Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving   1

You are the most Pure, the Highest truth, the most Perfect

foundation that pulls us together individually and collectively.

 Pursuing this further, You are the Source of  knowledge of self,

self-confidence, and Karma (Justice).

Moreover, You are the Source of Spiritual Consciousness and the

Righteous Power that protects Justice. May we be successful in

our humble attempts to praise and thank You for


You are  the Eternal, All Attractive One, Everlasting, Omnipresent,

Peace, the Supreme State of Being pervading and transcending the

Universe. By Praising and Thanking You in all circumstances, and

at all times, we are surrendering to You and associating with You. 

This is the spiritual practice which purifies the Pineal Gland and

thus, the consciousness.

We fix our mind on You by always thinking of You. As a

consequence, there is continuous cleansing of our Pineal Gland. 

Our consciousness is engaging in the purification process and 

being freed from lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, 

the enslavers.  In this way, we change our consciousness for the 

better while transcending frustration, depression, and other 

sufferings of Maya. 

This spiritual process of Praising and Thanking You in all

circumstances, keeps out negative thoughts and cleanses our

consciousness of all negativity. Gradually, lower consciousness

sheds or is cleansed of ignorance, and You, who are never not

here, are experienced as the Supreme Witnesser of all witnessing.

Association with You through our spiritual practice of Praise and

Thanksgiving is engendering greater Devotion to You and 

increasing compassion for other living beings. This is Your

power that is carrying us onwards, upwards, and inwards to a 

more cultivated, refined, and fulfilling life.

As a result of praising and thanking You, we are fast sobering

up and returning to our original upright,

compassionate consciousness. Our intelligence is returning to its

keener and sharper state. Moreover, our mind is faster, and we are

returning to better health on all levels. As a consequence of this

purifying activity, an ever exceeding loving, kind, and forgiving

attitude is experience toward all.

You are our Supreme, Divine, Spiritual Being. The most 

courteous One, the Source of all joy, and the 

center-less center point of all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  You 

are our very own Supreme Being.  The beginning of realization, 

experiencing this truth, is to accept by knowledge, observation, 

and experience that our true identity is spiritual. 

 We are not of a particular race, creed, color, religion, nationality, 

or  even a particular species of life.  That is the illusion, the 

devil, Maya.  Yes, the devil, the deceiver, is Maya.

  Inside of Maya, thinking the self is the body, mind, intellect, or 

ego, we struggle in vain to satisfy the insatiable demands of the 

senses.  This sense addiction causes us to do wicked, devilish 

things to ourselves  and others.  Hence, we suffer evermore on the 

spiritual, ego, intellectual, mental, and physical levels of 


 However, We are spirit, in quality One with You.  Pervading and 

transcending the visible and the invisible, You are the Divine 

Supreme, Truth, smaller than the smallest and bigger than the 

biggest, the Greatest Spirit of all.  You are the only one worthy of  

Glorification. We come out of  Maya and back to fulfillment 

and Peace Everlasting to the degree we remember You, turn from 

our wicked, evil, devil ways and come back to You.

This is the purpose  of everlasting omnipresent peace.com:  To 

Glorify You.  This spiritual practice empowers us 

to always think of You and as a consequence, return to You, here, 

now, in this present moment.

By associating with You through calling out Your Names, 

knowing You are beyond all names, praising, glorifying,  

and giving thanks to You in all circumstances,  we are 

associating with You. 


Associating with You, the Most Virtuous and Pure, helps us in our 

efforts to always think of  You.  This purifies our consciousness 

while it helps us to remember You.  Remembrance of You brings 

us back into union with You.  Your likeness is our likeness.  Your 

being is our being.  Union  with You is our real business. 

You are Now, pervading and transcending every atom, proton,

neutron, electron, subatomic particle and vibration. Everything

about You is sacred. All living beings are reflections of Your

Honor and Glory. Bigger than the biggest and smaller than the

smallest, simultaneously, You pervade and transcend macro and

Thank You for teaching us how to praise and thank You from the

time we awake and all through the day. This is a culture, a system

for success that lifts us out a very decadent, spiritually dead,

 condition of life and keeps us on the righteous path to Pure

Awareness, here, now, in this present moment.

 The goal of our life is You. Praising and Thanking You helps us

fix the mind on You and in so doing  releases our consciousness

from the temporary worlds of misery, and their endless cycles of

birth, death, and rebirth.  

You are the Source of our life and the well wisher of the universe.

Praising and Thanking You constantly is one method of sobering

up as the Self. Doing this, we are more than victorious in the

so-called waking, sleeping, dream, and deep sleep states of


Fixing the consciousness on You by Praising and Thanking You

purifies it, and the mind, bundles of interrelated or unrelated sense

impressions which is contained within the consciousness, is also

controlled and purified.

When we praise and thank You in all circumstances we are fixing

the mind on You and thus we control the lower self by the higher

self. The mind gradually returns to its cool, calm, collectedness of

none existence. Simultaneously, the soul increasingly experiences

its natural, original, infinite joy and peace of You, the Super Soul

of all souls.

Always praising You, thanking You, and glorifying You brings us 

back to You, our original consciousness.  In the process of coming 

back to You, the greatest questions, "Who am I? Who or what is 

Divinity?" and "How can I realize it?," are answered.

 Thank You for revealing to us how chanting Your Holy Name can 

quiet the consciousness by transcending the ego, 

intellect, mind, and body and not allowing thoughts to enter. 

Gradually we experience the blissful reality of Your