Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving  15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We have come too far from where we started from. Thank You for helping us, for guiding 

us and protecting us us in our humble endeavors to help others while we return to 

You, here, in this moment.  


May we never despair, give up nor weaken, in this quest for  ever greater union with You,

 our Original Nature.  We think of You as the Highest Power, the Lowest Power, the 

Greatest power, the Supreme Being of our understanding. We believe You

are within and outside of the Cosmic Manifestation, simultaneously.  


Thoughts are within consciousness.  Feelings come out of thoughts.  Willing arises from  

feelings.  Doing comes from willing.  Suffering comes to us as a consequence of our own 

wicked doing.  The more our consciousness is impure, the more we do wicked, selfish 

deeds and fall deeper into Maya, Your illusory energy. 


The more our consciousness is purified of  the contaminating influences of anger, lust, and 

greed, the more we are freed from Your illusory quagmire and covering  of Maya.  To the 

degree this is done, we exist in our original, pure nature of  Omnipresent, Eternal Peace.


We believe before there were any scriptures You existed, and we were offering all to You. 

Before there were any "Holy" places of pilgrimage, we were following Righteousness and

wanting for others that which we wanted for ourselves. 


Verily, we believe before time, places, and all circumstances You existed, pervading and 

transcending all beginnings, middles, and ends.  Before Alpha, the space between Mu and 

Nu, and after Omega, You exist.


Association engenders assimilation. This spiritual practice offered at everlasting 

omnipresent peace . com is an ongoing purificatory process; it enables us to consider and 

practice ways to associate with You, the Most Pure, the Supreme Love at the foundation 

of all being.


 We think of You as Pure Energy, within and beyond all genders, creeds, nationalities, ants, 

animals, hybrids, and species.  You are the Most Pure, the Source of all cleanliness and 

and strength.  By Your Righteous association, we are purified and are reestablished in our 

original nature.


We can be free from the traps of our Karma, bad or good.  It is our own Karma, reactions 

to our own past actions, that causes us to fall into lust.  Anger and greed are concomitant 

partners with lust.  Because of those three, even good Karma is a trap.  We cannot 

work our way out of Karma by doing good.  We work and submit our work to You. 

 This way we associate with You and our consciousness is purified of anger, lust, and 

greed.  In this way, we stop making Karma while we rise out of Maya.


We are reawakening to Your Loving, Omnipresence. We have come too far from where we 

started from. Thank You for helping us, for guiding us, and for protecting us in our

humble endeavors to help others, all sentient beings, while we return to You, here, in this 



This reawakening is Everlasting, Omniscient, Peace, our original nature. This is where we 

were blissfully existing before we fell into Your illusory energy, Maya.  Thank You for 

helping us remember You and be strong when being dogged by the frustration and 

       confusion of Maya, Your illusionary energy. 


How we fell or why we fell into Maya is not as important now as how to get out 

and stay out of Maya.  Our spiritual practice, as articulated here 

at at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, is away out of Your illusory energy, 

Maya.  Moreover, everlastingomnipresentpeace is a way back here, back to our 

Sat Chid Ananda:  Eternity, Knowledge, Bliss. 


As we get out of Maya by fixing our mind on You, we are reinstated in our 

original nature, an eternal life, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss. Gradually 

we are understanding how and why we fell into Maya.  However, the first business

 is to get out, and stay out of Maya.


We think of You as the Most Wise, the only Praise Worthy,  Supremely Exalted.  For our 

self-refinement and greatest liberation, and consciousness reunion with You, we  Submit all 

to You alone.  This process reinstates us here, now, in our  original nature of Eternal,

Omnipresent, Peace.