Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



                           Our word  8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari  Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We think that the greatest enemy and terrorist is ignorance of 

Self.  It keeps us spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and 

      physically ill.  Moreover, it keeps us doing anything to 

cause harm to ourselves and others.  

Ignorance of Self is why we make bad Karma, and 

consequently we get entangled and stuck in the muck 

and mire, the wickedness of Maya.  We focus on You and 

awaken out of the slavery and horrible suffering of Maya by 

always thinking of  You.  Thank You for helping us to always 

focus on You by various methods of always thinking of You.

These offerings are presented to help us think of You and 

eventually meditate on You.  We think of You and meditate 

on You as the Supreme Awareness of Space, Silence, 

Blackness, Whiteness, Light, and Consciousness.  

This Self, as Infinite Awareness, is formless, nameless, 

Awareness, indivisible, and undifferentiated.  It is looking 

out from the Pineal Gland.  This is near the center of the 

head, behind the eyes, closed, opened, and beyond.

You are always here witnessing Silence, Space and all.  You 

are here before the universe began, here while it is going on,

 and here  after it is finished. You are the Highest, the 

    Greatest Peace, and the Ultimate Witness of all.

We meditate on You as the Ultimate Witness of the Blue 

Blackness of Space. We think of You as the Greatest 

Witness of the  Sound of Silence and the Source of all 

attractiveness and Love.  

We meditate on You as the Source and Witness of Stillness, 

 all vibratory phenomena, and ecstatic bliss. You are always 

here, witnessing all.  We meditate on You to attain conscious 

         reunion with You, our Supreme Being.

 We think of You as the Causeless Cause, the foundation of  

all, including awareness, and Nothing, which, because of Your 

Law  of  gravity, can produce something.  Our self esteem is 

based on our knowledge, observation, and experience of You.  

We think of You as the be all, within all, of all, and beyond 

all, including beyond all names, forms, images, weights, 

and Gravity.  Truly, You are our ideal, the Only One worthy 

of our praise, adoration, and submission/offering.

We think of You as incorporating, within, and beyond 

Nothing, the Void.  The Most Righteous, You are over and 

above the beginning, middle, and end of all.  We think of You 

as the Supreme Witness, the reservoir  of knowledge, the Last 

Witness of the Void.  

You are our Ultimate role model, our Supreme Self-

image. There is nowhere where You are not and nothing that 

You are not within and beyond.  Verily, we think of You as the 

Supreme Source and Witness of all words, breaths, and 

manifestations, abstract or concrete.

 Thinking of You purifies our consciousness of insatiable 

desire, the cause  of  slavery to the senses and the suffering 

which follows.  Following Righteousness means treating 

others better than we wish to be treated.

As our consciousness is cleansed and we are liberated, we 

follow righteousness as a matter of  course.  We know and 

experience the fact  that  others whether they be persons, 

places, things, or ideas, are simply ourselves, persons, 

conduits through which our Karma, our own doing, returns 

to us

We meditate on You as the be all, within all, of all, and 

beyond all, including beyond all names and forms.  

Incorporating and beyond all chaos, ignorance, and 

Nothing, You are the Most Righteous Beginning, infusing

       and triumphing all middles and ends. 

We think of You as the Truth which liberates us from slavery 

to the senses.   the Infinite Intelligence, Peace and Tranquility 

at the base of, and beyond, all levels of personality.  This is 

You, the ultimate goal of our life.

 To be with You, we must  remember You.  This helps us do 

good, and follow  righteousness.  This spiritual  practice 

purifies our consciousness of all ignorant thoughts and 

irrational behavior. 

Following righteousness and doing good are some of the 

positive consequences that come in the wake of  always 

thinking of You.  This is our consciousness  purifying process. 

Life, for us, is not a matter of revenge.  We reap what we 

have sown.  Thinking, feeling, willing, doing; if with  

clean consciousness we think, then our feeling, willing, 

and doing will be clean.  Tranquil Joy follows  clean deeds.

Suffering follows unclean actions.  Those are actions inflicted 

on another sentient being which are detrimental to that  

 sentient being's freedom, edification and overall health. 

These submissions help us think of You, clean  up our 

consciousness, and transcensuffering by consciously being

reunited with You.  This is the Love Supreme, the Love we 

have been trying to attain through people,  places, and things.

Anyone, who has had even a modicum of  experience of  You,

would agree that You are One who qualifies to be the Eternal

       Source of unlimited knowledge and Bliss.  By always 

thinking of You, we recovery from our sin sickness of soul.

To be with You, we must  think of You.  Our  greatest fortune 

is You.  To reclaim our fortune, we must remember 

You and follow Your Truth, Your Righteousness, Your Love, 

and Your  Peace. 

Service to You with love and devotion helps us to think of 

You.  This process purifies the thoughts and also checks and 

neutralizes unclean thoughts at the doorway of consciousness.

 Since You are the Source of all, service done as submission to 

You, with love and devotion, is service to all with love and  



The consequence of this this pathless path of devotional 

service to You is freedom from to insatiable desire for sense 

gratification.   Moreover, an ever increasing satisfaction and 

fulfillment, follows our attainments of  ever closer conscious 

union with You.  This is our ultimate goal and, according to 

our knowledge, observation, and experience, the best 

goal of life itself.

Except for You, our spiritual and cultural foundation, who 

are beyond all formlessness, forms, genders, and any other 

designations, there is Nothing.  You permeate and go beyond 

all things, including nothing.  

No - thing can compare with You; neither  can "Nothing" be 

greater than You.  Within and beyond the limits of all,  No-

thing can completely contain You. "Nothing" itself is 

not greater than You.  Verily, of all, You are the Greatest.

We meditate on You as  "Tat" in the Gayatri;  "The 

Indivisible,  Undifferientiated, Supreme Absolute."  We 

meditate on You as the Witness of  "that which is beyond the 

"Beyond." We meditate on You as that which contains and 

are beyond the perception of  "Everything" and "Nothing." 

We meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of  That, This, 

I, Am, light, darkness, twilight, dawn, and any other 

concepts, precepts, solutions, problems, and any other 

dualities.  We meditate on You as This Eternal, Intelligent, 

Presence which surrounds, is within and beyond all dualities.  

We meditate on You as "Tat."

In the light of this consciousness which is beyond nonduality 

and duality, one can easily see that You are the Supreme 

Absolute.  Of the Great, however big or small, You 

surround,  pervade, and transcend them all.  Among the 

great, however big or small, You are the Greatest.

The more our awareness is fixed on You, the more we can 

keep negative, irrational, self deluding thoughts out of our 

consciousness.  You, Eternal, Omnipresent, Ecstatic, Tranquil

 Peace, not the mind nor the thoughts, are our true Inne

Most Being.

Adi Shankaracharya

Adi Shankaracharya

Through our spiritual practice, of  fixing our consciousness 

on Youwe keep those negative, irrational, insatiable sense 

   permeated thoughts out of our consciousness.  Additionally, 

    our consciousness is purified and strengthen by Your 


                To the extent our consciousness is purified and 

        strengthened to its original pure state, it is empowered 

             to repel and neutralize the smallest suggestion of a 

        self deprecating, arrogant, or destructive thought 

                       toward self or toward any sentient being.

We think of You as Most Virtuous, High, and Supreme 

Divinity of all Divinity,  beyond names, forms and 

formlessness.  You impregnate the smallest vibration of the 

creation.  Simultaneously, You surpass and 

witness the totality of all creation, maintenance, and 


 Except for You, before during and after the creation,

 maintenance and destruction of the Cosmic Manifestations, 

there  is Nothing.  However, You also contain, permeate, and 

exceed that absence of something called Nothing. 

Our elevation in status depends on our purity of  

consciousness.  We can acquire purity of consciousness by 

keeping our consciousness fixed on You in constant 


Thank You for constantly commanding us to always think of 

You.  In this way, our status is raised from brute 

consciousness, to human consciousness, back to Divine 

consciousness again.

We have evidence from personal experience, observation, and 

research that Decalcification of the Pineal Gland is the 

gateway to purification of consciousness, the primary 

qualification for union with You.  

Further emphasis on the point stated earlier:  To us, 

union with You, who are within and beyond all genders, 

races, and species of life, is purification of the Pineal Gland.  

"Please pardon some of  our sources  for insistence on using the masculine gender when referring to You.  We know from observation and experience that You are beyond all genders.   None is fit to contain You.  All is contained within You, and You are never empty nor full. You surround and are within and beyond all dualities.  Truly, You encompass, and are within and beyond all."  E. O. Peace

Always thinking of You is, according to our research, 

observation, and experience, the primary purifier of this  

great uniting Pineal Gland. Verily, it is the gateway to union 

with You, Infinite Consciousness, the foundation of the 

consciousness of all.

The more our consciousness is purified, the more we are 

kind and compassionate in our relations with any sentient 

being. We do not mistreat them with our thoughts, words, 

nor deeds.  As we treat others, we are doing it to You.  As we 

are doing to You, we  are doing it to ourselves.

It is You, Supreme Consciousness, alone, who we 

revere, acknowlege, and submit to in our relations with all 

sentient beings, visible and invisible throughout Your


Justice means we acknowledge our equal relationship with 

other Sentient Beings in the universe and treat them as 

ourselves. As we treat others, so we treat ourselves.  We reap 

what we sow.  This is Your Justice, the unavoidable Justice, 

the Law of Karma.

We have observed and experienced on a mundane and 

spiritual level as well as researched  History.  We assert 

confidently that our competitive and cooperative 

businesses are constantly improving when our consciousness 

is purified as a result of offering all to You.

  When you are at the center of all we think, feel, will, say, 

and do, wtreat others with dignity, respect, and Love, 

knowing this so called other is at the deepest reality, You.

When we doing  all for You, We are ever increasingly 

conscious of You.  As a result of our increasing purity 

and consciousness of  You, we naturally produce the best.  

This production of the best includes the most edifying Arts 

and Sciences, the most nutritious and sustainable food, and 

the most comfortable and adequate clothing and shelter. At 

this level of consciousness, all produced can be recycled for 

the betterment of the earth, water, and air.  

With purification of consciousness comes the ability to 

produce the most excellent food, nutrition, health care;  

       education, shelter, clothing, education; clean, quiet, and 

wholesome neighborhoods.

 Intelligence, knowledge of History, and knowledge of 

Self demand, if we would be free from the disease of Maya, 

that You be the center and purpose of our activities.  The goal

of our individual and collective civilization is You.

Education that unfolds our Divine Nature and hence, our 

natural proclivity for a particular honorable skill helps us 

produce unrivaled goods and services for the edification of 

our population, all Sentient Beings.

Service done as submission to You purifies our 

consciousness.  When we act with ever increasing purification 

of consciousness, our activities are done ever more  

unselfishly with  ever greater  consideration for the welfare  

of others, including our earth, water, and  air.

Blessed are the pure of consciousness for they shall constantly

experience the Omnipresence of  You.   The Sunshine and 

always thinking of You are the main "Foods" for decalcifying 

the Pineal Gland and  experiencing You, the Divine Source of 

our being.
We always work for You. Our work for You is our Offering, 

our Service, our Submission, our Surrender, to You alone. 

This helps us to always think of  You, the Most Pure, the 

Source of  Infinite Wisdom.

Under the influence of rational thoughts, we make good 

Karma for ourselves.  Our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and 

physical contentment and joy can be traced to our own 

most rational thoughts.  Those most rational thoughts arise 

from a consciousness that has been purified of anger, lust, 

and greed by association with You.

To bring about the revolutionary change needed to free our 

consciousness from irrational thoughts, thoughts

contaminated with anger, lust, and greed, we need Your 

Divine Association.  Through this association our 

consciousness is cleansed of irrational thoughts and we gain 

Your Wisdom and Guidance.

We see this Divine Wisdom manifested in various 

degrees in the many scriptures of the Eastern and Western 

worlds.  This is the type of wisdom that shows us how to do  

good, purify our consciousness and gradually come back 

to You. 

This Divine Wisdom has been taught through many of the 

words, deeds, and life's activities of  Shankara, Confucious, 

Krisna, Muhammad, Mother Mary, Ram Chandra Maha 

Raja, Mari Bhai, Yehoshua Ben Joseph, Ramana Maharishi, 

Kuan Yin, and many other great saints, sages, prophets, and 

incarnations from various countries throughout history.

 Your divine  wisdom, which we are just now beginning to 

gain conscious contact, can be tried and tested by our own 

experience.  We are gaining evidence through practical 

application that we are definitely drawing ever closer to You, 

the Source of ease, peace of heart and mind.  

Our consciousness is slowly but surely evolving into Your 

presence and likeness again.  We owe our spiritual progress to

Your Most Excellent Association.  Thank You many times 

over for showing us how to consciously and practically 

associate with You. 

Through our work for You, we are working for the greatest 

good of all;  simultaneously, our consciousness is being 

purified and we are working out our own salvation, with 


We are purifying our consciousness and thus working out our 

own  salvation with diligence by associating with 

You.  Association develops assimilation.  This

 spiritual practice begins and grows with always thinking 

of  You, the Source of ethics and right vision.

Your Super Excellence is everywhere, including in and 

beyond the material and spiritual worlds.  Certainly, mere 

words can only make a very feeble attempt to explain Your 

Omni-directional,  Supreme Excellence.  You are our 

inspiration and our meditation.  Our thanks, praise, and 

glorification is an offering to You alone.

We think of You as beyond glamorous, and glorious, the 

Source of all morality.  Always thinking of You purifies the 

consciousness, raises our morality and thus assures lasting 

victory.  This is our belief in You.  This is our trust in You, 

based on our personal knowledge, observation and 


In our original state of Pure Consciousness, we are naturally 

well wisher and a blessing to all.  It is not  necessary for us 

to be bitter.  In fact bitterness is poison to the one who 

harbors it.   Goodness and mercy are the natural condition of 

our original, imperturbable, consciousness.

Nor need we attempt to change the unchangeable nature of 

 Maya, the material world.  However, we must change 

ourselves. We do this by always thinking of  You.  By this 

concentration, our goodness and  mercy are always 

increasing and we are always more spiritually, intellectually, 

mentally, and physically cleaner and healthier than we were 


Always thinking of You, who are within and beyond nomena 

and phenomena,  improves the quality of our spiritual life. 

 It decalcifies the Pineal gland. This causes the purification 

and expansion of our consciousness. 

 As the consciousness is cleansed, purified, and expanded, we 

make positive or good Karma.  Gradually, we transcend 

Karma because with purified consciousness we have enough

 intelligence to offer everything to You, who are outside of the 

influence of Karma.  This way, we  are purified of the 

problem of self  misidentification.

Naturally, our moral standards rise in response to the 

purification of the Pineal gland, awareness and 

consciousness. We do this by concentrating evermore on You 

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  This helps us to be 

stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace, within, encompassing, and 

beyond personal, impersonal, and transpersonal, You are 

always here, right now.  Wherever we go, You are always  


There is no where where You are not present here,  in this 

moment.  Peace, inner and outer are One, and this One  is 

You.  Verily, You are here, there, everywhere. 

Our ignorance of You, Eternal, Divine Omnipresence, is the 

root and ground of our suffering. We are already here, in the 

Now.  However, in the illusion of Maya, we think we have to 

go somewhere to find You and our Self.

Our problems are rooted in our identifying the non-self as the 

Self.  Ignorant and unconscious of the bliss of self in union 

with Your Omnipresence, we suffer endlessly like a person 

dying of thirst chasing illusory Oasis mirages in the desert.  

We always think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate 

on You.  This is how we cleanse our consciousness of lust, 

anger, greed, develop our dormant love for You and each 


Illusion, madness, and envy, the negative qualities that rise 

out of lust, anger, and greed are the result of our ignorance of 

Self. This basic ignorance of Self is the source of our 

sufferings in the worlds of  birth, death, and rebirth, Maya. 

Illumination, Enlightenment, Consciousness of You, is the 

Source of our liberation from Your illusory energy, Maya, the 

Chastiser.  Always thinking of You is the sword of 

detachment that we use to cut through the roots of the 

Banyan tree of Maya. 

 Emancipation  from Maya and consciousness union with 

You again, is real liberation. It is eternal, full of unlimited 

bliss, infinite knowledge, and total comprehension.  This was 

our position before the doubt and fall into Maya.

We cleanse our consciousness by decalcifying the Pineal 

gland.  As stated and will be stated again, the main ingredient 

for  decalcifying the Pineal gland is to always think of You. 

This is the way out of  Maya, the greatest Chastiser.

  Thank You for helping us to always think of You. Thus, with

purified consciousness we are empowered to be healthy, play 

safe, and make a quiet and positive contribution to the 

edification of our universe;  for this and Your myriads of 

other blessings,  thousands, hordes, and countless of thanks 

to You.

Somewhat like a child sincerely offering the vastness of the

universe a leaf, a flower, or a drop of water, we offer You our

humble praise and thanksgiving. This helps in our efforts to 

always think of  You.  

Gradually, our consciousness is purified, situated again 

above, and far beyond, desire, including the desire for 

desirelessness and even the desire for You.


Moreover, we achieve economic freedom and general well 

being  by keeping You in front of us, "driving our 

chariot," We do this by offering to You all we think, 

feel, will, say and  do, keeping You in front through constant 


Thank You for helping us to simplify our life, enjoy solitude, 

transcend poverty, weakness, and fear.  We are doing 

this by joining with You, consciously, through this spiritual 

practice of keeping You at the forefront of all our thinking 


This spiritual practice of always thinking of You is helping us 

in our  efforts to learn more about You. This is our method of 

transcending lust,  anger, and greed by cleansing our 

consciousness through Your purifying association. Thus, 

while working out our own salvation, we are improving 

our lives completely, materially and spiritually.  


  In addition to always thinking of You, we must change our 

self  concept from material to spiritual. Our true nature is 

spirit.  It is the Eternal Well Wisher who pervades and 

transcends all designations of class, caste, race, religion, 

wealth, creed, color, etc., or species of life.

Assuredly, we do not have to struggle trying to change the 

world.  When we, with purified consciousness, change our 

concept of the self, we change the way we see the world. 

When we change the way we conceive the world, the world 

we see changes for the better. 

The world we sees starts and ends with the way we see who 

we are.  We are the eternal soul, free of all distinctions, labels, 

and designations, dependent on no material considerations.  

We are the eternal soul with You, our own Supreme Being, 

our own name, language, our own culture, folkways, mores

and norms centered in You, our own Original Nature.  

This knowledge, observation, and experience of Self as spirit 

is the basis of our spiritual growth.  We see how our lower 

consciousness has been gradually evolving into the excellence 

of  Your Omnipresence.

Our cultural development is based on our spiritual 

practice.  It refines our consciousness into Your likeness again.  
Thank You for helping us achieve our maximum potential, 

union with You.

The more our consciousness is purified, the better we see how 

Karma and Justice fits into the scheme of things, how life is 

fair.  We reap that which we have sown.  We are responsible 

for the life we are living. 

 As we have treated other sentient beings, including the earth, 

water, and air, so we are reaping the consequences of our past 

deeds.  Others are instruments through which our Karma has 


Thus, accepting our life as it is, we continue to doing good 

and purifying our consciousness of all irrationality.  In this 

way, we maintain and increase our peace of  mind, our 

equilibrium, and continue on the path of unification with 

You, the Eternal,  perfection of consciousness. 

Thank You for helping us see and understand the true self, 

the self  as awareness, as consciousness.  Thank You for 

helping us to build our confidence, our self-assurance, 

our determination to persevere with patience on the path of 

union with You.

Thank You for helping us get our understanding up and 

right.  Thank You for helping us to awaken, and regain a 

more thorough knowledge of Self.  Again, thank You for 

teaching us how to nurture our spiritual life.

Divinity of the universe, the Source of Justice and Peace, 

our life is in You; its reason, its purpose, and its goal is You. 

By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix 

our mind on You. 

Fixing the mind on You decalcifies the Pineal gland and 

 purifies the consciousness.  The more  our consciousness is 

purified, the more we experience the return to our original 

position where there is nothing outside of tranquility and 

bliss to witness, be conscious of, or experience.

To the extent our consciousness is purified, we regain our 

natural right thoughts, feeling, willing, and doing. 

Sustainable development, real identity, and Justice in the 

universe follow.   However, only You are the objective of our 

endeavors;  nothing else. This is real. 

This is positive transformation of body, mind, intellect, and 

ego.  It is life transformative development,  metamorphoses 

from  temporary material existence back to the 

eternality of the soul. 

We think of You as the source of all purity, patience, and 

perseverance who pervades and transcends all bloodlines. 

Thank You for helping us to recognize You in all we think, 

feel, will, say, and do.  

Thinking of You the way mentioned above, we enlarge our 

understanding while we continue to  evolve into our very best 

Self, also known as Ultimate Consciousness, Energy, or 


Pursuing this further, thank You for helping us to remember 

You and ourselves in all we offer, give away, in the 

performance of austerities, or even in our suffering.  In this 

way we see through the vicious games of Maya.  

Gradually we understand how to transcend Maya by keeping 

our consciousness fixed on You, and we continue 

evolving into our maximum potential, You, our full and 

complete Freedom.

We think of You as our Supreme, Eternal, Quintessence,  We 

have confidence in You.  As we concentrate on You, we are 

transcending  fear, forgetfulness, and many other negative  

qualities.  Thank You  for  teaching us how to remain out of 

the tricks,  suffering and  despair of Maya, Your illusory 


We think of You as our our Most Righteous, Virtuous, and 

Strongest of the Strong  Thinking of You in this way purifies 

our consciousness and helps us return to our Most Righteous, 

Virtuous, and Strongest of the strong state of Being, You.

The mind is consciousness containing thoughts. These 

thoughts are motivated by the energy of consciousness, 

influenced by past, present, or future sense impressions.  

Thinking prompts feeling, which in turn induces willing, 

which provokes doing.  

We think of You as Infinite, Pure Awareness at the core of all 

being. Although Your power pervades them, You are forever 

free from lust, anger, and greed, the brigands who 

contaminate our consciousness and cause us to suffer.

Because of our ignorance of self we work very hard trying to 

satisfy the insatiable senses.  It cannot be  done and we end 

up making bad Karma trying to get satisfaction and 

fulfillment through the eyes, nose, tongue, belly, and/or 


Bad Karma is what causes our spiritual, egoistic, 

intellectual, mental, and/or physical suffering.  Others, 

persons, places, or things, are simply  instruments through 

which our Karma, bad or good, returns to us.

We depend on You, the Most dependable, to help us 

always think of  You.  This  spiritual practice cleanses our 

consciousness of anger, lust, and  greed, the contaminates of  

pure consciousness.  We know and and  are happier because

 as the consciousness is cleansed,  Ecstatic Bliss, our original 

nature, is experienced as who we really are.

   Always thinking of  You, through research, study, our 

spiritual practice, knowledge, observation, and experience, is 

our  winning process. It is exactly what we are doing, right 

now, to solve our problems.  Designed and practiced to 

cleanse our consciousness, it is working.


 We think of You as the Source of thought, and all clear 

and firm understanding.  The cleaner our consciousness, the 

greater we reap the benefits of Your Omniscience at the 

Source of all beings. 

We think of You as the Greatest Harmony, Justice, and Bliss 

filled Awareness. You are all the resources we will ever need 

to do whatever we need to do to return to You.

Before the beginning of the universe and our being, we think 

of You as being here.   We think of You, we concentrate on 

You, we meditate on You to regain our original state of peace 

of being.  This is our reunion with You, our Supreme Being.  

We think of You as here eternally to cure our consciousness of 

its sickness and insanity of self misidentification, thinking the 

self is the body, mind, intellect, or ego.  Always thinking of 

               You gradually cures us of that sin sick condition.


 By always thinking of You, our consciousness is purified and 

we turn from our wicked ways.  Simultaneously, we are 

realigning our consciousness with  Yours.  This is the Way of 

                                      Your  Perfect  Peace.

We think of You as the true Self, the Eternal, Changeless, 

Bliss Filled Awareness of Itself, in Total Oneness with You, in 

quality and quantity.  Certainly, we think of You as 

the Eternal, Bliss Filled Awareness of all. 

Thank You for showing us how to  submit all to You, thereby 

returning to You, the Infinite, Bliss Filled State of  Supreme 

Being.  Thank You for helping  us better know, obey, and 

follow Your Most Righteous Will. 


Our determined spiritual practice, submitting all to 

You, enables us to transcend Karma, the cause and effect 

mechanism that bestows Justice to the worlds. 

Gradually, we experience Your eternal Loving Presence here, 

now, as the Eternal, Changeless Awareness which pervades 

and transcends all.

We are so fortunate to be able to remember You in all we 

think, feel, will, say, and do. In this way, we are in constant 

association with You. By persistent association with You, we 

gradually realize that the source of infinitely magnanimous 

and omnipresent love is You. 

We think of You as our most liberated State of Supreme 

Being. Thank You for helping us to regain our determination 

and patience, and to practically apply it in our efforts to 

consciously regain You, our Supreme Being. 

We are regaining You, the Rapturous, Blissful, Light at 

the foundation of all being.  We are regaining this, our

 Supreme, Bliss Filled State of  Being by always thinking of  


Always thinking of You is our Master Key, the primary 

instrument for gaining liberation from the  sin, suffering, 

chains, and shackles of Maya.  We are truly returning to You,

our original state of Eternal Bliss, by always thinking of You. 

As we fix our mind on You, lower consciousness is consciously

sobered up to You, our eternal, unshakable, foundation. This 

is oneness with Your Perfect Peace.  This Peace penetrates 

and goes beyond all the tribulations and other dualities of life 

in the illusionary worlds, of less or more misery. 

Constantly thinking of You, we are seeing the ephemeral 

nature of  material things, and the suffering that is the 

ultimate consequence of chasing after, and trying to hold on 

eternally to, that which is impermanent.  

Thank You for advising and inspiring us to always think of 

You.  Engaging the mind in this way provides us with direct 

experiential access to You.  This brings us back into balance 

and sobriety.  Surely, we think of You as the Most Sober, All 

Attractive One, our  Innermost Reality.

The enlightenment unfolding as a result of always

thinking of You is revealing to us the many ways we can use 

the temporary material worlds.  Constantly remembering 

You by offering all to You, we  sober up and are gradually 

reestablished in total harmony with You.  In this way, Maya 

is not bad; it can be used to transcend suffering, and Maya 

itself, as we remember You by offering all to You.

Thank You for showing us how to experience reunification 

and fulfillment in You by offering all to You.  Consequently, 

we are being liberated from the intoxicants of anger, lust, and 

greed, the strong armed  tentacles of  Maya. 

Those intoxicants, anger, lust, and greed, which 

are miscreants of the worse sorts, keep us enslaved in the 

frustrations and seemingly endless confusions of from Maya, 

trying to gratify insatiable desires.  

No matter what our educational level, economic status, 

religion, race, class, caste, color, of species of life, Maya can 

screw us up, cause disunity and suffering in our personal and 

communal lives. We must eventually reap  that which we are 

sowing.  This is the Law of Karma.

The miscreants, anger, lust, and greed, pull us into Maya.  

They do this by meeting us where we are, attaching our 

attention to illusions and then very skillfully, they lead us on 

the path of  illusions about illusions, until we forget we are in 

illusion.  Confusion, and frustration thus become the way of 

our life, ever deeper in the frustrations of Maya.

Always thinking of You, our own,  Most Pure, Supreme 

Being, leads us our of the confusions, illusions, and 

frustrations of  Maya.  Gradually we are cleansed and freed of  

misgivings, as we experience, increasingly, the Natural, ever 

joyousness of  Everlasting Omnipresent Peace, the Nature of 

the True Self.

We think of You as Supreme Being of Infinite Knowledge, 

Intelligence, and creativity.  Thank You for helping us realize 

that better character is formed when we students 

are developing from an educational foundation based on 

knowledge of You.  

Gradually we come  to the the experience that You 

are truly the Supreme, Nameless, Formless, Self-less Self  

bounding, binding, pervading, and beyond all.  

Thank You for leading us kindly with Your Eternal Light.  

We have evidence from observation and experience that this 

is truly the light of consciousness. 

 The greater our purification of consciousness through our 

spiritual practice, and our intellectual, mental, and 

physical diet, as articulated through out 

everlastingomnipresent.com, the more substantial our 

remembrance and experience of You as our Supreme Being. 

Our character is the purer as a result of Your 

association.  We are ever freer from negative thoughts about 

people, places, or things. Thank You for teaching us how to 

associate with You in all we do, thus evolving ourselves  to 

ever higher,  unalloyed, levels of  character.

We think of You as the primordial energy, the life force, the 

Prana.  All praise to You, Most Merciful and Completely 

Generous One. 

We think of You as the Source of the thought, the thinker, 

and the thinking. We make our consciousness one pointed by 

fixing it on You. 

Thank You for giving us the ability to gather knowledge, 

evidence, and experience.  Thank You for allowing us to 

use this as evidence to support our insight and ability to 

continue to grow and expand our consciousness with ever 

greater confidence.

By following Your Righteous Commands, we are empowered 

to treat others as we would like to be treated. Thank You for 

accepting these humble attempts to praise and thank You.  

These meek offerings help us to followYour command that we 

always think of You, our very own Supreme Being. 

We think of You as more subtler than steam, air, gas, and the 

either; incomparable and indescribable. Thank You for Your 

ceaseless mercy upon us. Thank You for teaching us to clean 

our consciousness, and to follow and stay within the 

perimeters of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.