace.  This is the way we progress 

in bringing forth our Original Divinity from within our own 


We think of You as the Source of all virtue.  Thank You for 

teaching us how to unfold a clean Pineal gland, pure 

consciousness and a righteous spirit by concentrating on You. 

When we do this we begin to experience consciously the 

tranquility and bliss of the  present moment.

Accepting the wisdom of the great Sages of history, we submit 

all to You, the Supreme Being of all ages.  This is our solution 

to the problems that exist in the worlds  of birth, death, and 

rebirth, Maya.

Your Supreme Reality, the Source of all potency and love, is 

at hand, in this present moment. The more the Pineal gland is 

clean and the consciousness is pure as a consequence, the 

greater our experience of Your Supreme Love and Peace in 

this eternal moment.

                                                            Ashtavakra-gita  Chapter -2

 Thank You Supreme Consciousness, the Infinite Potency of 

the universe. You are the Source of unlimited names, infinite 

beauty and boundless blessings. Thank you for teaching us 

how to fix our mind on You. In the process of fixing the mind 

on You, ignorance is destroyed and our spiritual memory is 


 We think of You as the One, the greatest simplicity. You are 

Supreme, the Unselfish Love at the base of all.  Surely, You 

are the Fountainhead of all consciousness.

 Thank you for teaching us how to experience being at 

the Chidakasa (6th Chakra), and how to Meditate on You as 

You, Infinite Spirit, pervading and transcending the Pineal 

Gland and all existence, within and beyond time, space, and 


We think of You as the source of the boundless 

transcendental happiness that is pervading and transcending 

every vibration, no matter how big or small.  Thank You for 

helping us to refresh our perspective, realize You, and live in 

Your Most Compassionate presence again.

We think of You as the source of the boundless 

transcendental happiness that is pervading and transcending 

every positive vibration. Thank You  for helping us to refresh 

our perspective, realize You, and live consciously in Your 

Omnipresence again.

Thank You Supreme Consciousness, the Infinite Potency of 

the universe. You are the Source of unlimited names, infinite 

beauty and boundless blessings.  

Thank you for teaching us how to fix our mind on You by 

calling out Your name and offering You everything.  In 

the process of fixing the mind on You, ignorance is destroyed, 

our spiritual memory is restored and our way is made 

clearer and easier.  

Glory!  Glory! Glory to You, Supreme Divinity of the Cosmic 

Manifestations and all the material and spiritual worlds. 

Thank You for Your  association. The greater our association 

with You, the more we realize our natural spiritual state of 

love, compassion forgiveness, and Divinity.

Thank You, Supreme Power, for teaching us how to worship 

You in all we think, feel, will, say and do. The more we praise 

and worship You, and You alone, the more purified is our 

Pineal gland.  From a purified Pineal gland comes freedom 

from ego, cleaner consciousness, greater sanity, and 

the ever-unfolding of more prominent  virtues.

Remembering Your Holy Name and surrendering all to You 

helps to dedross the Pineal gland. This helps us to be totally,

consciously, in the present moment, performing our mundane

tasks more efficiently with ever greater love and affection as 

we reawaken to Your eternal Loving Presence.

All Merciful Supreme Being of the cosmos, all we need is 

within You. You are the Heart, The Centerless Center, and 

the Infinite, Pure Consciousness, outside of time and space, 

within and beyond all, simultaneously

Thank You for bringing forth our original discernment and 

leading us in Righteousness to reach You. Please accept our 

most humble, prostrate obeisance from all sides, from above 

and below, inside and out. 

Your Peace is always with us, flowing from Your Infinity, 

through the Pineal gland, and radiating throughout the body, 

mind, intellect, and ego. Your Peace is Omnipresent, Eternal, 

and always here.  

Supreme Divinity of all divinities, thank You for accepting 

our homage. You are the radiant essence of our intelligence. 

We take shelter in You to purify the consciousness of the 

ignorance which agitates, intoxicates, and enslaves the lower 

consciousness in ignorance of Self.

Who we really are is eternal pure intelligence, creativity, and 

bliss. Thank You for helping us by enlightening 

our intelligence and leading us, moment by moment with 

Your Divine Wisdom and Presence. 

 When we experience Your Presence, leading us on the right 

path to reach You, we are evermore confident that we are 

being victorious in our efforts to patiently persevere on this 

way of union with You. 

 This is that pathless path, to union with You.  Increasingly,  

our consciousness  is purified as a consequence  of our  

submissions to You.   We are experiencing Your Presence 

guiding us righteously, with compassionate understanding for 


With ever increasing certainty, we know that it is You 

who are here, in our own consciousness, in this moment, as 

the Ultimate Reality, our Supreme Being.  All praise  is to 

You alone.

Myriad heavens revolve around Your servants' feet. Thank 

You for engaging us now and evermore in Your 

Transcendental,  Loving Service.

 We meditate on You, we offer to You, we associate with You as the Witness of the Greatest Silence throughout the Cosmic Manifestation. This  is our ancient yet new route to information, Self- education and edification for union with Your Divinity. 

This meditation leads to Divine Civilization with its concomitant high quality, Divine Life, with edifying productivity centered in  You.  All is done as submission to You alone.  Gradually the civilization comes into  union with You, Divine Consciousness.  No doubt, this is our  Greatest Benefit.

Thank You, Supreme Power, for teaching us how to worship 

You in all we think, feel, will, say and do. The more we 

worship You, and You alone, the more we recover from our 

sin-sick forgetfulness of You. In addition, the more we 

worship You and You alone, ignorance is destroyed, the more 

abundant are our virtues and tranquil courage.

We have faith, based on research, observation, and 

experience, that as we engage in Your transcendental 

Loving Service, we are  increasingly in harmony with Your 

will, and we experience the Omnipresence of  

Your  Everlasting Peace.

Thank You for Your mercy upon us. You are Supreme 

Divinity of all Spirituality.  Pervading and transcending all 

images, names, and personalities, You are the Supreme 

Witness of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and 

transcendental consciousness. 

Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You. From 

concentration on You we meditate on You.  Finally, we are 

fortunate enough, blessed enough, to reawaken to our 

original union with You. 

We think of You as the Most Pure,  Supreme Spirit, the 

source of all emancipation, liberation, virtues, and the very 

best of moral values.  By the Supreme Virtue of Your 

association, we are cleansed and liberated into our original 

position of  conscious union with You.