Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 5

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Gayathri.


The very basis of true edification, cultivation and civilization, 

is purification of unedifying things from our consciousness.

We do this by offering all to You, calling out Your names or 

names, hearing about You, talking about You, and meditating 

on You as the Eternal, Omnipresence of all.


 You pervade the smallest vibration of the creation.

  Simultaneously, You surpass and witness the totality

 of all creation, maintenance, and annihilation.


This Divine future that we are moving into is brimming 

with all sorts of beneficial spiritual and material technology.  

It is brilliant, clean, out of harm's way, sustainable, and 

things produced are recyclable for all the welfare of all 

sentient beings, current and future.


We think of You as our Real Leader, our Best innovator and 

innovation.  Our Most  Righteous, and Most Ancient Leader 

within our own being is You.  Our Youngest and Oldest 

Leader simultaneously, our Over Soul, and our Supreme 

Being is You, and You alone. 


We are truly grateful to You for showing us how to purify 

our consciousness and thus better associate with You.  We are 

able to draw on the indigenous spirituality of the universe 

and stay ahead of the pack by associating with You. We 

associate with You by always thinking of You.


We think of You as Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and 

Omniscient, pervading and transcending all races, colors, 

creeds, and religions.  Everything and all thought emanates 

from Your Power.  Thank You for providing us with  

knowledge of Self as spiritual being having human 



All thought, imagination, vibration, and power, has its source 

in You.  Although it never really leaves You, it seems to be 

eventually reabsorbed into You. Thank You for showing us 

how to be ever better at the game of life by always thinking of 



Most assuredly, You are the Source of our Cleanliness, and 

our Spiritual and Cultural Heritage;  with purification 

of consciousness we can realize and experience this fact.


Being conscious of the Silence, and submitting all to You, we 

really experience our consciousness being purified of anger, 

lust, and greed.  This purification practice is our ancient 

method of coming back to You.  No doubt, remembering 

You is the key to our purification and our salvation from

Maya, Your illusory energy.


If we are to be truly united and free, we must overcome

ignorance of Self and be free of designations. The Spiritual

Science spoken of throughout Our Word is not about

phantasmagoria, creeds, colors, nationalities, or religions. 

 It is about unity,  seeing the self as Divine  Consciousness

and Awareness, free from all designations.


Kathy Upanishad - 2

Atman, the Spirit of vision, is never born and never dies.  

Before It there was nothing, and It is One for evermore.

Never-born and eternal, beyond times gone or to come, It

 does nor die when the body dies.  Concealed in the 

awareness of all things is the Atman, the Spirit, the


pM50, pt2.


Kathy Upanishad - 2

Smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the

 vast spaces.  Those who surrender their will to Atman

 leave sorrows behind, and behold the the glory of the

 Atman by the grace of  Brahman, Supreme Being.

pM50, pt2.


We are regaining this reality of the Eternal Omnipresence of 

You by listening to Silence, and witnessing the Silence Itself. 

This  is one of the meditation techniques within our spiritual 



We concentrate on You, meditate on You, and associate  

with You as Awareness.  Thus we gradually come back 

to You without leaving here.


You are  everywhere.  Always thinking of You, our

 awareness regains Its original condition of purity 

and power. To the degree this happens, our 

awareness and consciousness regains and manifests 

Its natural condition of Divinity, in quality One with



All that we think, feel, will, say, or do, we do as an 

offering to You.  This is one of the  ways we return to 

You.  We meditate on You as within, before, and after

 time.  As the Fountainhead of all Consciousness and 

awareness, You are eternally established within all

and Yourself as Perfect Divinity, Perfect Peace.  


We think of You as the be all, within all, of all, and beyond 

all, including beyond all names, forms, images, weights, 

Sound and Gravity.  Truly, You are our ideal, the Only One 

worthy of our praise, adoration, and submission/offering.


Fixing the consciousness on You through prayer, study, 

meditation and nonviolent sacrifice purifies our Pineal 

Gland.  To the extent this purification happens, our 

spiritual practice improves and we advance steadily 

into Your Eternal Kingdom, within and beyond our

  present awareness.