Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Remembering You is our primary tool for cleansing our 

Pineal Gland and consciousness. This is how we free our 

lower consciousness  from the oppression and terror of 

spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical slavery, Maya, 

Your illusory energy. 


Our spiritual development/rejoining with ourselves, is

 protected, survives, and thrives by praising and thanking 

You, even as our body breathes in and out. You are our most 

righteous Inner and  External Teacher, Leader, Guide, and 

Most Dear Friend.  You are the Ever-Well Wisher of all.


In the process of praising and thanking You, we remember 

You and as a result,  we raise ourselves from the muck, mire, 

and general confusion of the material world.  Gradually we 

are restored to our original position of Everlasting, 

Omnipresent Peace, here, in this moment.  


We know from our personal research, observation and 

experience, that our help comes from remembering You.  We 

do this by praising You, thanking You in all circumstances , 

submitting all to You and meditating on You.


 Offering praise and thanksgiving to You is Surrendering to 

You.  Surrendering to You is serving You, the Only Reality. 

Though You are too great for mere words to name or express, 

praising and thanking allows us to associate with You, the 

Most Pure, thus we attain glimpses of Your magnificence.


Knowing the art and science of praising and thanking You is 

enhanced by consciously surrendering all to You. Thus, we 

have You, the Greatest Personal Problem Solver at hand. 


Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of 

purifying our consciousness by always praising and thanking 

You. The more we are able to do this, the more we are able to 

see the blessing in the stressing.


By praising and thanking You constantly we edify, quiet, as 

well as purify our consciousness. The more we are quiet and 

listen to the Silence itself, and only speak in praise and 

thanks to You, the more we come back into conscious union 

with You, our own Divine Quintessence.


You are beyond characterless and character, personality and 

impersonality.  All life has its origin in You.  By Your grace 

and mercy we are praising and thanking You.


While supporting and sustaining all attributes of reality, You 

pervade and transcend substance and space. Thank You for 

helping us remember to praise and thank You through all 

stages and levels of consciousness.


We associate with You through constant remembrance of 

You.  We remember You by praising and thanking You, 

offering all to You, and by chanting Your names.  


Beyond negative and positive, You are the Source of the 

Supreme Energy, the Spiritual Force which we experience 

and transmit internally and externally. 


By rekindling our love for You through this science of 

praising and thanking You, we awaken our dormant love for 

You as well as our love for all creation.


Like a child offering the vastness of the universe a very 

small leaf or a few drops of water, we offer You our humble 

praise and thanksgiving.  All life is One in You and You are 

the One in all life.