Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 7

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari  Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Now, the Supreme Witness and Force of Everything; 

this includes Sound, Silence, Space, and Nothing.  

This spiritual practice is healing our intellect, mind, and body 

of the contamination and degradation of  lust, anger, and 


Thinking of You, concentrating on You, and meditating on 

You, these three spiritual practices, are healing our thinking, 

feeling, and willing.  Our thinking and feeling are more 

positive and optimistic.  

Our will is ever stronger, patient, and determined.  Thank 

You for revealing to us this ancient, very practical and 

rational, spiritual practice of always thinking of  You.

Thank You for helping us in this spiritual practice. It is by 

your grace and unlimited kindness that we have been able to 

remember You.  By doing this, we have come up and out of 

the illusion and are constantly cleaning up our consciousness 

by remembrance of You. 

 By constant practice of remembering You, we are seeing how 

to remain here, free from the stress and strains acquainted 

with identification with the lust, anger, greed and other 

sufferings, major and minor, of the illusory worlds.  Thank 

You for helping us remember You.

We are becoming more intelligent, following reason and 

common sense, knowing how to remain here, in the 

spiritual world, free from ignorance of Self, satisfied, and at 

Peace, in the midst of, yet separated from, the worlds 

of illusion. 

 To the casual observer, we might seem to be in the 

world, and we are, but we are not of it; we are in Maya, yet 

detached from it, in it but not of  it.

By always thinking of You, we can be in the world but not of 

it.  Utilizing the instrument of always remembering You, we  

separate from Maya. 

 Armed with the sword of  detachment and the rod of 

  discrimination, we are ever attached to You while we move

 intelligently and detached through the worlds of illusion.

This is our solution, and it is working for us exceedingly well.  

We just have to intensify in our efforts to do what is 

necessary to continue remembering You with confidence and 


As we remember You and our consciousness is purified, we 

very naturally treat ourselves and other livings with 

ever greater love and respect.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Supreme Consciousness behind all consciousness, the 

Eternal, Tranquil, Supreme Awareness  of the Black 

Nothingness of space.

In addition to being armed with Your Holy names, and the 

rest of our spiritual practice, we have our rod of

discrimination and our sword of detachment. 

Our rod of discrimination empowers us to discern between 

the real and the illusory, and to choose the real.  For the 

illusionary there is no endurance.  For the real there is no 

diminution nor cessation.

We know now how to be live as spiritual beings, in the world 

but not of it while we continue to do what is necessary to 

always be engaged in  remembering You.  Thus, we are 

always purifying our consciousness and getting consciously 

closer to You.

Always thinking of  You resurrects us spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically.  It brings stability, 

balance and order to our otherwise chaotic lives. You are the 

Omnipresent Center, the Harmonizer, and basis of all.  

By the grace of our consciousness purifying and resurrecting 

process of always thinking of You, we are wakening up: 

sobering up, cleaning up, and standing up as the dignity and 

freedom of Soul.

The light of this higher understanding awakens and raises us 

from a more or less dead level. It empowers us and frees us to 

be our  best Self, able to honestly express ourselves for the 

greatest benefit of all, for all:  spiritual liberation in union 

with You.

 The goal of  our Spirituality which encompasses, permeates,  

and transcends Philosophies and Religions is You, the age-less 

One.  The material body ages.  However, we as Eternal 

Spirit/Soul, in quality one with You, never age and live 


  Pursuing the above further, we, as soul, do not experience

 old age, disease and death.  That is of the body, not the soul. 

The more we think of You and are purified, the less we make 

bad Karma and the more our Karma is good.  However, 

cause and effect, Karma, whether good or bad, keeps us 

entangled  in the worlds of suffering, Maya.

 We, the living entity extending throughout the body and 

beyond, are the Soul, in quality one with You, the Supreme, 

Eternal, Soul. The goal of our life is to discontinue reaping 

and sowing in Maya, and return to union with You. 

Upadesa Sahasri: A Thousand Teachings in two Parts, Prose and Poetry of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)
Upadesa Sahasri: A Thousand Teachings in two Parts, Prose and Poetry of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)

  Our objective  is treturn to You.  Submission of all to You 

is our way of transcending cause and effect, Karma, and 

returning to our Eternal Life in Union with You.

 The goal of the spiritual teachings at 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, is union with You, the 

Ever Lasting, Omnipresent, Spirit/Soul of all.  Good works  

does not get it; submission to You does get this union with 

You.  We know this as a result of scrutinizing very 

objectively our research, observation, and experience.

We know, in light of our research, observation and 

experience, that we are not matter with a soul trying to have 

a spiritual experience. 

 We are eternal spirit surrounding, spread through, perceived 

throughout and transcending matter.  Again, our ultimate 

goal in life is eternal, conscious, union with You, 

our Divine Supreme Being.

Thank You for revealing to us a way in which we all can shed 

the illusion of separateness from You and unite within our 

selves with You, the Supreme Self of all selves, for the benefit 

of all.  Thank You for Your leadership.

This way back here to You is rooted in various means of 

thinking of You:  meditating on You, Calling out Your Names, 

Submitting all to You, witnessing the Silence, and  witnessing  

witnessing ad infinitum.

Being conscious of You at all times and places is absolutely 

essential to our survival and our ability to thrive in freedom, 

dignity and Peace, as individuals and as nations.  

We are beginning to see again from the one eye, the Pineal 

Gland, the third Eye. 

Ultimately, there is no one and no thing to observe.

There is only Beingness.  There is only You, The Supreme

Observer of all and nothing, the Everlasting, Supreme 

Intelligence, girding, suffusing and above all. 

We think of  You as the Infinite Source of our Consciousness 

and Awareness.  We worship You as the One Supreme Force 

that empowers, pervades and transcends Planet Earth and all 

the rest of the infinitesimal specs of cosmic dust called the 

universes of suns, moons and stars. We meditate on You as 

Silence, Space, and the Supreme Awareness of all. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Supreme Consciousness behind all consciousness, the 

Eternal, Tranquil, Supreme Awareness  of the Black 

Nothingness of space.

You, we meditate on You as the Supreme Consciousness 

behind all consciousness, the Eternal, Tranquil, Supreme 

Awareness beyond  creation, maintenance and destruction. 

Thinking, concentrating, and meditating on You as within 

and beyond all is bringing evermore stability, balance and 

order to our once chaotic lives. Thank You for teaching us 

how to love ourselves and others by knowing, loving, and 

keeping  You, our Supreme Being, at the center  of  our lives.

The more the Pineal gland and consciousness are cleansed by 

Your association, the greater is our ability to see the Self as 

all pervasive Spirit, Energy or force  and You as our Supreme 

Spirit, Energy, or Force manifesting through all 

the Pineal glands and consciousness  throughout  the 


Observing the Silence, observing You, and surrendering to 

You, purifies the Pineal gland and the consciousness. We now 

can better see, remember, and experience a very 

practical standard for  right and wrong:  If an activity leads 

us away from You, the Most Holy, it is wrong, we should 

persistently avoid it.  

Conversely, if  an  activity leads us back to You, the Most  

Righteous,  Loving and High, it is right, 

we should embrace it. This practice sobers us up to You,  our 

Supreme Leader, our original nature, 

our Eternal, Omnipresent Peace. 

Notwithstanding the  illusions of the worlds of 

ignorance, always remembering You is our ancient spiritual 

practice.  It leads us back to the united love of You, ourselves, 

and others.  In the final analysis, we experience that all is, has 

been, and always will be, only You.

We think of You as Absolute, Supernatural in all respects.  

You encompass, pervade and transcend nature and 

the cosmic manifestation.  Smaller than the smallest and 

larger than the largest, none can compare to Your Greatness. 

Thank You for helping us overcome ignorance and ego by 

always thinking of You. This is helping us overcome pettiness 

arrogance, and ignorance by engaging us evermore in 

the virtue building experience of Your Everlasting, 

Omnipresent, Peace.

We think of You  as Life Force, the Prana, Ultimate 

Pure Consciousness. Thank You for helping us to think of 

You constantly, thereby purifying our Pineal gland and our 


Purified consciousness empowers us to work 

assiduously to righteously solve our problems without war 

with ourselves nor others. 

We think of  You as Divine Reality, the Primeval Energy, the 

 Eternal, Omnibenevolent One, the only reality, the 

foundation which surrounds, pervades and surpasses 

us and others, evil,  good,  and any other dualities. 

We think of You as the Eternal, Absolute, Source of all.  

Anything else is temporary, therefore illusion.  It does not 

exist, does not endure.  This includes names related to the 

material body, partnerships with You, and any other sort of 

identity related to the temporary body, mind, intellect, or ego.

We think of You as the Source of love, life, and all thought, 

the Supreme,Most righteous Leader within all. Thank You 

for being involved in every aspect of our life. 

This process of fixing our mind on You gradually 

reestablishes lower consciousness and all levels of  

of  consciousness in Your  Most Positive, Eternal immanence

and Infinite Transcendence.

All other goals such as rulership of a planet, or a universe, 

are impermanent and therefore not worth striving for. We 

follow You,  the Greatest, Most Righteous Spirit, who lives as 

The Supreme, Tranquil, Witness/Consciousness of all, 


 Thank You for revealing to us a way of  seeing You 

everywhere, within everything,  and addressing You in a 

name of our own choosing, or no name at all.  This brings us 

back to consciousness of centeredness, balance, and peace.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Ever Higher Self within and beyond the intelligence 

and being of all, our Supreme Being.  Thank You for 

helping us to distance ourselves from the temporary concept 

of life and reawaken our closer relationship with You.

We think of You as the Source of all Virtue.  All praise be to 

You, Supreme Love of all. This knowledge of self and 

Supreme Self is the ancient knowledge, passed down from 

You to master to disciple since time immemorial. Thank You 

for granting us a modicum of experience of  Your Divine 


We think, in the light of our knowledge, observation, and 

experience, that all good qualities, virtues, infinite peace of 

mind, calmness of behavior, and control of lower self by 

higher self, have their source in You.  We think of You as the 

greatest Self/Energy within all.  

We think of You as the Supreme Source of all Love, closer to 

us than the energy which animates this body, which we, in 

our ignorance, identify as the "Self." This is why we end up 

dissatisfied and unfulfilled, no matter how diligently we try to 

satisfied the demands of the body, mind, intellect, and 


Although all souls have modicum of resemblance to You, 

none can equal the all attractive, dazzling, beauty of Your 

magnificence, compassion, power, grace, and peace. 

 We know from observation and experience that we begin to 

experience satisfaction, fulfillment and peace the closer we 

get consciously to You.  Always thinking of You is the 

beginning of this enlightening process.

Our Divinity unfolds from within this present  

moment as we surrender all thinking, feeling, willing, all 

praise and thanksgiving, to You.  This spiritual practice helps 

us develop the unitive consciousness with You.

We are striving to do all in remembrance of You.  We have 

evidence based on our knowledge, observation, and 

experience that remembering You is helping us in all facets 

of our life.  Thank You for showing us how to best help 


Thank You for helping us regain a positive attitude toward 

ourselves, our Ancestors, our Heritage, our Roots, and others.

You are the One in all of us.  Therefore we understand that 

others are in reality, an illusion.  There is only You 

encompassing, permeating, and transcending all.

 By remembering You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do, 

we are involving You, seeing Your presence in all Sentient  

Beings.  Who then is not my sibling? 

 Truly, as we awaken and see Your love everywhere we will 

naturally  treat others as we want to be treated.  Treading 

lightly upon the earth, we will cause ever less suffering to  

any living being.  Thank You for rudely and gently wakening