Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 9

 Thank You for teaching us how to purify our Pineal Gland by

praising and thanking You in all circumstances. To the extent our

Pineal Gland is purified, our consciousness is cleansed and


Within purified conscioussness, our thinking, feeling, willing and 

doing are cleaner, quieter, in harmony and balance, and more 

conducive to our edification and liberation. Gradually we, as Pure 

Awareness, regain our original state of being:  Eternal, Pure, 

Awareness, full of  complete comprehension and bliss. 

You are the Supreme, Uncreated, Self-existent being from whom

all energy emanates, in whom all are maintained and within whom

all things are returned to the basic elements. Thank You for

helping us comprehend our internal and external ecology. Thank 

You for assisting us in our quest for Self-realization.


The more our consciousness is purified by fixing it on You, the

more we think right, we want for others that which we want for

ourselves. Praising and thanking You helps to purify and bring our

total awareness into conscious union with You. 

Gradually, by always thinking of You, submitting to You all that 

we think, feel, will, say and do, we are raised to the importance of 

treating any sentient being the way we  would like to be 

treated. This life style is vital to our evolution as a soul, from 

exceedingly lower levels of brute consciousness 

to ever greater magnitudes of Divine Consciousness.

You are the smallest of the small and the biggest of the big,

eternal, full of unlimited grace and knowledge.  Purification of

consciousness, by praising and thanking You, frees our

consciousness from the  slavery of  prejudice, lies, and ignorance 

in general.

You, who pervade and transcend all names, forms, and

formlessness, are the Infinite, the All Mighty power of of all. You

the mighty, pervade and transcend everything:  all fingers, all toes,

all mouths, every nose. 

You are able to satisfy all spiritual, intellectual, mental, and 

physical hungers. Thank You for bringing us back to our own 

History, our Culture, and our Spiritual Integrity.

We reclaim, rebuild, and are restored to our traditional greatness as

we study and practice this ancient spirituality of constant praise

and thanksgiving offered at Your "Lotus Feet". You, the All

Mighty exist as the Source of the creativity, energy, and

intelligence that is manifesting through the Pineal Gland. 

Praising and thanking You, in all situations, is one of the spiritual 

practices that our most intelligent, righteous, and Divinely Aware 


used to restore the lower self to the Highest Self.

We come to You for guidance and protection. You are the greatest

and most dependable One who pervades and transcends all,

including zero, that which is no thing. You are our Supreme Being

who we tap into through one of our spiritual practices called Praise

and Thanksgiving.

This spirituality of our most righteous and Divinely Aware

ancestors which You are revealing to us, consists of Divinely

centered: Prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association,

meditation, and praise and thanks giving.

Supreme Consciousness of the Universe, You are the Source of

infinite beauty and boundless blessings. Why should we fix our

mind on, or strive for, other than You? Thank You for helping us

attain You through praise and thanks giving offered to You, our 

own Original Divinity.

You are the Heart, The Centerless Center, and The Infinite

Awareness within all. Thank You for teaching us the art and

science of always thinking of You. Thus, we are gradually

reawakening to Your Eternal Omnipresence.

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Snowfall Knight
What is that which is aware of even the ayahuasca experience? Be that. You do not need ayahuasca to be the unseen seer that sees every experience. Ayahuasca is one experience, like drinking water is one experience. What watches these experiences take place? Be that. This is coming from one who has used and has much respect for psychedelics. Psychedelics can be beautiful, mind-opening experiences. But what watches the experiences happen? Be that. All those who are upset about Mooji's opinion on ayahuasca are very heavily identified with ayahuasca. What watches even the identification? Be that.

You, The Supreme Pure and never polluted, are the Source of all

grace and mercy. Radiating out through the Pineal Gland, You

pervade and transcend all. Moreover, You always available to us. 

To the degree we renounce the temporary material worlds of

illusion by fixing the mind on You, we experience Your

Omnipresence. We can fix the mind on You through our vibrations

of praise and thanksgiving.

 All praise to You, Invincible, Infinite Ocean of Knowledge. All

the Arts and Sciences have their origin in You. Please accept this

humble offering of praise and thanksgiving with all the love and

devotion at our command.

By learning to love You through praising and thanking You we are

empowered to constantly remember You, our consciousness is

cleansed, and we increasingly exhibit loving kindness toward all

sentient beings. Praise and thanksgiving are tools we use to help us

render transcendental loving service to You. This spiritual practice

helps us remember You, and who we are, in Spirit, in Truth, and in


The more we render loving service to You through constant praise

and thanksgiving, we are engaged in surrendering to You, and You

alone. In this way, we liberate and regain our mind from the

slavery of Maya, Your illusory energy. Consequently, the more

abundant are our virtues and the greater our ability to hear You and

follow Your Righteous guidance.

You are the creator, maintainer, annihilator, that from whom all is

born, the source of infinite beauty, and You are the only One

worthy of worship. Thank You for showing us how to awaken to

harmony with You and thereby be in harmony with all throughout

the Cosmic Manifestations. One way we do this is by praising and

thanking You constantly.

Ruling exclusively, You pervade and transcend all worlds, all

governments, and all consciousness. All are the same in Your

sight. You are equal to all but none is equal to You. Thank You for

awakening our discernment and leading us on the right path, the

pathless path, to reach You.

Thank You for teaching us how to return to our culture, study our

history and our spirituality while we thank and praise You. 

Evermore, we can look within ourselves and experience who we

are, and from where, in this present moment, we have come. Thus

we are ever more empowered to draw upon You, our Supreme

Self, for solutions to our problems.

This union with our Supreme Being, the Source of the energy,

intelligence, and creativity of the Universe, is accomplished

through righteous prayer, study, sacrifice, service, meditation, right

association, and constant praise and thanksgiving offered to You.

 Thank You for accepting our humble offerings.