Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


  Praise and Thanksgiving  13

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Purification of the Pineal Gland cleanses the consciousness.  As this happens, we experience 

the Self.  Thereafter, our life transcends the illusory world and has more meaning and 

purpose.  This purification process begins by always thinking of  You.


We think of You as the  Enduring Witness of all, including the Eternal

 Silence.  Our Word is  helping us overcome the illusion of separation

 from You. 


Our Word is all about helping us think about You. Through practice 

of the teachings contained in Our Word, we are purified of the

 disease of  ignorance. 


 That sickness of ignorance makes us ever more susceptible to the 

suffering  caused by our association with the dreadful poisons of lust, 

anger, and greed.  Thinking of  You is the antidote.  Thank You for 

reminding  us to always think  of You.


The purpose of  everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is reunion with You, this 

Supreme Love, this Divinity from whom we can never really be separated. 

 Our song of Praise and Thanksgiving is to You alone.  Truly, You are the only

 One worthy of  Thanksgiving and Glorification.


We think of You as the Source of our Illumination.  Constant remembrance

 of You restores to our consciousness, a healthy perception of reality, and 

our original gentleness and strength.  Thank You for helping us to be

 internally strong and in knowledge of who we are in Spirit and in Truth.


Life in the illusory worlds has no meaning.  It is just Maya, illusion. The 

purpose of Maya is to give us more or less hell until we realize we must 

utilize all of our endeavors is to purify our Pineal Gland and consciousness,

 get out of Maya and back here to You. 


We think of You as the Most Pure.  We associate with You by 

chanting Your names.  Association breeds assimilation.  The 

more we associate with You, the more we return to our 

original purity of consciousness.


As the consciousness and character are purified, we comprehend the 

nature of the  illusory energy, how we fell into it, and how to get out 

of it.  We get out of it, the  illusory energy, Maya, by fixing our 

awareness on You.  The Source of all knowers and the Best Knower 

and purifier is You.


As we engage in this spiritual practice, we increasingly experience the

 immortality, freedom, and fulfillment of Your Everlasting omnipresent 

Peace. This Eternal Peace is our original, constitutional position, the

 spiritual and Divine life.  It is ever free from Maya.


Maya punishes, with vast and variegated kinds of  suffering, any living

 being who is caught and trapped, tangled, and frustrated in our attempts to 

be free from it.  Everything else we think we understand will, in the final  

analysis, only confuse us more if we fail to understand how to be free from

 the illusory worlds, Maya.


The system of systems, Maya, is an elaborate lie.  It is the illusory energy 

of the Most High, Supreme Being. We can transcend and are freed from

 Maya by fixing our mind on You, the Generating, Organizing, Maintaining, 

and Destroying Power of the Cosmic Manifestation. 


Freedom from Maya and conscious union with You is true freedom, real

 liberation, our original nature of being.  This is our eternal state which we

 can experience  now. 


We think of You as the Supreme Reality of this Cosmic Manifestation. 

 Our compassion and our clear and comprehensive thinking increase 

as we purify our consciousness and sober up by associating with You. 

Always thinking of You is associating with You. This purifying process 

happens as a consequence of remembering You.  These are surely

 priceless benefits.