Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise And Thanksgiving 4

You pervade and transcend all names, forms, manners, and

dualities. As we awaken from our ignorance and become more

enlightened by cleaning and opening the Pineal Gland, we realize

the fact that what some call Satan, or the Devil, we know to be

Your illusory energy and its victims.

Most Unconditional Love. All praises to You and You alone. 

Thank You for showing us how to seek You and how to

 experience You, here in this present moment. Further, thank You

for teaching us how to love ourselves by loving You, the Source

our self, first. This spiritual practice gets us out of Your illusory

energy and keeps us on the straight path, the right path, to remain

with You.

Your serenity is infinite, your righteousness has no discrimination. 

Your Love is boundless and all embracing. Completely generous

One, thank You for Your ceaseless mercy upon us.

You are beyond void and fullness, subject and object, space and

spacelessness. Thank You for revealing to us this ancient,

well-worn, path of devotional service to you. It frees us from the

fetters of material existence.

 Most Generous, Most Merciful One, Supreme Divinity of all the

lords of the worlds, thank You for revealing to us this most

precious knowledge of self and Supreme Self. It helps us to care

about ourselves as eternal spiritual beings. Armed with this

knowledge we take control of our minds, and lives, as we separate

from the material world. Gradually, we enter Your Spiritual

Kingdom, and continue cleaning our consciousness, rebuilding

ourselves into Your spiritual likeness again.

Thank You for revealing to us the fact that our true Self is not the

ephemeral body. You, the True Self, are the Eternity, Knowledge

and Bliss that permeates and transcends all temporary bodies.
You are the inspiration for all the positivity of our lives. Thank

You for revealing to us how to be consciously historical again.

 This is done through surrender to You alone. Day by day,  we are

becoming more compassionate, intelligent, and content. Thank

You for Your guidance. May we be evermore still and quiet so that

we may avail ourselves to Your Supreme and Wise Leadership.

We are part and partial of You, the Eternal Reservoir of Unlimited

Beauty, Bliss, Knowledge and Intelligence. You, the silent witness

of everthing, permeate and transcend the total beingness of all.

Seeing that it is You in various forms of the "Other," we serve You

exclusively, and gradually return to our original position of Divine


All praise be to You, Supreme Love of all. This knowledge of self

and Supreme Self is the ancient knowledge, passed down from

You, to master, to disciple since time immemorial.

Most Merciful, Completely Generous One, all praise to You. 

Please accept our most humble obeisance. Few there are who seek

You. Fewer still are those know You in truth.

Eternally pervading and transcending the cosmic manifestation,

time and space, changeless amidst constant change, You are the

One in the many which the many altogether can never contain.

 Beyond space and the source of all energy, You, Supreme

Spirit, pervade and transcend all vibratory, subatomic, and

molecular structures.

Only a mind fixed in  Your service, not rules of grammar, degrees,

money, fame, intellectual prowess, nor mental or physical strength,

will save us at the time of old-age, disease, and/or death.  Constant

remembrance of You is our refuge and our strength when one of

the three mentioned above comes to call.


Throughout the material universes, there is none equal to You,

who are not subject to any dualities or comparisons. Everything we

think, feel, will, say and do is determined by its capacity to help us

realize You, the Source of our totality of Self which transcends all

concepts of personality.


You, The Supreme Divinity within all, are the Source of the Peace

and Tranquility that we, in our ignorance, were seeking outside of

ourselves. Thank You for revealing to us the way back to You, how

we progress on the way, and how to do it here, now, in this present


Although all have a modicum of resemblance to You, none can

equal the dazzling beauty of Your magnificence, compassion and


All good qualities, virtues, infinite peace of mind, calmness of

behavior, and control of lower self by higher self, have their source

in You, the greatest Self within all.
Your Divinity unfolds from within as we, entering Your Silence,

serve You by surrendering all our thinking, feeling, willing, doing,

all praise, and thanksgiving, to You.

Ever-present, Supreme Reality of all Righteousness. Thank You

for inspiring us and leading us in our constant and determined

assent on this path of self awakening.

 You pervade and transcend the totality of all being. Thank You

for being the light on our path of Now-ness.  By constant

remembrance of You we aggressively persevere in our efforts to

purify our consciousness and consciously reunite with You, our

Supreme Being.

You pervade and are simultaneously beyond the planets, galaxies,

innerspace, outer-space, and all cosmic manifestations. They all

come and go within You.   The real problem we have is dentifying

the self to be exclusively the body.  In reality, the self is eternal

awareness or consciousness, pervading and transcending the body,

mind, intellect, and ego.

As our consciousness is purified through service to You. This is

concentration and eventually meditation on You.  Gradually, we

realize how You our Source, are the foundation of excellent health,

the source of good nutrition, the fire of digestion, the energy of

circulation, and the strength of immunity from the disease of

Maya, Your illusory energy.