Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 14

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

The purpose of all this discourse is to convince us to stay in constant rememberance of You, the Most High, our Supreme Being, to better solve our problems.  We do this by calling one or more of Your names and offering You everything.  Consequently, we are reborn, reshaped, refined, into Your likeness again.  We want to be like You again.  Thank You for helping us to increase our remembrance of You.

We meditate on You as our Supreme Being, the Source of all 

beauty and grace, the ultimate Goal of  all life, the Most High 

Awareness, the Greatest Being, before whom all are equal.  

We think of You as the Owner of all praise and the Most 

Worthy of worship.  You are our  Most Righteous Source. By 

constantly remembering You, we gradually return to You, the 

Most  Profound, the Most Vital, our very own Supreme 

Being.  Thank You for always helping us to remember You.

We think of You as Supreme Spirit, in and beyond the Cosmic manifestations, ancestors, DNA, vibratory phenomena, the infinite tranquillity of being, form and formlessness.  

We meditate on You as the Constant witness  of the frequencies of silence.  We think of You as the Supreme Constancy, the Ultimate Witness who maintains all balance within all. Everything we are doing on this site is an offering to You with all the loving devotion we have.

By Your Grace, inspiration and association, we are able to 
remain at equilibrium and experience true  freedom.  No One other than You can grant us real freedom.  Real freedom means purified consciousness, free from Maya, and reinstatement in Your Glory again.  Thank You for helping us understand, know, and experience real freedom.

  Thank You for Your original primeval word  Aum.  We see ourselves and You within Aum and Aum within You and ourselves.  Verily, You are the Most Perfect and we have seen and experienced that perfection in Aum.  Truly, You are within everything and everything is within You.  Aum is Your original primeval Word.  It too is pervaded and transcended  by You, the Supreme Witness of  all.

We know You have no partners, equals, nor associates.  

However, because You are the Most Pure, we gain purity of 

consciousness and awareness, by always thinking of You.  

This is a sort of association with You, though not associating 

with You as a partner, equal, or associate.  It is our always 

thinking of You kind of association.

There can no image of  You, the Most Subtle, 
nor do we need any material thing or image as a focal point.  We do not want to slip into idol worship through focal points. It is easy to do.  What we  really want to do is get an ever more closer, conscious relationship with You.  This is the way to our freedom.  It is endless and eternal.  It is union with You, our Supreme Being.

We think of You as Omnipresent, fully intelligent Spirit, Pure 

Energy, Spirit. There is nowhere to be  found where You are 

not present.  Thank You for awakening our curiosity,  our

discrimination, and our ability to think critically 

about everything and everyone, including You.  We think of 

You as within and beyond everything and everywhere.

 We meditate on You as the only One who  can pervade 

and transcend the silence and sound.  We think of You as the 

Source of complete Joy, freedom, Security and Peace,

truly everywhere.  We can concentrate on You, we can

meditate on You, we can associate with You and gradually 

come back to You without leaving here.  Verily, You are  


As this association ripens, our intellect sharpens and 

our mental capacity widens.  As a result of this, we 

can better distinguish the real from the unreal.  In our 

spiritually more  or less dead sleep state, we mistook the real 

to be impossible and the unreal to be the only possibility. 

Association with You can cure our consciousness of that 

spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical disease, because it 

brings our consciousness back into the knowledge of Self. 

We come back into knowledge of Self we experience Your 

presence increasing, all the time, everywhere. 

By listening to Your past-times, which can be found within 

our consciousness, all around us and in all of the

scriptures and histories of the world,  we can associate with 

You.  We can also associate with You through focusing on the 

Silence;  listening to it with the mind as one would listen

to music.

The more we focus on You, our lower consciousness is 

cleaning up.  It is and constantly returning to its internal and 

external aliveness, upright consistency and peace.  Therefore, 

we are better situated to return to our proper place in 

history and in the universe.

We think of You as the Supreme Intelligence that empowers 

us to live, love, and thrive.  We think of You as the Supreme, 

Most Subtle Power which pervades, transcends, and 

animates the sun, moon, and stars.  

The more our consciousness is purified as a consequence of 

always thinking of You, we can see the Eternal,

Omnipresent, Changeless Self observing the universe as

Itself and Observing Itself as Itself, and completely fulfilled. 

 Finally we can see that for the Changeless Self, there is

no other to observe.  Verily, You are the Observer, Observing,

and Observed, ad infinitum.  

Thank you for teaching us to always think of You, to  do for 

ourselves and to depend on You and You wholly.  By living in 

this way we spiritually and morally liberate ourselves back 

into our eternal  life of Unlimited Bliss and Peace

 We think  of You  as the Most Intelligent, Loving, 

Harmonious, Most Subtle and Powerful force. You  pervade 

and transcend the  universe.  

We know, in the light of our knowledge, 

Your revealed scriptures, observation, and experience, that if

what we are doing is leading us away from You, it is morally 

wrong.  We should renounce it. 

On the other hand, if what we are doing is bringing us 

ever closer to You, it is morally right, we should  embrace it 

and do more of it.  

We know from past experiences that fixing 

our mind on You by always  thinking of  You is shelter;  It is 

strength, purifying our consciousness, making us a 

more decent and sublime living being.  Most importantly, 

always thinking of You is bringing us back  to You.

We think of You, we  experience You everywhere.  What need 

is there for  pilgrimage? You, our Supreme Cultivator, 

pervade, purifies, and transcends.  Our all consciousness is 

ever more  fixed on You.  Within and beyond feminine, 

masculine, and neuter, You are always here everywhere.

 By always thinking of You we organize and develop 

ourselves. This is the basis of our spirituality and our 

culture.  This is the Truth that sets us Truly free, freedom 

from Maya and union with You. 

Culture means to refine, to cultivate, to raise to higher more sublime levels of  spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical existence.  Cultivate the individual, we cultivate the community.  Cultivate the community, we cultivate the nation. Cultivate the nation, we cultivate the civilization.  We cultivate the individual when the individual always thinks  of You. 

Surrendering all to You helps us in our efforts to always think
of  You.  This is the central point of our spiritual purification
practice; through it we return to being more cultivated, more civilized individuals, communities, nations, and civilizations.   Surrendering to You helps  us in our return to Divinity, the most refined level of  civilization.

The matchless, unspeakable beauty of You can be experienced
by seeing the self looking out through the Pineal gland, as well
as by meditating on blackness, the light of the early 
morning sun, chanting one of Your many names, and/or
by consciously watching/meditating on the normal breathing process.

When we are chanting Your holy names, we are praying for

Your guidance and meditating on You simultaneously.  We

are improving ourselves physically, mentally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually by keeping You at the center of all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  This is watering the root of the tree of life.  This is our ancient self-purifying process.  It empowers us to thrive rather than merely survive.

There is no need for us  to mutilate the body, or to shed blood, to improve on what You  have  done nor to prove our loyalty to You.  You know what we are going to think before we know we are thinking.  For our own salvation and edification, we must,  somehow or other, hurting never, helping ever, remember You.

Chanting,  calling out Your Holy names, loudly, or

silently helps us in our efforts to  remember You.  This

remembrance purifies, strengthens, and

steels our consciousness for victory over   

the ignorance of those vile brigands:  anger, lust, and greed. 

Those vile brigands camouflage  themselves  in the straight

 path, or any path,  and try to  divert our attention away from You.  If, in our weakness, or spiritual blindness, we allow  this to happen, we will loose our natural equlibrium and be pulled  down  to ever deeper levels of suffering, right here, right now, in this present moment.  

Hell and Paradise are at hand.  Forgetfulness of  You sinks us 

deeper  into to hell.  Remembrance of You lifts us into 

Paradise, here and now. We depend on You, our Supreme Being, the Supreme of the Sovereigns of the worlds, no one else, for our rise out of hell/Maya back into Paradise.

It is  true.  We know from research, observation, and experience, those vile brigands of hell, led by lust, really do camouflage themselves in the straight path, or any path, and entice us or in any innocent way, divert our attention away from You. 

 If, in our weakness, or spiritual, third eye blindness, our focus is allowed to stray away from You, our consciousness

will be pulled to ever lower and more frustrating levels in the sufferings of Maya, hell.

Forgetfulness of You is  the chief obstacle to our thrival and the ultimate cause of our suffering.  Rememberance  of You is our third eye purifier, our lifeline, our ever easier path out of the sin, bondage, suffering and despair of Maya, Your external illusory energy. 

For those who seek victory, You are the Source, the Very Best of MoralityThank You for teaching us how to never forget and always remember You. This is the gateway to real love, liberation out of Maya, and renstatement in Your Glory,  complete victory.


It is through remembering You that we reawaken to Truth,

Righteous, Love, and Peace, our original, infinite, free and independent nature.  To develop, to return to this stage of Awareness where we hurt never, help ever, we are submitting all to You.  We know, from our study, observation, and experience that remembering You cleanses and raises our consciousness and awareness.  

We think of You as the tap root,  ground, and nutrition of all creation. We serve all and love all, hurt never and help ever, the more our consciousness in in tune, in harmony with Your Most Understanding and Compassionate nature.  We do this by always thinking of You.  This our way forward, onwards, and upwards, back to where we fell down from.

As our consciousness is more purified  because we are 

becoming more adept at submitting all to You, we 

see that even things  which could be distractions can be 

offered to You.  By so doing, we stick firmly to You and make 

spiritual progress in the face of distractions.

We think of You as the imperishable  One 

who permeates and are simultaneously beyond the shining 

velvet Blackness of  Infinitude which is  beyond space and 

time. We  can experience Your reality  by meditating on You 

as this ultimate witness of the Eternal, Omnipresent Silence. 

Karma, bad or good, is our own doings.  It is the result of our own activity.  Bad Karma  causes us to suffer in Hell, Maya.  Good Karma,  done as submission to You, causes our rise, our release from Hell, Maya.  Gradually, we reawaken to You, here now, the Witness beyond Karma, Maya,  space, time causation and place. 

Thank You for Your blessings and protection as we awaken from our sin, bad Karma, and are gradually  released from Hell, Maya.  To the degree this happens, we reawaken to, and as, 
Your eternal, tranquil, bliss filled, loving presence.  Thank You for showing us how to purify our consciousness and save ourselves from sin, transgressions  against the harmony and peace of Divine Law, by constantly remembering You.

Thank You for Your Gayatri Mantra.  Thank
You for
encouraging us  to awaken our power
of discrimination by
always  thinking of You.  
As this happens we more readily
recognize and
accept that which helps us get to You and

identify and avoid that which distracts us from You.
Moreover, the greater the awakening of our discrimination, the more we consciously experience the presence of Eternal Peace, everywhere.

This spiritual practice of always remembering You 

resuscitates lower consciousness from its spiritual

comatoseness.  It saves us  from our sin, refines our intellects, 

develops our minds, provides our necessities, educates us, 

trains us, restores our honor and self respect.

Moreover, always remembering You revives our pride 

without egoism, and raises us to our original position of union 

with You.  This is our Source, the fully awakened state of 

pure, bliss filled awareness.

Thank You from teaching us how to be still, very still, and 

reclaim our heritage and culture by fixing our mind on You. 

Thank You for teaching us these techniques for quieting and 

purifying our consciousness by keeping unwanted thoughts 

out of our consciousness and thereby experiencing its original 

nature of  infinite, tranquil, blissful, Eternal Being.

We think of You as the Eternal, Omnipotent, exist within all 

and within Yourself.  You can never be contained nor 

contaminated by anything, visible or invisible. 

Thank You for showing us how to always think of You. Thus 

we know more about True Love, Spiritual Love. In this way, 

we transcend Maya, and are evermore consciously one 

with You again.

We think  of You as the One Divinity pervading and 

transcending all, our Omnipresent Reality, Pure 

Knowingness/Awareness, in and beyond Your vast 

and variegated costumes, disguises, and 

levels of consciousness.

 Infinite freedom, true liberation, is the realization of You, 

Pure Awareness, Indivisible, Supreme, and Absolute. You 

are experienced as we purify and raise our present awareness 

from  its identification with the body, mind, intelligence, and 


We think of  You as the One who pervades and transcends all 

forms, shapes, and attributes.  You are here now, watching 

and hearing this. The place we are looking and hearing from 

is from behind the eyes, from the center of  the head, at the 

Pineal gland.  

Awareness' original position is spiritual and eternal union 

with You, who are the source of the consciousness which flows 

through the Pineal gland, and which we, in our ignorance, 

identify as the body, mind, intellect, or the ego.

However, from where You are looking from,  even "This" can 

absorb into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness, 

and that can dissolve into Nothing.  Nevertheless, You 

remain eternally the same, changeless, Infinitely Pure Awareness, the One and only reality of all.

The purification process begins with separating spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically from the material 

world.  The beginning of this separating process is changing 

the way we see the self, identifying as awareness or the 

spiritual observer looking out through the Pineal gland, 

thence the  temporary material body. 

We think You who pervade and transcend all 

forms, shapes, and attributes are here; watching this,  right 

now.  The place we are looking from is the place from which 

we are seeing this, from behind the closed or opened eyes, 

at the middle of the  brain, from the Pineal Gland.  

  In order to reconstruct our self identity, we must 

deconstruct our false self identity as body, mind, intellect, or 

ego. We are not the body, mind, intellect, or ego trying to 

have spiritual experience.  We are the Soul, remembering 

You so as to come out of the illusion that the Self is merely 

a body, mind, intellect, or ego.  

We begin reconstructing our self identity on the 

spiritual platform after intellectually understanding that the 

Self is consciousness or Awareness looking out  through the 

body.  At this level we identify as the eternal Soul. 

This Eternal Soul is Awareness, Consciousness, or Spirit 

pervading, transcending, and is looking out from the Pineal 

Gland through every vibration of  the temporary body, mind, 

intellect, and ego.