Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 16

          Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

           Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

                 Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

 Silence is Space and Its Sound. We meditate on You as the 

Most Clean One, the Ultimate Observer, in and beyond 

Silence and Space.  Our business is clean up our life on all 

levels.  We do this by always thinking of You, concentrating 

on You, and meditating on You as Silence, Space, Its Sound,  

and the Supreme Awareness of all.  

We always think of You, concentrate on You, and meditate

on You. If we are to be increasingly victorious in this battle

 to get out of Maya and continue to progress back to You,

our original consciousness, we must reabsorb our 

consciousness back into the eternality of You. 

We meditate  on You as the  Supreme Witness of  Now and 

within and beyond all that is within it. We meditate on 

You as the Witness within and beyond Aum, Your original, 

primeval sound.  

We are spiritually and psychologically well armed when our 

mind is fixed on You.  We are purified on all levels as we 

meditate on You.  Thank You for teaching how to 

meditate on You.  

We think of You as the Divine, Infinitely Free, Presence that 

is always here.  The spiritual, psychological, and physical  

prison, is known as Maya.  The business of 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is to purify our 

consciousness,transcend Maya and progress back to You.

 We meditate on You as the Supreme, Eternal, 

Unchanging, Immovable, Ultimate Witness, within and 

beyond  Silence, Space, the Sound of space, and the most 

subtle blue Blackness of Space just before the light of dawn.  

We meditate on You as the Premier Witness of this awareness 

and of all awareness.  

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness, within 

and beyond all concepts and understanding of nature.  We 

meditate  on You as within and  beyond all levels 

of consciousness, changing and unchanging. 

 We meditate on You as within and beyond the moving and 

immovable.  We meditate on You as the Undistractable, 

Supreme Awareness.  This meditation practice cleanses our 

consciousness and brings us back into Your likeness 


We suffer or enjoy because of  our own Karma.  Treating 

others unrighteously causes bad  Karma.  Reaping that which 

we have sown means we are  receiving the results  of our own 

activities, Karma.  Others are simply instruments through 

which our own Karma, bad or  good, negative or positive,  

returns to us.  

We are responsible for the life we are living.  We are grateful 

to You, and we thank You, very sincerely, for teaching us how 

to think of You and how to meditate on You 

to cleanse our consciousness of anger, lust, and greed.  

Those brigands:  Anger, lust, and greed, are sordid.  They 

pollute our consciousness.  That kind of  adulterated 

consciousness nurtures the seeds of future suffering by  

giving rise to contaminated thoughts, feelings, 

willings, and the doings of mischievous and malicious 


Suffering is the consequence of our own mischievous and 

malicious activities.  Other people, places, events or 

circumstances are, in the final analysis, conduits through 

which  the consequences of our own doings return to us.

Mischievous and malicious activities which we have done to 

some person, place, thing, or other being, come back to us in 

some shape, form, or  fashion.  We meditate on  You to be free 

from Karma.

We begin this process of meditating on You by always 

thinking  of You, the Love Supreme. This purifies our 

thinking, feeling, willing, and doing, makes good Karma and  

helps us evolve beyond good Karma to work done as an 

offering to You.

Clearly, now we see, good  Karma, good works, are not 

sufficient to help us fix our mind on You and bring us back to 

You.  Good works keep us bound in the cycle of reaping and 

sowing.  They cannot free us into the transcendental sphere 

where there is no birth, death, rebirth and 

their concomitant realms of sufferings.

Doing good works can not help us transcend the results of 

bad and good Karma.  Doing good or bad Karma keep us in 

the world of reaping and sowing.  They do not help us get 

back to You because they do not help us fix our mind on 

You; only offerings to You can help us do that. 

 Moreover, offerings to You allows us to put our thoughts and 

deeds in Your safe-keeping where no dust, rust, thieves 

nor Karma can steal or in any way contaminate, nor 

 influence them.
In order to fix our mind on You, we must always think of 

You and thus become devoted to You alone.  Offerings or 

submissions to You can help us fix our consciousness on 

You.  In this way, our thoughts help us transcend sufferings 

and return our consciousness back to You, our forgotten 

and ever-present  treasure.  

 Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You.  

concentration on You leads to meditation on You.  Meditation 

on You brings us back to the Source of the self, You.  Thank 

You for continuously telling us how, in so many different 

ways, to always think of You, to concentrate on You, and to 

meditate on You.


 As this association by always thinking of You happens, the 

cleansing goes down through all levels of consciousness:

 Spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical.  At last, all 

comes back to You.  The Unchanging, One Source, of all 

beginnings, middles, and ends is You.

  With enlightened intelligence, we are cleansing ourselves 

from top to bottom, from inside out.  The cause of our insane 

behavior is our dirtiness  of consciousness. When the 

consciousness is dirted with anger, lust, greed, so is the 

intellect, mind, and physical behavior.

 As long as  we are not dealing with this problem of dirtiness  

of consciousnesswe are simply treating  the  effects rather 

than the cause.  Consequently, we will still have the 


The solution hinges on seeing the self as spirit or energy, free 

from color, race, or any sort of designation.  From this 

spiritual platform, we continue cleansing 

the consciousness by always thinking of You.  Gradually, we 

begin to experience Your Omnipresence.

If we are not engaging in a process or practice that aids in 

our liberation from physical, mental, intellectual, and 

spiritual bondage, then the more things change, the more 

they remain the same, if  not worse.  

It is crucial, if we want real positive change, to come out of  

bodily identification, see the Self as consciousness, spirit, 

awareness, or energy.  Then we must cleanse this awareness 

by always thinking of  You as imageless Supreme Being.

We meditate on You as the Most Righteous, the Most High 

Self, beyond the mind, imagination, and any sort and kind of 

image.  Truly, we meditate on You as our Most Pure, Divine, 

state of  being, more subtle than air and either.  

How can there be an image or  idol of  You who are more 

subtle than pure energy and present everywhere. W

meditate on You as in and beyond everything and time.

We meditate on You  as our Supreme Intelligence 

 empowering us to live, love, and thrive.  By by always 

thinking of You we are purifying our consciousness 

and slowly, consciously, we are cleaning up our body, mind, 

intellect, self, and physical surroundings.  Gradually, we are 

returning to You and to our natural, upright position
Moreover, seeing the Self as consciousness, awareness, or 

spirit, and always thinking of You, is freeing our mind and 

consciousness from the madness of anger, lust, greed, illusion, 

madness, and envy.  

Those six brigands mentioned previously 

 are the gross and subtle toxic elements that keep 

us spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and physically bound, 

gagged, bogged down and entangled in confusion, frustration,

and other sufferings of Maya.  Clearly then, they rob us of 

our birthright, our union with You.

Seeing the Self as consciousness, awareness, or spirit, and 

always thinking of You, empowers us to remain at our 

natural state of  Peace, free from the sufferings of Maya.  

From our natural position of Peace, we keep unwholesome 

thoughts out of our consciousness.  We do this by use of 

meditating on silence or by use of  Mantra. Thus we return 

and remain with the Self, our original position.

We are empowered by Your Grace to integrate this spiritual 

practice of always thinking of You into our self- educational


By Your remembrance, we are sobering up, raising our level 

of consciousness, and realizing our original condition of 

fulfillment as Infinite Peace.  This is quality one with You, 

who are in reality doing nothing and influencing everything. 

We meditate on You as the Eternal, Omnipresent Supreme 

Spirit, Pure Consciousness.  we meditate on You as the 

Supreme Witness and Source of all, including the 

Great, Eternal, Changeless, Stillness.  

Thanks, praise, and glorification to You evermore for guiding 

us on the right path to reach You.  We are doing this while 

being cognizant that our affairs, in Your "Hands," are in the 

most perfect order. 

We meditate on You as the Source of the most noble values 

and all of our necessities of life:  Knowledge of  Self, Supreme 

Being, the highest and Greatest;  complete history, the goal 

of life and how to achieve it, and the best ideal for humanity 

and how to achieve it.  These, to us, are the prime necessities 

of life.

All of the above true necessities of life are revealed to us as 

we meditate on You.  Gradually, mental agitations fall away, 

or they fell in their attempts to enter our consciousness.  

Due to lack of agitating thoughts being in the consciousness, 

the consciousness remains at its normal, quiet state,  and it

settles ever more in the profundity of You, the Infinite 

Stillness of Witness Being, our original position.  

By always thinking of  You, Supreme Awareness, our

lower awareness is purified and we realize who we really are. 

We are not the temporary body with a soul. We are the 

eternal soul with a temporary material body. 

 Armed with this knowledge of Self, we overcome Maya and 

proceed on the true progressive path.  This is the pathless 

path of purity, refinement, Divine Civilization and Peace. 

You, always here and now, are the final destination of all of  

our endeavours.

You are the Love Supreme.  The more the awareness is 

purified by always thinking of You, the more desire is 

diminished, the old sin sick consciousness, bundles of sick 

thoughts (village gossip), called a mind, is purified 

out of our consciousness. 

 As the above happens, the level of  our consciousness 

rises higher and expands more.  Slowly, we sober up to 

universal improvement, we experience, and go beyond

 true freedom again.  This is the freedom beyond Maya;  It is 

eternal, full of unlimited bliss and comprehension.

We see that the true self, the Supreme Love, Total 

 Awareness, is flowing through the Pineal gland; from here, 

and according to the cleanliness of the Pineal Gland, 

it radiates energy, creativity, and intelligence through the 

material body and throughout all of the elements 

and vibrations of which body, mind, intelligence, ego, and 

energy are composed. 

The Pineal Gland and Consciousness  are cleansed as a consequence of Your association.  This  primary association consists of always thinking of You. 

Slowly, as the consciousness  is cleansed, we manifest the qualities of who we really are, Love, Light, and Life, in Super abundance. It surely takes cleanliness of consciousness to manifest the
qualities of true Love, of which You are the Source.

As we meditate on You, the lens of our Pineal gland is 

undergoing cleansing, our consciousness is cleansed of 

impure awareness, and gradually we are able to see and serve 

You in all.  

As a consequence of seeing You everywhere, our 

consciousness is further cleaned, polished up, and we are 

evermore loving and kind toward ourselves and all sentient 

beings.   More and more, we see You in others and others in 


Praise be to You, Everlasting Pure Consciousness. The more 

our mind is purified by Meditating on You as the Source  of 

comprehension, compassion, and Everlasting Love, the more 

compassion, love, charity, and ecstatic bliss are  

experienced in our lives.

  Anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy are 

cleaned out, eradicated  from our  lives, by virtue of the 

environment of  Your purifying association. The more  this 

happens, the greater is our experience of the Omnipresence 

of  Your Eternal Peace.

We are freed from the negative consequences of ignorance of 

Self the more see ourselves as constant, eternal spirit 

pervading and transcending this body, mind, intellect, and 

ego. We think of You, we worship You, we meditate on You 

alone as the only One, Infinite, Whole.

We know, from research, observation, and experience.  

We are experiencing, purification of consciousness through 

Your association.  We are seeing that this is a route to the 

most satisfying and fulfilling life we have experienced thus far.

We purify our consciousness by meditating on You 

as the Supreme, Eternal Spirit, pervading this and all bodies 

throughout the Cosmic Manifestation. This is associating 

with You, the Most Pure.  

Through Your association, we learn how to maintain our 

unity with Eternal Peace.  Our  consciousness is gradually 

cleansed of misgiving, and we remain with our Self as the 

Changeless Witness:  Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

We meditate on You as the Knower and the Supreme Witness 

of "I AM." Moreover, the more we purify our lower levels of 

consciousness by fixing the mind on You, the more we can 

share strength, courage, and wisdom with those who value 

our association.

It is not about changing "Them."  It is about changing 

ourselves,  controlling and changing our own consciousness 

and transforming ourselves from one of less or more 

suffering to a life of tranquil joy and unlimited contentment.  

We positively change ourselves, the way we look at ourselves, 
the world, and our universe, when we begin to see the self as 
spirit and Meditate on You as Supreme Spirit, the Source of 
the Divine Order of the universe. 

 Ultimately, everything, including nothing, is in Your "Hands." Verily,  we meditate on You as the motivating power within all, including nothing, no - thing.  We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of understand, understanding, and that which is understood.  

The mind out from under our control is easily corrupted, 

contaminated by bodily identification and hence, insatiable 

desires for sense gratification dominate and enslave  our 

consciousness in illusion the illusion, Maya.  This  kind of 

mind, in Maya and out from under our control, is our worst 


We control our mind and sober up lower levels of conscious 

using this spiritual practice of always thinking of You.  

Consequently, the mind is purified, comes under our 

control, and it is our greatest friend.  

Moreover, the more our consciousness is purified by virtue of always thinking of You, the more easily we very naturally unfold and apply the 42 principles of MAAT in our  lives.

MAAT is our  natural condition as uncontaminated living 

beings.  We return to this natural state by controlling the 

mind and purifying the Pineal Gland and consciousness by 

always thinking of You.

No doubt, we know from experience, the mind can 

be purified and brought under our control by fixing it 

 on You. The mind under our control is, after You, our very 

best friend.

We must closely, carefully, and critically examine the style of 

life that involves ignorance of Self, and its concomitant 

illusory body, mind, intellect, and/or ego designation and 


When we analyze the nature of the illusory life, we see that it 

has no satisfying meaning nor purpose other than to 

frustrate, confuse, bewilder, and obscure the truth from us 

until we are serious about coming back to You. 

We get serious about coming back to You by 

always thinking of You, becoming Your devotee, and offering 

everything to You.  We do this with any and all the love we 


We think of  You as pervading all cultures, nationalities, and 

every species of life.  This spiritual practice of fixing the 

consciousness on You definitely transcends all differences 

and purifies the consciousness

 Submission of all we think, feel, will, and  do to You, is one 

of the tools we use to fix the consciousness on You and purify 

it.  By degrees we experience our life coming back 

to order, meaning, and purpose. 

Submission of all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You, 

purifies, subdues, and brings the mind under our control and

makes it our true friend.  

As the consciousness  and the mind within it are purified, we 

are empowered tturn from our wicked ways.  This gives us 

the intelligence and power to stop making bad Karma 

for ourselves. 

 Ceasing bad Karma while offering all to You, we remember 

You.  By degrees, we enter, right now, Your  Eternal, Spiritual 

Kingdom of Truth, righteousness, Love, and Peace. 

Thank You for giving us the wisdom to continue submitting 

all we think, feel, will, say and do to You. This spiritual 

practice purifies the mind and consciousness and keeps us on 

the right path to reach You, here, now, in this present 


We think of You as the Source of the all realms of being, the 

only reality.  We think of You as the  Eternal, Omnipresent, 

Peace, in union with whom the gods find rest. You endure. 

The temporary world of illusion will cease tricking, 

confusing, and frustrating us, to the degree we, by always  

thinking of You,  experience our fullness,  everlasting joy, 

fulfillment, freedom, and Peace Divine. 

We think of You as the Supreme Source of all purity and 

strength. Thank You for showing us a path, out of the 

internal and external delusions and illusions, to the 

contentment of our Everlasting Transformative Love. This, to 

us, is the way to live totally, consciously, in eternal life again.

We meditate on You as Supreme Spirit, the One who moves 

not, yet within whom all movement moves.  You, are within 

and without all, including the subatomic particles and all 

vibratory phenomena.  We think of You as the only reality 

because You never cease existing;  everything else has n


Therefore, in the finally analysis, one sees that 

other than You, all is illusion.  Its seeming existence is 

temporary.  It does not endure.  Because of this 

non-permanent nature, we say it is not real.

Upon very critical examination of the material, mental, 

intellectual, and egoistic worlds, we declare that  only 

You have permanent existence.
 You endure.  

We think of You as existing before the beginning, during the 

temporary middle, and after the end of 

all transitory manifestations.  Nothing exists, except for You.

 We can save ourselves to the  degree we know and  treasure 

You, the source of the Self of all selves.