Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                    Our Word 4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


Thank You for helping us develop the kind of intelligence

 that guides us to think of  You, concentrate on You, 

meditate on You, and to serve You with ever increasing

devotion and love.  As far as we can see or understand, in 

the light of our knowledge, observation, and experience, 

You are our Greatest Good fortune.


Our purification and awakening out of the ignorance of Self, 

Maya, is the sole purpose of our spiritual practice.  It 

awakens us to the Greatest Education, Knowledge of Self.  

This Self pervades, encompasses, and transcends all vibration 

or frequencies.  It is also within and beyond the Infinite 

Stillness of Being.


Ecstatic Bliss is an experience of this Supreme Awareness.  

Point in fact, You are the Awareness of our experience of 

this Omnipresent, Ecstatic Bliss of the Self.


Although there are biological differences in sentient 

beings, You are eternal and the same in all.  


Looking out over the cosmic manifestation within You, we 

see, You are the One without a partner nor Vice-regent. 

Anything called "This" is within You, pervaded and 

transcended by You.  Truly, You are the Most Pure, Perfect, 

Most Subtle Energy, and beyond.  


Thank You for awakening our discrimination, freeing us 

from physical, mental, intellectual, and ego identification and 

dependency.  There are physical, mental, intellectual and ego

ego differences.  Nevertheless, You remain the same in all.

Unquestionably, levels of consciousness, intellects, minds,

 and bodies are different.  Nevertheless, You are always the 

same:  Immutable, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and 

Omnipotent.  We think of You as pervading, surrounding, 

transcending, and Aware of Consciousness, Nothing, and 



We think of You as our Higher, Highest,  Greatest 

Knowledge and Power, and always here. Thank You

 for  keeping us on the right path of knowledge, and 

comprehension, the pathless Spiritual path, to our

reawakening in union with You.


Seeing and serving You in all, keeps us independent and

 strongly focused on the vision, experience and awareness 

of You.  Gradually, sometimes almost imperceptably, we 

reawaken, out of Maya and back into union with You.


We think of You as the Most Merciful Providence, One 

without a second.  Thank You for helping us remember You 

during the painful discipline of  Maya.  Remembering You is 

allowing us to reawaken to You, the Real Freedom that knows

 no bounds, the Source of  Eternal, Infinite, Peace. 


Our word transforms the consciousness and awareness 

of the sincere practitioner from material to spiritual 

consciousness and awareness.  This transformation

 occurs, in the intellectual light of  "I am no body."

  I am eternal spirit, of the nature of Pure, Loving 




Gradually, as our consciousness transforms from 

material to spiritual, all levels  of our awareness 

reawakens to You, the Source of  awareness, the 

Self,  in all Sentient Beings.  This very Self is the 

Eternal Absolute.


We think of  You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate 

on You as our Most Precious Resource, the Source of 

our Greatest Wealth.  You are our best way forward, 

out of the depths of Maya, to ultimate union with



We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate

 on You as the Ultimate Witness; the Power of the 

Endless Love at the base of all creation, 

maintenance, and annihilation. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate

 on You as the Power Source of the magnetic force 

fields, electromagnetic, and gravitational, in the 



  Moreover, we think of You, we concentrate on You,

 we meditate on You as the Eternal,  Completely

 Perfect Witness of the comings and goings of the 

Galaxies.  You are always here. 


We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise, 

our breath; everything we have, we bring as an offering

 to You.  Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to 

see how we can offer everything to You.


Through the purifying practice of offering all to You

we return  to You.  This is something practical we can

 do to positively change our situation while going about 

mundane activities.  In this way, at all times, we are raising 

our awareness to Your Supreme Excellence.