Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                    Our Word 4

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We meditate on You as our Supreme Connection, the 

Ultimate Awareness of everything, including  Sound, 

Silence, Space, Nothing, and the Awareness of the one who is 

meditating on Awareness, ad infinitum. 

   Ecstatic Bliss is an experience of this Supreme Awareness.  

Point in fact, You are the Awareness of our experience of 

this Omnipresent, Ecstatic Bliss of the Self.  Although there 

are biological differences in sentient beings, You are eternal 

and the  same in all.

We meditate on You, we think of You, we concentrate on You 

as the "One,"  beyond the Personal and Impersonal, 

Noun and Pronoun, beyond masculine, feminine, neuter, and 

any comparisons.  You pervade, enclose, and transcend all 

DNA, Chromosomes, Genes, and Traits.

Looking out over the cosmic manifestation within You, we 

see, You are the One without a partner nor Vice-regent. 

Anything called "This" is within You, pervaded and 

transcended by You.  Truly, You are the Most Pure, Perfect, 

Most Subtle Energy, and beyond.

 As Supreme Awareness of Everything, including meditator, 

meditating, meditation, and Nothing, You are greater than 

Nothing and Everything, the Greatest Freedom within and 

beyond all.

 Unquestionably, levels of consciousness, intellects, minds,

 and bodies are different.  Nevertheless, You are always the 

same:  Immutable, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and 

Omnipotent.  We think of You as pervading, surrounding, 

transcending, and Aware of Consciousness, Nothing, and 


We think of You, as One by definition.  Known by many 

names, You are This.   We think of You, we concentrate on 

You, we meditate on You, as the Changeless, Pure 

Awareness.  You are looking out through this body, every 

body, all creation, animate and inanimate, in and beyond the 

Cosmic Manifestations.

We think of You as the Infinite, Pure Intelligence and 

Awareness. Pervading, transcending, and witnessing the 

comings and goings of all manifestations.  You are beyond all 

names, forms, creations, distractions, and destructions.  

We think of You as the Most Merciful Providence, One 

without a second.  Thank You for helping us remember You 

during the painful discipline of  Maya.  Remembering You is 

allowing us to reawaken to You, the Real Freedom that knows

 no bounds, the Source of  Eternal, Infinite, Peace. 

We think of You as the One who is eternally free from 

creation, maintenance and annihilation. Surrendering 

to You, and You alone, means:  All that we think, feel, will, 

say, and do, is done as an offering to You.  Always thinking of 

You is the Submission at the center of our spiritual practice.  

Our purification and awakening out of the ignorance of Self, 

Maya, is the sole purpose of our spiritual practice.  It 

awakens us to the Greatest Education, Knowledge of Self.  

This Self pervades, encompasses, and transcends all vibration 

or frequencies.  It is also within and beyond the Infinite 

Stillness of Being.

We think of this Self, You, as the Source of the Confidence, 

Freedom, Justice, Equality, Prosperity, Security, and Peace 

that is already within us.  This is Enlightenment.  This is 

Reunion with You, awakening out of Maya. 


  Remembering You is the power of our spiritual

resuscitation. This Supreme Spiritual association, 

remembering You, purifies stabilizes and expands us at all 

               levels oconsciousness and awareness. 

 Thank You for accepting our humble attempts to praise and 

thank You with these irregularly composed verses olimited 

vocabulary and knowledge.  Nevertheless, remembering 

You in this way is making our way brighter and our burden 

lighter.  Thank You for inspiring us to compose in honor of 

You, as an offering to You.

Thank You for awakening our discrimination, freeing us 

from physical, mental, intellectual, and ego identification and 

dependency.  There are physical, mental, intellectual and

ego differences.  Nevertheless, You remain the same in all.

Seeing and serving You in all helps us remember You. This 

practice awakens and emancipates us from slavery to the

 various degrees of lust, greed, and anger, that keep us in 

Maya.  The real battle, the battle of battles, is to master our 

 our mind and awaken out of Maya.  We can do this by 

always thinking of You.

Moreover, seeing and serving You in all, keeps us 

independent and strongly focused on the vision and 

experience of You.  Gradually, sometimes almost 

imperceptably, we awaken out of Maya.

We think of You as our Higher, Highest, and Greatest 

Knowledge and Power, always here. Thank You for keeping 

us on the right path of knowledge, and comprehension, 

the pathless Spiritual path, to our reawakening in union 

with You.

We think there is no one worthy of worship other than You. 

You are the Supreme Consciousness and Awareness of all, 

within all, to whom we pray and upon whom we meditate.  

Thank You for showing us how to come together around You 

and get ourselves together again for the benefit of all.

Overcoming impurity of consciousness and ignorance of Self 

are our battles.  They are the roots of all the other political, 

social, economic, environmental, health, religious, racial, 

national, and any other battles that our negative Karma, and 

Maya, produce.

No one controls Karma and Maya, no matter how much 

material wealth one may have.  With impure Karma, 

Karma contaminated with lust, greed, and anger, we make 

bad Karma, Karma that causes us to suffer on the battlefield 

of life in Maya.  

Good Karma, Karma infused with love, charity, and 

compassion, causes us to awaken to service to You.  This 

helps us to further clean, quiet, and awaken our 

consciousness, and awareness, out of Maya. 

 We can only awaken out of Maya.  No one in history has 

been strong enough: Spiritually, intellectually, mentally, nor 

physically, to win the battle with Maya.  It is Your illusory 

power, the power of our Most Powerful Supreme Being, our 


 We are engaging in this spiritual practice of seeing the Self as 

energy or spirit, and we are offering all to You.  In this way, 

we are purifying our consciousness of lust, greed, and anger.  

They are being transformed, by Your association, into love, 

compassion, and charity.  In this way, we are awakening out 

of the Hell-filled battlefield of Maya.

We are purifying our consciousness of lust, greed, and anger

 by always thinking of  You, and submitting all to You. This

spiritual practice is helping us awaken and sharpen our 

intelligence.  Thus, we are winning our battles of awakening 

out of Maya, and we are coming consciously back to You.  

Please accept this humble offering.

As we come back to You, we attain ever cleaner, higher and 

more tranquil levels of consciousness and intelligence. This 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You is our tried and 

true solution to our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and 

 physical battles of awakening out of Maya.

We think of You as the Holy Land, the Kingdom of God 

within us. We are empowered to confidently be the 

Divine change we want to see, and we reawaken to Your 

Eternal Kingdom, the more we engage in always thinking of 


We extrapolate from past knowledge, observation, and 

experience that the best is yet to come.  The more we fix our 

consciousness on You, the greater is our experience of Your 

Eternal Omnipresence.  

The mind is inside of consciousness.  The more the 

consciousness is fixed on You, the more the mind is fixed on 

You.  The more the mind is held on You, the more we can 

control our senses from attraction to unedifying phenomena.

 We prepare for the worst; yet, work for the best by uniting 

around You.  We do this by always thinking of You. This is 

the engine that resurrects us. It awakens us, pushing, pulling, 

us out of Maya, and drawing us back to You, here in the 

Eternity of  Now.  

Thank You for showing us how to always remember You and  

to take a good look at ourselves to see who and whose we 

really are.  When we do this, we awaken our pure intelligence 

and come along the right path to union with 

You, who are always here. 

The more pure intelligence is awaken, we self-correct our 

 spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical defects and evils.

evils.  In the last analysis we see that always thinking of You 

is in fact, the major instrument for our liberation from bad 

Karma and the struggle within Maya that results there from.

As our consciousness is cleansed and corrected by always 

remembering You, we better navigate through and beyond 

the power of Maya.  We regain our independence, freedom, 

security, prosperity, and peace.  Gradually we come back 

to the Self, to You, in this present moment.

We think of You as the Ineffable Truth. We offer these 

humble hymns of  praise and thanksgiving to You so that we 

may fix our consciousness, within which is the so-called mind, 

on You. This association with You purifies our consciousness 

and brings forth our natural pure state of no mind, no

 consciousness, Pure Awareness. 

We think of You as the Source of the Spirituality in the 

Universe.   Beyond the states of no body, no mind, no 

intellect, of no ego, beyond Consciousness, one's oneness 

with Divine Awareness is experienced. 

 At this level of experience of one's oneness with one's Divine 

Awareness, there is no one to think of, concentrate on, 

meditate on, see nor be. There is only Pure Energy, Spirit, 

         Spirituality.  This Thou Art. 

We think of You as the Most Subtle One, pervading, 

enclosing, and transcending matter, energy, vibrations, and 

consciousness.  You are this Ever-living, Infinite Experience 

of Awareness, the All, the One to whom all is offered, and the 

only one worthy of praise and attachment. 

We think of You as the Source of Justice.  Treating others like 

we would like to be treated, doing not to others that which we 

would not like done unto ourselves is righteousness.  The 

basis of Justice is Righteousness.  We think of You as the 

Source of Righteousness.

We think of You as this Ever-living, Infinite experience of

Righteous Awareness. The more we associate with You by 

always thinking of You, the more we are cleansed and reenter 

our original state of Righteousness.

We think of You as the Most Righteous and Pure.  The All in 

all, and beyond all, the One to whom all is offered, and the 

only One worthy of praise and attachment is You. 

We think of You as the Source of Justice and beyond 

Nothing.  Treating others like we would like to be treated, 

doing not to others that which we would not like done unto us 

is righteousness.  

Justice is the Law of Karma.  We reap what we have sown.  

We are responsible for our condition.  Others, or natural 

occurrences, are instruments through which our Justice has 

come. We think of You as within and beyond the Law of 

Karma and Nothing.  

The cleaner our consciousness, the better we live a life of  

Righteousness, Justice and Peace.  We think of You as the 

Most Clean, within and beyond Righteousness, Justice, and 


We clean and rejuvenate our consciousness by associating 

with You.  We associate with You by always thinking of You.  

We think of You as within and beyond all virtues.  We return 

to our virtuousness by always thinking of You.

Our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving purifies 

 our consciousness of noisy, unedifying thoughts.  As this 

quieting purifying process occurs, we naturally return to total 

self-awareness, fearlessness, self-knowledge, and respect for 

self and others. 

 You are the Most Pure. Total self confidence and self-reliance,

our natural state of being, shines forth as our consciousness is

purified through association with You. Thank You for 

revealing to us the intelligence to always think of  You.

We also purify and sober up our lower consciousness through 

the spiritual development practice of being ever more 

consciousness of the "Sound" of Your Silence and the 

awareness of Your Stillness, while we are always thinking of 


Thank You for revealing this sublime spiritual practice of 

always thinking of  You. To us, it is a purification rite, a very 

simple to perform spiritual practice which helps us come 

consciously back here to You.

We think of You as the Source of  Truth, the Greatest 

Liberator; Righteousness, the Greatest Balance, Justice, and 

Reciprocity; Love, the Greatest Charity; and Peace, the 

Ultimate Tranquillity.

We meditate on You as the Ultimate Awareness that is 

eternally pervading, encompassing, and transcending all,

including evil and good.  If anything takes us away from You, 

it is evil.  If a force brings us back to You, our Source, it is 


Our dedication to serving You, through our spiritual practice, 

is our method of being Your good, faithful and true 

servant, and a blessing to all sentient beings. 

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. com is, by Your Grace and 

Mercy, our humble contribution to Your Kingdom of Peace 

on earth and throughout the universe.  Thank You for 

accepting this humble offering.

 We are awareness observing consciousness.  We think of You 

as Supreme Awareness observing all consciousness and all 

awareness, including Itself, in the Greatest Peace.  

This spiritual purification practice brings us back into 

complete harmony with You, its original level of being. You 

are the Most Pure, Most High, All Mighty; the Supreme 

Being of Good, and the ultimate Perfection, within and 

beyond all.

Gradually, by concentrating our mind on You, lower
consciousness attains liberation from the illusory struggles for
existence. This is  true freedom.  Liberation from
the entanglements, slavery and engagements of the internal 
and external worlds is the only freedom worth striving for. 

Hearing about You, thinking about You, speaking about You,
remembering You, concentrating on You, submitting all to 
You, and meditating on You, is our method of associating 
with You;  purified intelligence demands that we have no time 
nor incline for anything else other than fixing our consciousness on You.

Association with You by always remembering You is 

the foundation of our spiritual practice.  It is bringing lower 

consciousness out of the unconsciousness of the sin and 

bondage of ignorance. 

Your association culturally empowers us while reestablishing

 us in our original awakened state, free from ignorance and 

its concomitant suffering.  This awaken state is our original 

    ecstatic bliss state of infinite, tranquil freedom. 

We think of You as the Uncontainable, the repeller of 

illusions from all layers of consciousness.   We think of You as 

free from all dualities such as swinging in and swinging out, 

inside and outside; coming and going. 

 All are within You but all cannot contain You. 

Surely, You are the witness of the body, mind, intelligence, 

ego, all dualities, and all levels of consciousness. 

Thank You for helping us awaken to our responsibility for 

the spiritual, intellectual, social, and cultural  development 

         of those who come with us and after us.

We decolonize our mind and our imagination from the 

constant flux of the various combinations of dualities of the 

illusory worlds by fixing the mind on You.  Constant praise, 

thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right 

association, and meditation are ways of fixing the mind 

on You.

History, Your revealed scriptures, and our personal 

experience, attest to the fact that knowledge of You forever 

trumps knowledge of everything else.  Thank You for helping 

us reprogram ourselves from material identification to 

spiritual consciousness. 

We are doing this by seeing the self as awareness, chanting 

Your names, and awakening out of Maya's heaviness, 

mediocrity, and wretchedness.  

Thank You for inspiring us to be enthusiastic about learning 

about You.  Thank You for showing us how to apply this 

knowledge to come back to the Lightness, Mastery, 

Excellence, and Majesty of You.

We think of  You as Supreme Consciousness, the ground of all 

being.  Thank You for arming us with the comprehension, 

power, and freedom to inquire about You.

  Armed with this power of remembrance of You, we can

 realize, through knowledge, observation, and experience,

Your Eternal Kingdom.  This is the greatest blessing of 

Eternal Peace, and it is available  in this moment.

Ultimately, we are not looking at You.  We are looking from 

You, our Source.  Verily, You are the witness of the attention 

and the ultimate witness of the witnessed and of 

all witnessing.

For our greatest benefit, we call out Your name  and submit 

everything to You and You alone.   In this way we achieve our 

objective of union with You, our Eternal, Divine Source.

Thank You, many times over for everything, just as it 

is. Through remembering You, the Most Holy, Most Wise, 

and Most  Precious, we gradually become truly wise and 

holy in our thoughts, words, and actions.  

 Thank You for revealing to us  the many methods we can 

employ to help us always  think of You. Surly, always 

thinking of You is the key to our liberation from 

Maya, and it is our light back to Your abode of Eternal Bliss. 

We think of You as the source of the greatest Knowledge 

of Self.  All names and forms, spirit or material, have this 

Self pervading and transcending them.  Thank You for 

granting us a degree of purified consciousness by which we 

can see this Universal Truth and be at, and as, Eternal,