Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 8

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

  Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

          Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

Excerpt from a poem by  Shamugam

" You’re not your body and you’re not your mind;

Not knowing the timeless truth makes you blind;

You’re not your story and you’re not your thoughts;

You’re not those age old, buried mental knots.

You’re not that chattering voice in your head;

You’re not anything that you did or said;

You’re not anything that you have or know

You’re the truth that is watching all this show!

You’re not anything that can be perceived;

You’re not an object that can be observed;

You’re the screen where the world is being played;

You’re the emptiness where the form is made.

You’re the one witnessing the mind and breath;

You’re one without two, beyond birth and death;

Like the air trapped in a small round bubble,

You feel separate which brings all the trouble.

Inquire inside and wake up from this dream!

Let truth alone shine like a bright white beam!

By inquiry, your illusions will break;

You’ll stop mistaking the rope for a snake”

Excerpt from a poem by  Shamugam

We think of You as pervading and transcending all 

ethnicities, races, and species of  life.  You, the all Pervasive 

Supreme Spirit, are within us, as well as beyond us. 

 We meditate on You as the Ultimate, Eternal Awareness of 

the knower, knowledge, and the known.  We think of You as 

the Final State of Supreme Being.

Moreover, we think of You as our Supreme, Most Righteous 

Leader.  We see You as the Ultimate Virtuous Message Giver, 

and the Ever-Well wisher of  all sentient 

and insentient beings.  

By thinking of You and meditating on You, we are 

continuously purifying our consciousness and elevating our 

awareness to ever higher and more fascinating heights of 


We believe, in the light of our research, observation, and 

experience, that our identity is Spirit, Consciousness, Energy, 

or Awareness.  This reality is in quality one  with You, the 

Supreme Consciousness, Energy, Awareness of  all.

We commune with You, associate with You, by always 

thinking of You and offering everything to You.  Gradually, 

we experience who we are, where we are, what we should be 

doing, and what we are doing.

By constantly associating with You, we slowly experience the 

fact that we are the self, the all pervasive spirit. We are 

nobody, doing nothing, going nowhere, always here.
  We are 

the Eternal, Vast Infinity of Silence and Its Everlasting 

Witness.  We meditate on You as Such.

We think of You as deep within the consciousness of all. You 

are the Supreme Basis upon which we are getting ourselves 

together.  Associating with You,  we are becoming cleaner,  

up right, and  freer at every moment.  

Through association with You, the Most Pure, our Pineal 

Gland is decalcified, and as a consequence, our consciousness 

is purified.  Purified consciousness is consciousness at Its 

original state of eternality, unlimited comprehension, and 


All our praise and thanksgiving is surrendered to You. This

process it enables our consciousness to be refined and 

expanded to its original nature. As this happens, we very 

naturally transcend the coarseness of the materialistic 

concept of life.

Most sentient beings live and seemingly die engrossed in the 

materialistic concept of life.  However, the more our  

consciousness expands back to its original nature of Pure 

Awareness, the more we experience our natural peace  of 

mind and  contented state of being. 

We do not want to die because we are the soul, and the soul is 

eternal. However, our daily routine of relating as a body, 

mind, intellect, or ego illusions cause us to relate to birth, 

death, and rebirth as our reality. 

Thank You for helping us come to the realization that the 

material body, mind, intellect, and ego is pervaded and 

transcended by the Eternal Soul.   We meditate on this Soul 

as the Silence, the Stillness, and the Eternal, Infinite, 

Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute Witness of all.

We do not want to be ignorant because we are the soul, and 

the soul is unlimited knowledge, comprehension and bliss. 

We do not want to be loud because we are the soul, and the 

soul in union with You is complete, bliss filled, tranquillity.  

We See You as Awareness, beyond the Thoughtless Silence.  

We  think of You as and even beyond Nirvana.  We think 

of You as the Source  Supreme Spiritual Strength, the origin 

of true Enlightenment.

We want to be happy because we are the soul, and the soul 

is Supreme Awareness, beyond Silence.  It is imperturbable 

infinite, ecstatic bliss. Thank You for helping us arrive home 

to You, the Eternal, Immutable Supreme Self of all.

 We are doing arriving at the Eternality of You by fixing our 

awareness on You through our spiritual practices.  

Constant Praise and thanksgiving, in all circumstances, is 

crucial in this spiritual practice.  

We think of You as the Source of Supreme Truth and 

Justice.  You are unborn, undying, eternal, changeless spirit, 

the source of all centers, inner and outer space.  

Thank You for helping us to be conscious of You, 

here with us and for us, in this present moment. Here we 

beginning to experience how meaningful and beautiful life

can be living in Your loving presence.  

Thank You for showing us how to realize who You are and 

where You are. Thank You for helping us to realize, through 

Praise and Thanksgiving offered to You, who we are and 

where we are in spirit and how to attain You, our most 

beneficial goal of life.

Praise be to You, Supreme Spiritual Master to whom other 

masters come to learn of the Self.  You pervade and transcend 

tears and smiles, wrinkles and frowns, ups and downs, jokers 

and clowns. 

We meditate on You as the Silence, the Stillness, and the 

Witness of all.  Duality and non-duality have their origin, 

manifestation, and dissolution in Your Absoluteness.

Thoughts of You rid the heart of misery by cleansing it of sins 

committed when our lower awareness was contaminated, and 

we were ignorant of Your Supreme Presence within this 

temporary material body. 

The more the consciousness is cleansed, as a consequence of 

Your association, the more we are true to ourselves, honest 

and compassionate in our dealings with all sentient beings.  

We think of You as Omnipresent, Supreme Soul, the Greatest 

Awareness of all.

  Most Attractive One, the more our consciousness is purified 

by praising and thanking You, the more we are transformed 

from beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of 

greed to beings of charity, from beings over powered by lust 

to beings resurrected in Eternal Love.

We think of You as the infinite basis of Truth, Righteousness, 

Love and Peace.  Moreover, we see You as Eternal, Pure 

Intelligence,  the ground of Being underlying, pervading and 

transcending everything.  

Thank You for showing us a formula for individual and 

collective unity.  This formula is centered on always thinking 

of You.  We think of You and meditate on You as the Supreme 

Witness, unmoved and unmovable by the beginning, middle, 

and end of the Cosmic Manifestations.

We come to You for the resolution of our inner and outer 

conflicts.  Praise and thanksgiving is one tool for union with 

You;  meditation is another.  We meditate on You as the 

Silence, the Stillness, and the Last Witness of all witnesses.

Constant Praise and thanking You is one of the cornerstones 

in this spiritual practice of always remembering You.  We 

think of You as the Ultimate Monarch, Most Righteous 

Lawyer, Judge, and the Most Virtuous Witness.