Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

You are our Primary Ancestor, our Divine Reality, the 

Supreme Authority, the Ultimate Giver of Orders, the 

Greatest Leader within and beyond all.  

Fixing our consciousness on You, by always praising and 

thanking You, purifies our Pineal Gland, our consciousness, 

and our awareness.  

As the Pineal Gland, consciousness, and awareness are 

purified, right view, right  concentration, right mindfulness, 

right thought, right effort, right livelihood, right behavior, 

and right speech come forth as a natural condition. 

It is natural to love each other as we love ourselves when we 

experience, through purification of the Pineal Gland, and 

consciousness, and awareness that the so-called other is 

actually You, our Divine Reality. 

 By always thinking of You, we are constantly purifying and 

raising our consciousness and awareness to ever greater 

plateaus of wisdom, enlightenment, freedom, security, and 


Thank You for showing us how we can purify our 

consciousness and our awareness by always thinking of You. 

Our consciousness and awareness returns to calm, quiet, and 


As a consequence, of a calm, quiet, and clear consciousness 

and awareness, we better our spiritual, intellectual, mental, 

and physical health.  

Moreover, as we take care of our health, we are working out 

our salvation with diligence.  Simultaneously, we are

contributing, quietly and effectively, to the health of our 

earth, water, air, and the health and well being of all Sentient 


The soul manifesting through the Pineal Gland is

increasingly aligning with You, the Supreme Soul and Love. 

You are all sentient beings' infinitely strong foundation. 

Thank You for teaching us how to love ourselves by 

awakening ourselves to You, the Supreme Love of all by 

always thinking of You.  

Praising and thanking You, the Most Pure, purifies the mind 

through the power of association. Righteousness is a natural 

behavior that comes as we return to purity of mind.

We think of You as Awareness of Infinite Tranquility and 

Awareness of Awareness Itself.  Purity of thoughts results 

from always thinking of You.  From purity of thought comes 

purity of character. 

From purity of character come, truth, righteousness, love, 

and peace in behavior.  Thus is the negativity, the Self 

misidentification, which comes from contamination of the 

Pineal Gland, gradually purified and thus eliminated from 

our consciousness. 

Gradually, with purification as a consequence of always 

thinking of You, we reawaken to the fact we are not a 

physical being trying to have a spiritual experience. 

We are an eternal spiritual being who pervades and 

transcends the temporary material body, mind, intellect, and 


We are fixing our mind on You, our Supreme Being, so that 

gradually we are becoming purified, disentangled and 

liberated from Your external illusionary energy, Maya.

From purification of consciousness and awareness comes 

a return to Original Quiescence, Infinity Tranquility. 

Gradually, as we dovetail the activities of our lives to 

attaining consciousness of  You, we are seeing You as the all 

pervasive substratum of all consciousness. Thank You for 

helping us remember You and to apply this remembrance in 

all circumstances.

You, the all pervasive "Now," full of unlimited bliss and 

knowledge, are within everything and everything is within 

You.  Nonetheless, You are simultaneously beyond everything.

You are our One goal of our spiritual practice, the source of 

our resolution, and our Supreme Consciousness. Thank You 

for showing us practical ways of  harmonizing with Nature by

worshiping You, the Source of Nature and Nature's God.


Thank You for helping us remember You. This purifies our

consciousness and empowers us to be a force of unity with the

capacity for recognizing and respecting the creeds of all 

sentient beings.

With You as the focal point of our constant praise and 

thanksgiving, we come within our own consciousness and 

realize You, the Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love and 

Peace within all sentient beings.

You are the eternal energy within and beyond the temporary

existence of the mental and material worlds. All levels of 

consciousness are within You. Thank You for teaching us how 

to live so that gradually we return to live in complete 

harmony with all that exists. 

We thank You for teaching us the importance of praising and 

thanking You. It is one of our primary tools for controlling 

the mind, purifying the consciousness and experiencing the 

eternal, infinite freedom that pervades and transcends all 

levels of consciousness.

You are the radiance, the spiritual effulgence, the light which 

bestows wisdom, the remover of sins and ignorance, the 

source of all glory, the centerless centerpoint of our culture.

Truely, You are our refuge, our strength, our inner-joy and 

contentment. The life and property of all sentient beings is 

sacred because You are the Eye of all eyes, the Ear of all ears, 

the source of all sounds.

The more we are consciously in union with You, the greater is 

our harmony with nature and all sentient beings therein. 

Gradually we experience the fact that we are all 

consciousness/spirit looking out through a material Pineal 


We think of You as the Supreme Power of the 

multidimensional universes of being.  Always thinking of You 

is our ancient and present methodology for independence 

from Maya and our further Spiritual Development.