Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 6

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayatri.


Our History begins with You.  Our cultivation is centered in 

remembrance of You, and our way out of Maya is to always 

think of You. 


Thank You for bringing to our realization the fact that 

the enemy, if there is an enemy, is ignorance of who we really 

are, ignorance of Self.  We think of You as within and beyond 

male, female, and neuter, the Eternal Origin of all, the 

Supreme Self within and beyond all selves, consciousness, or 



Through Your association, lower, barbaric, beastly, nature 

icleansed, expunged, purified, out of our consciousness. 

Cleansing our consciousness of  contamination, Your

 association is bringing us back to our original Divine Nature.


We return to our original state of  Pure Awareness, 

free from slavery to the senses, including the mind, and 

desire, by fixing our awareness on You in all we think, feel, 

     will, say, and do. 

This fixing of our awareness on You, the all pervasive 

Self, beyond form and formlessness, awareness of 

Awareness,  is our process of purification.  Thank 

You for Your Fellowship, the Best Camaraderie we 

can have.


Upon close, dispassionate, examination, it is revealed 

that the suffering we encounter in life is a direct result 

of our association with, and then falling prey to, one of those 

brigands:  Lust, greed, and anger.  Alternately or 

together they keep us in various degrees of the turbulent 

ocean of Hell, also known as Maya.

Song of the  Avadhut, chapter 2, verse 10
Song of the  Avadhut, chapter 2, verse 10


Maya, the illusory energy, is more or less terrorism and 

various degrees of torture for the embodied and disembodied

soul.  All the wealth of the world cannot buy us out of Maya's 

slavery.  One has to practice remembering You, if one is to get 

up and out of Maya.


 Remembrance of You, the Greatest Wealth and Strength of 

all the worlds is our escape rope, our life vest and lifeline, our

lift out of Maya, and our transportation back to Home, 

back to You, here, now, in this eternal moment.


The ignorance of body identification and designations 

keep us ithe morass called Maya.  It entangles us with fears 

immoralities and other  spiritual vexations.  As consciousness, 

we must be cleansed if we would be  free again.


Always thinking of You, is the sum and sustenance of the 

Righteousness that makes us spiritually, intellectually, 

mentally, morally, physically, and culturally clean and strong 

again.  This is the way we are cleaning squalor from 

our behavior and environment and shine.  


Our Word focuses on You as the One who is free from all 

designations, the one who is free from all dualities such as

pain or pleasure, black and white, wrong and right, day 

and night, or any other dualities.  


By focusing on You, we cleanse our consciousness 

of the corruptive influence of anger, lust, and 

greed.  As this happens, we experience increasing 

freedom from those three brigands and the 

Omnipresent beauty of  You, our Supreme 



Our Word emphasizes praise and thanksgiving as

 an offering to You.  This helps us focus on You and 

increasingly think of You.  All that we do is for You. 

Gradually we attain our salvation, union with You. 

As this happens, we better hear You, follow Your 

righteous leadership, and experience Your

 Everlasting Glory.  


The spiritual practice of meditating on You as Silence 

and Its Eternal Awareness is highly recommended by

 Our Word.   This spiritual practice gradually awakens 

us to complete independence from all sorts of

 bondage, beginning with mental slavery.


Mental slavery is  actually consciousness increasingly

 filled with insatiable thinking, feeling, willing, and

 doing.  Meditation, recommended by Our Word, 

and all real meditation, keeps unwanted and 

unedifying thoughts out of our consciousness.


As unwanted, unedifying thoughts are kept out

 of consciousness, the consciousness returns to its 

natural pure, thoughtless state.  The more it 

remains in this state, the more we come back

 to the Awareness and Leadership of our 

Supreme Being.


Purification of our consciousness by association with 

You enhances our ability to meditate on You and thus

 be more aware of Your infinitude.  Gradually, our 

intelligence awakens and we achieve greater ability to

 express, with our meager vocabulary, a modicum of 

Your Infinite Glories.


Purification of consciousness causes the raising, 

deepening, and expansion of Joy, Freedom, Security, 

Independence, and Peace.  Thus we return to

 conscious union and awareness with You, the 

Infinite  Source of Joy, Freedom, Security, 

Independence, and Peace.