Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 16

          Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

          Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.



Slowly, as our consciousness is cleansed by our 

spiritual practice, we manifest the qualities of 

who we really are:  Love, Light, and Life, in 

   Super abundance.  It surely takes cleanliness of 

consciousness to manifest the qualities of  True 

   Love, our original state, of which You are the 



Purified by Your association, we return to our 

most virtuous consciousness, thereby gradually

 reestablishing ourselves in Your Eternal 

Transcendence. This purification process is

 our Spiritual therapy for healing and

 liberation from Maya.


We think of You as the Divine, Infinitely Free, 

Presence that is always here.  The spiritual, 

psychological, and physical  prison, is known 

as Maya.  The business of Our Word is to help

us purify our consciousness, transcend Maya, 

        and progress back to You, our Original



Due to freedom from unedifying, agitating

 thoughts, the consciousness returns to Its 

normal, quiet state.  Gradually, it settles 

ever more in the profundity of You, the 

Infinite Stillness of Awareness Being, 

    our original  position.


Thanks, praise, and glorification to You evermore for guiding 

us on the right path to reach You.  We are doing this while 

being cognizant that our affairs, in Your "Hands," are in the 

most perfect order. 


Compassion, and Everlasting Love for others, who are 

in reality, reflections of You, comes with purification of 

consciousness and raising our awareness of Awareness.  


We think of You as the Selfless, Immortal, Ommnipresent 

Reality, which exists within Itself, the One Supreme 

Divinity in all. 


We suffer or enjoy because of  our own Karma.  Treating 

others unrighteously causes bad  Karma.  Reaping that which 

we have sown means we are  receiving the results  of our own 

activities, Karma.  Others are simply instruments through 

which our own Karma, bad or  good, negative or positive,  

returns to us.  


Those brigands:  Anger, lust, and greed, are sordid.  They 

pollute our consciousness.  That kind of  adulterated 

consciousness nurtures the seeds of future suffering by  

giving rise to contaminated thoughts, feelings, 

willings, and the doings of mischievous and malicious 



Suffering is the consequence of our own mischievous and 

malicious activities.  Other people, places, events or 

circumstances are, in the final analysis, conduits through 

which the consequences of our own doings return to us.

We can help guide others, however, one can only save 

oneself by ones righteous doings.


 As a result of always thinking of You, the Most

Pure, our consciousness is being purified.  The

 enslavers:  Anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, 

and envy, are dissolving from our consciousness. 

 As a consequence, we are behaving increasingly

 righteously,  treating others with dignity and

 respect, the way we would like to be treated.



Thank You for teaching us the importance of  

looking deeper into our History and our Ancient

 Spirituality.  It is here that we are discovering 

solutions to our contemporary problems. Thank 

You for accepting our humble attempts to thank 

and praise You.


 You pervade and transcend the totality of creation, 

maintenance, and destruction throughout the 

Cosmic manifestations.  The dead, the living, and

 the unborn are united within You, the eternal life 

within all. 


You pervade and transcend the totality of creation, 

maintenance, and destruction throughout the 

Cosmic manifestations.  You are the Source of the

 dead, living, and unborn.  Birth,  death, and

 rebirth of all, happens within You. 


Your law is the law of Karma.  It is the reason why we 

 enjoy or suffer.  We reap that which we have sown. 

 Identifying with the body as the self, we wander

 endlessly in the wilderness of sense gratification,

 doing all kinds of nonsense trying to get a modicum

 of satisfaction and fulfillment.  


Finally, realizing there in no lasting pleasure 

outside, we turn within applying a spiritual 

practice such as one acknowledged here at 

Our Word to our life.  Gradually we 

understand and experience the fact that You, 

the Source of all satisfaction and fulfillment, 

are within our own intelligence.  You exist here as

the Light of Divine Intelligence.


Thank You for constantly reminding us that the real

 self is not the material body, mind, intelligence, nor

      ego.  Constantly in flux, those are all temporary.  

      They do not exist, therefore, they are not real.  

You alone exist outside of change.  You alone

 are real.


You are the Eternal Supreme Awareness of 

Presence, pervading and transcending all,

 including Space.  Smaller than the most 

subtle, pervading and transcending 

Quarks and Prions, You are

simultaneously the Eternal Awareness 

of the comings and goings of the