Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 1

You permeate and are infinitely beyond the illusions of beginnings, middles, ends, waking,

sleeping, dreaming and deep sleep. Our prayer to You is constant, all during the day and night. 

We study about You, and sacrifice all we think, feel, will, say, and do for You. These are some

of the tools we use to purify our Pineal gland, experience the reality of Your Omnipresence, and 

regenerate our  union with Divine Consciousness.

You are within all states of consciousness. We are all one within You. Constant remembrance of

You, The Supreme Self and Greatest Spirit, through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice,

brings about a much needed positive revolution in our internalized self-image. Gradually we are

able to experience You in all beings and all beings within You. 

                                                                                                                Ashtavakra - gita


We know You as the Selfless, Immortal, Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself. You

are the One Divinity in all, Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast and variegated

costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness. Thank You for showing us how to open the

door to eternal liberation from Your illusory energy for ourselves as well as for those who come

after us. This is the responsible life style that makes economical, social, environmental, as well

as ethical good sense. 
Chapter 4

37. I am without contemplation and without the absence of contemplation. I am without 

anything upon which to contemplate. Such a one am I. I am fuller than the full. I am perfectly 

full. I am all fullness. Such a one am I.

38. I am of the nature of That which transcends all. I am the Supreme Brahman. Such a one am 

I. I have no objectivity or characteristics to perceive. I do not merge in anything. Such a one am 


39. I am without a measurement and there is nothing that can measure me. There is nothing for 

me to measure. Such a one am I. I am the seer of the world. I am without eyes or any other 

means of perception.

40. I am the fully-developed. I am the awakened. I am the ever-present. I am the Supreme. I am 

bereft of all organs. I am amenable to all actions.

41. I am satisfied with all the Vedanta. I am ever easy of approach. I am joyous and joyless. I am 

the fruit of all silence.

42. I am ever of the nature of Consciousness alone. I am the real and the unreal and full of 

Consciousness. Of whatever I am devoid, nothing in the least has been grasped by me.

Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute. It is realized as we purify our Pineal Gland through

prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice. Gradually we realize that we are the eternal Awareness,

beyond I, AM, AUM, Silence, unconsciousness, consciousness, knowledge, ignorance,

enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss.

The more our Pineal Gland and hence, consciousness is purified by prayer, study, and nonviolent

we realize the emptiness of materialistic pleasures, while we realize the inner joy and

contentment of our Omnipresent Spiritual World. The real business of all our endeavors is to

always think of You. This is the major tool in our spiritual arsenal for purifying our Pineal


' Chapter Eleven '

55. There is no world apart from the Self. There is nothing of the non-Self, ever. Anything apart 

from the Self is unreal. This is the truth—the truth. There is no doubt of this.

56. There is no happiness apart from the Self. There is nothing else apart from the Self. There is 

nowhere to go apart from the Self. One should remain forever in the Self.

57. There is nothing anywhere apart from the Self. There is not a blade of grass apart from the 

Self. There is nothing whatever apart from the Self. There is nothing apart from the Self at any 


58. This explanation of the Bliss of the Self has been expounded to you by me. Whichever wise 

man hears this once, himself becomes Brahman.

59. This gives instant Liberation from bondage by being heard even once. By understanding the 

meaning of this treatise, one is liberated from everything.

60. Suta: Worship with a committed heart the full, the true, ever Brahman, with the divine Truth 

of the Self, eternal and without agitation of the mind. He exists, with knots cut asunder, in 

Isvara, at the pure feet of Siva, and shines inwardly. He becomes restful inside and surely 

becomes, after death, the entire universe.
We can fix the mind on You by prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice. You are the infinite,

eternal, source of all potentiality. The undisturbable stillness at the basis of all consciousness has

its origin in You. Thank You for revealing to us ways of fixing our consciousness on You

through the spiritual discipline of prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice.

As we become more conscious, we realize that our liberation into our very best self lies in

taking refuge in You. In order to do this more deliberately and effectively we resolve, with great

faith, to fix the mind on You. We fix the mind on You through study of the Indigenous

Spirituality of the earth, observation of the Spiritual and material practices of the earth, and our

own spiritual practices. Thus we work out our salvation, ever more diligently, with You centered

prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation.

You are eternally free from the vice, sin, and corruption of the ephemeral world. In order to work

out our salvation with more diligence, we must increase our efforts to fix our mind on You ever

more. Thank You for the privilege and the wisdom to fix our mind on You, evermore. Thank You

for protecting us. Thank You for Your refuge and Your strength.

You are our original nature. When we are praying to You, studying about You, and making

nonviolent sacrifices to You our dormant love for You is unfolding. As this happens, we are able

to worship You with evermore love. When we are engaged in worshiping You with love by this

spiritual practice, You give us evermore understanding by which we can continue to sober up

and come back to You without leaving this present moment.

Your Infinitude envelops and transcends all sentient beings, time and space. You do not

discriminate among the variegated sentient beings. Thank You for helping us to be free from

slavery to sense gratification and the ignorance of designation bias. Thank You for helping us

return to You, The Source of freedom, justice, equality, and peace, our ultimate destination.


You are the Supreme, Eternal, Cosmic Divinity pervading and transcending all vibratory

phenomena and the Infinite Stillness of Being. You, the Ultimate Unity in all the diversity of

Being, are the only Jewel worth striving for.

To the degree our consciousness is purified of the ego, the noneself, by prayer, study,

and nonviolent sacrifice to You, the greater is our realization of our natural compassion,  deep

happiness, satisfaction and infinite peace.

You are the Source of our salvation. Thank You for Your  righteous guidance and Your ceaseless

mercy upon us. By Your Law, the Law Of Cause and Effect, Karma, we are reaping the good

fortune and intelligence to follow Your Righteous Guidance ever better.  Thank You for showing 

us  how to love, serve, and  help  each other  by developing our dormant love for You.  We 

develop this loving consciousness  by fixing our mind on You through our total submission to 

You.  Total submission to You means:  All that we do, all that we offer, all that we sacrifice or 

give away, all austerities we perform, we do as an offering to You, and none other.

Gradually, as we are able to pray to You, be steadfast, patient, study about You, and offer our 

nonviolent sacrifices to You, we are more empowered to turn from our wicked ways and to 

follow Your Righteous guidance.  Moreover, we are increasing able to Be and see the Self in all 

and all within the Self .  This happens the more our Pineal Gland is purified as a consequence of 

Your purifying, unifying, edifying, association.

As our consciousness clears, and our intelligence sharpens as a result of our prayer, study, and

our nonviolent sacrifices offered to You, we realize we not the material body, the mind, the

intellect, nor the ego. We, the self, are spirit/awareness/consciousness, in quality one with You.


 The body, although not the self, is the one habitat of the Omnipresent Self radiating forth from

the Pineal Gland. Your temple, The Temple of The Supreme, Eternal, Spirit of all exist as the

Supreme Consciousness shinning through the Pineal Gland. 

We are in transition toward this Eternal Being, This Supreme Spiritual Being of all. We are

already this. Our Spiritual Practice cleanses our Pineal Gland and consciousness. In this way, our

minds are educated and uplifted, and we experience the reality of this Omnipresent Self as our

own Supreme Consciousness.


 Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace are some of Your limitless virtues. When we are able to

constantly remember You, as a result of submitting all our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing

to You, the greater the purification of our existence; the more we reawaken to our eternal

virtuous state of existence.

                                                                                                                Ashtavakra - gita

To the extent that our existence is purified, the greater we are edified, and we realize the Beloved

Community, Your Kingdom, here and now, our original, constitutional position.

We have inadvertently fallen into the material contamination. This we know. When

we completely transcend our fallen condition, by being devoted to You, and are all cleaned up, if

we so wish, we can determine why and how we fell into the material contamination. As for now,

we are coming out of our fallen, contaminated, miserable condition of life by always thinking of