Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 2

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

 Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

Our Word is a program and practical action designed to 

assist us in our efforts to turn around, to come out of 

the illusion, out of  the ignorance of Self as a temporary 

material thing.

  As one sheds layers of ignorance from ones consciousness, 

by this spiritual practice of constant remembrance of You, 

one experiences this Self as ones own long forgotten but 

now remembered, Most Beautiful reality.  It is within and 

simultaneously far beyond the temporary material worlds.

Identifying the Self  with, or as, various material designations 

such as race,  creed, IQ, color, sex, religion, agnostic, theist, 

atheist, nationality, or species of  life,  is ignorance of 


Enlightenment of Self means seeing the self within and 

beyond heaven, earth, all designations, and affiliations, to the 

point where there is no one else to see, there is only the 

Supreme Self.  

We meditate on You, the Supreme Self, as the Eternal, 

Pure Intelligence, Unlimited Creativity, and Power, 

within and beyond Nothing and Everything.

Following this further, this real Self is beyond all dualities such as right and left, heads and tails, back and front, up and down, east and west. This true Self, is beyond description.  It is experienced as this Ultimate Reality of ones own being.  

We can extrapolate from past experience that there are ever 

higher states of awareness and consciousness.  It has 

happened in our own life.  Undoubtedly, other living beings 

are at  various states of awareness and consciousness; some 

higher, some lower. 

Would one dare assert that their present state of awareness 

and consciousness is the greatest or highest possible?  

Especially when one knows there are others with higher or 

greater consciousness than the consciousness and awareness 

one is manifesting at this time.

Enlightenment of Self is seeing and experiencing the self as 

righteous spirit and You as the Supreme, Most Righteous 

Spirit, the Super Soul of the cosmic Manifestation, the 

Supreme Self, Energy, or Soul of all. 

To us, this Supreme Self is of the nature of Truth, 

Righteousness, Unconditioned Love, and Peace, ad infinitum.  

Suffusing and surmounting all, including nothing, this Self is 

always here.

Our Word
 is program of practical action.  It is presented as an offering to the Most High and designed to bring about a nonviolent spiritual revolution in the lives of those who have been satiated with the illusory joys of the worlds.  They are still unfulfilled, and seeking satisfaction, completion, and Peace.

Consisting of  spiritual, intellectual, mental,
moral and physical, renewal and development, Our Word is our humble offering to You, our Supreme Being.  You are also known as the Only Praise Worthy, and the Most High.  It is You alone, who are the reservoir of fulfillment and Peace, to whom we make this offering.

According to the Atharva Veda, Mundaka Upanishad  2.1.2 , and our humble experience, You, "Self-resplendent, formless, unoriginated and pure, that all - pervading being", are "both within and without.  You transcend "even the transcendent, unmanifest, causal state of  the universe."

We think of You as the All in all, within and beyond all, 

pervading and transcending  consciousness and awareness, 

beyond frivolous descriptions such as neuter, fiminine, 

masculine, form and formlessness, name and namelessness, 

temporary and eternal. 

 Ever  Free from the illusion of rising and falling, neither coming nor going.  You are  the Most Subtle, Immovable Source of  all manifestations.  In order to begin to experience Your Omnipresent, Supreme Being, we must be in the world but not of it. 

 We must be separate from the worlds of illusion at all times, and know it; at the same time we must be engaged in purifying our consciousness by remembering You.

We all have come from You.  Always we are within You and 
You are within us.  However, although we  are confined to 
You,  restriction  does not apply to You.  You always pervade 
and transcend all being. 

 We are  reforming our lower selves by always thinking of  
You. Gradually we are loving each other more because we are 
unfolding our natural, eternal, love with You.  

We are coming back to You,  from whom we never really left.  
Within and beyond all colors, shapes, species, or 
designations, You are the Greatest Love of all.  

Now we are consciously coming back to You, re-entering 
 Your  Everlasting Glory.  We are experiencing  the fact  that what we were thinking as separate from our selves are
actually reflections of  You, the Most High, the Most worthy of all Praise and Thanksgiving.

Your immortal, boundless Peace  is our  Eternal Joy, ever

increasing fulfillment, our redemption  and our 

 Greatest Salvation.   You are our  original  position, our 

Eternal,  Omnipresent, Dispassionate, Witness of all.

 Thank You for helping us to awaken,  get out, and stay out

from under the influence of  the illusions of Maya.  Thank You for  teaching us how control our mind, be centered, refine our consciousness, and come back to You, back

to our original nature:  Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.

Your Divine Awareness and Master Plan are reflected in all
exists.  All praise is due to You, The Most Pure, the Most
The Most  Powerful, The Most Virtuous.  May we
consciously be
used by You for the cause of infinite  
freedom and Your
greater Glory.

We are being still inside and balanced by our spiritual practice of always thinking of You. To the best of our current knowledge and ability, we more easily obey and follow Your Most Righteous instructions, the more our consciousness is purified by our always thinking of You.

The real business of our life is to sober up our lower 

eccentric consciousness by always thinking of You.  In this 

way, we are evermore centered and balanced, living in 

increasing  consciousness of You.

You are our Eternal Life of Infinite Tranquility.  By always 

thinking of You, we return to harmony with  Your Master 

Plan. This is the Peace in which the universe is born, grows, 

and eventually dissolves.

As lower consciousness realigns with You, the Supreme

Awareness of all, It sees that it is, and always was, as close to 

You now as it was before it fell into the Worlds of Illusion, 

Maya. You, The True Self, Incomparable Freedom, and 

Infinite Awareness, are always free, pervading and 

transcending all illusions.

Gradually, always thinking of You leads us to meditation on 

You, who are beyond all thought.  We practice meditating on 

You, as the Witness of Silence, with 

patience and determination.  

Gradually,  contemplation, concentration, and 

meditation, decalcifies the Pineal Gland, and we can see You 

and meditate on You, ever more, as the 

Immovable, Omnipresence, within whom is all, including 

Silence, have there existence.  

Keeping the mind fixed on You, the most majestic, by 

submitting/surrendering all to You, 

lower consciousness sobers up. 

 By degrees, consciousness recalls, and seriously considers, 

the heights from which it has fallen.  Now, with patience, 

determination, study, and spiritual practice, it returns to You, 

the origin from which it has yearned to return, although 

having never left.

Now, turning to You in genuine repentance and faith, 
based on experience, we continue our journey into Now, back to You.  Progressively, consciousness returns  to its glorious 
past, its original spirituality. 

Clearly then, we see, if we are to move up, advancing 
spiritually, we must change the way we conceive the self, and 
comprehend ever higher levels of truth about it. 
 Eventually,  we must rise, cleanse our consciousness of  
unfulfilling piggishness and return to You, our Source 
of Fulfillment, Security, Freedom and Peace.

Slowly, we understand that You are the One Source,
Substance, Goal, and purpose of Monotheism.  The self is far
beyond merely material, mental, intellectual, or ego.

We believe, in the light of experience and knowledge, the true Self is not physical, mental, intellectual, nor ego. 
Pervading and transcending these, it is the changeless witness 
 of all lower phenomena such as ego, intellect, mind, senses,

We think of You, we concentrate on You, wa meditate on You as the are realizable, eternal spirit, the most beautiful
expression´╗┐ of  unity, beauty, harmony and balance.  You
are our original  spirituality which pervades and transcend the Astral and all other planes of existence.

 Supreme Soul, You are The Source of all thought,Witness of 
all witnesses for ever.  Furthermore, You are the Supreme  Reality, The Source, The Divine Activating Principle of the cosmos. Moreover, You are the Power which activates and motivates this body, mind, intellect, and ego, which in the illusion of Maya, we refer to as the self.

 Thank You for teaching us how to fix our mind on You 
and how to meditate on You.  Thank You for showing us how 
 fixing the mind on You is all that is really necessary to bring us back to Your  Eternal Kingdom of  Love, 
Freedom, Righteousness, and Peace. 

We think of You as the Greatest Self, Most Beautiful, the Supreme Spirit, Soul, Consciousness, or Awareness; the only one  necessary or worthy of worship.  Thank You for inspiring us to continue making these humble attempts to praise and thank You.

In the light of our knowledge, observation, and experience, The Supreme Self is You, within and beyond all sheaths of  consciousness.  We sober up lower levels of consciousness and improve ourselves as we strive to live in total submission to Your Divine guidance.  Thus, the goal of our life, union with You, is gradually accomplished as we remember You.

There is gradual transformation at the very foundation of our 

value system as we change the way we see the self. When

we change the way we regard the self, seeing it as spiritual, 

rather than material, mental, intellectual, or ego, we change 

the way we regard everything else.

By always thinking of You, our awareness is transformed 

from the material to spiritual.  As this happens, we see that  

Freedom and Peace are the inherent nature of 

the Eternal, Changeless, Most Expansive Self. 



Pervading  and transcending all bodies,  minds, intellects, 

and egos, You are this Self, here, now, before 

the beginning, during the middle, and after the end of the I 

thought.  You, the Most expansive, Divine Self, are Absolutely 

Free, eternally the Supreme Awareness of all.

Transformation of consciousness at its very foundation,   

changing it from material to  spiritual, is real revolution, a 

180 degree foundational change.  Lower consciousness  

sobers up to DivineLove, Pure Consciousness, its original 

constitutional position. 

This return to our original position is true emancipation.  It is 

the return to forever, the return to Eternal Love, the only Love there is.  This is true spiritual liberation from the bondage of  Maya. This is our original condition, the freedom of  Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

You, our  Supreme Spirit, are eternal, ineffable and can be 

experienced as the Pineal gland and consciousness are 

purified as a consequence of always thinking of You. 

Also known as Supreme Soul, and Divine Reality, You are 

eternally the Greatest Soul, the Supreme Spirit, Pure 

Consciousness who pervades and transcends the illusion 

known as time. 

  You, this illimitable, Eternal Self, are the unborn, 

unchanging, undying, witness of the constant flux of change. 

The constant flux is also known as Maya. It is the illusory 

energy, associated with the body, mind, intelligence, ego and 

all their webs of entanglements.  You, the ever detached One, 

pervade and transcend this Maya.

Our spiritual practice, of which meditation is one major limb,
empowers us to gradually become conscious of our 
omnipresent  stillness. We meditate on this stillness and 
gradually are always conscious of its presence as the Transcendental Self within the Self.

We know that our real adversary is our mind out from under
our control. We bring the mind under our control and break 

lower consciousness out of the ignorance and suffering of 

materialistic, egocentric, existence by always thinking of You. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate  on 

You as the Source of  the "I" thought, within and beyond all 

dualities, including Everything and Nothing.  We  think of 

You as the Ultimate Awareness, the greatest Generating

Organizing, and Destroying Principle of all energy, 

creativity, and intelligence. 

We concentrate on You as the Supreme Witness, beyond, the 

Cosmic Manifestation and No-thing.  We think of You as the 

Supreme Knower of everything and nothing.  The only One 

who completely satisfies upon being seen, heard, or otherwise 

experienced, is You. 

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of Everything 

and Nothing, the Eternal, Pure, Awareness; no name, no 

shape, no form, no beginning, in and beyond middles, 

no end.  

We meditate on You as the Always Here, from no where and 

beyond everywhere, nowhere, and nothing.  Surely, You are 

the Greatest of the Great.  No matter how big or small, You 

are the Greatest. 

 As we think of You, concentrate on You, 

and meditate on You, the ego dissolves and we slowly 

regain our absolute humility.  Gradually, we experience and 

know the self within the Self.  We completely recognize and 

experience It as the long forgotten yet completely 

remembered Self. 

You, this Supreme Illumination, Enlightenment, Self, Soul, 

are known in millions upon millions of names:  Bha in 

the Sanskrit language of ancient India, God in the 

English language, Gye Nyame in the Akan language, Allah in 

the Arab language, Buddha in the Pali and Sanskrit 

language, and in many other Hallowed names throughout 

our universe. 


  You, our One Supreme Being, are recognized and respected 

to the utmost.  As far as we are concerned, You, the One 

within and beyond all names, forms and all dualities,  are the 

only One we need to recognize, worship, and adore.  All of 

our praise and thanksgiving we  submit to You alone.

You are the only One upon whom we can completely depend. 

We know this from our past dealings with You and others. 

Thank You for revealing to us how to meditate on the sounds 

of the present moment and Silence in order to experience 

ever greater union with You. Surely, You are the Super Soul 

of all.