Praise and Thanksgiving 8

Pervading and transcending all ethnicities, races, and species of 

life, You, the all Pervasive Supreme Spirit, are within us, as well 

as beyond us.  Moreover, You are the Supreme Righteous Leader, 

the Ultimate Righteous Message Giver, and the Ever-Well Wisher 

of  all sentient and insentient beings. Our identity is Spirit, 

Consciousness, Energy, Awareness, in quality one  with You, the 

Supreme Consciousness, Energy, Awareness of  all.

Communing with You, associating with You,  by always 

thinking of You, we gradually experience who we are, where we 

are, what we should be doing, and what we are doing. Verily, we 

are the self, the all pervasive spirit. We are nobody, doing nothing, 

going nowhere, always here.

Deep within the consciousness of all, You are the Supreme Basis 

upon which we are getting ourselves together, being more clean 

up right, and  free at every moment.  Thank You for showing 

us the way to  liberation from the sin, bondage, and suffering of 

Maya, the material, mental, intellectual, and spiritual  illusions, by 

always thinking of  You.

The more we fix our mind on You and associate with You through

constant prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice the more our Pineal

Gland and awareness is purified. Thus, we transcend the changing

worlds of body, senses, mind, intelligence, and ego. All of these

external worlds are known as Maya, the worlds of illusion.

As a consequence of  Your association, our thoughts words, and

deeds are exceedingly righteousness. This happens because

through association with You, the Most Pure, our Pineal Gland is

decalcified and as a consequence, our consciousness is purified

and returns to its original state of eternality, unlimited

comprehension, and bliss.

All our praise and thanksgiving is surrendered to You. This

process it enables our consciousness to be refined and expanded to

its original nature. As this happens, we very naturally

transcend the coarseness of the materialistic concept of life in

which most sentient beings live and seemingly die, something

most do not want to do.  However, the more our  consciousness 

expands back to its original nature, the more we experience our 

natural peace  of mind and  contented  state of being. 

We do not want to die because we are the soul, and the soul is 

eternal. However, our daily routine of relating as a body, mind, 

intellect, or ego, illusions cause us to relate to birth, death, and 

rebirth of the self as our reality. Thank You for helping us come to 

the realization that the material body, mind, intellect, and ego is 

pervaded and transcended by the Eternal Soul.

We do not want to be ignorant because we are the soul, and the 

soul is unlimited knowledge, comprehension and bliss. We do not 

want to be loud because we are the soul, and the soul in union 

with You is complete, bliss filled, tranquillity.  

Beyond the Thoughtless, Silence,  and even beyond Nirvanna, 

You are the source  of  Supreme Spiritual Strength.   You are the 

origin of true Enlightenment 

We want to be happy because we are the soul, and the soul 

as Supreme Awareness, beyond Silence, is infinite, ecstatic 

bliss. Thank You for helping us arrive home to the Eternality 

of  You.

 We are doing arriving at the Eternality of You by fixing our 

awareness on You through our spiritual practices.  

Constant Praise and thanksgiving, in all circumstances, is 

crucial in this spiritual practice.  

You are Truth, that which always is, unborn and undying, eternal,

changeless spirit, the source of the center, inner and outer space. 

Thank You for being here with us and for us, in this present

moment. Here we experience how meaningful and beautiful life

can be. 

Thank You for showing us how to realize who You are and where

You are. Thank You for helping us to realize, through Praise and

Thanksgiving offered to You, who we are and where we are in

spirit and how to attain You, our most beneficial goal of life.

Praise be to You, Supreme Spiritual Master to whom other masters

come to learn of the Self. You pervade and transcend tears and

smiles, wrinkles and frowns, ups and downs, jokers and clowns.

Duality and non-duality have their origin, manifestation, and

dissolution in Your Absoluteness.

Thoughts of You rid the heart of misery by cleansing it of sins

committed when our lower awareness was contaminated, and we

were ignorant of Your Supreme Presence within this temporary

material body. The more the consciousness is cleansed, as a

consequence of Your association, the more we are true to

ourselves, honest and compassionate in our dealings with all

sentient beings.

  Most Attractive One, the more our consciousness is purified by

praising and thanking You, the more we are transformed from

beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of greed to

beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of Love.
You are the infinite basis of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace,

the ground of Being underlying, pervading and transcending

everything. Thank You for showing us a formula for unity

throughout the universe. That formula is centered on always

thinking of You. 

Constant Praise and thanking You is one of the corner stones in 

this spiritual practice of always thinking of You. You are the 

ultimate Monarch, Most Righteous lawyer and Judge. We come to 

You for the resolution of our inner and outer conflicts. Praise and 

thanksgiving is one path to union with You.