Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

We are Spiritual Beings, Pure Intellegent Energy having 

a human experience, this life time.  According to the law of  

Reincarnation and Karma, whatever our mind is most fixed 

on at  the time of death, we are attracted to the appropriate 

womb to finish or continue our  Karma. 

 Fixing our mind on You at every moment, we strive to finish 

 our work, Karma, this lifetime and return to You, 

our  Supreme Spiritual connection.  Thank You again and yet 

again for  helping us see the  crucial importance of taking 

very seriously this duty of fixing our mind on You.

You pervade and transcend AUM, Your original, primeval 

word, from which Amen  and all other sounds, vibrations and 

varieties are descended. You are the Inner Voice, within all, 

surrounded by Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. 

Thank You for teaching us how to fix our mind on You by the 

sacrifice of always thinking of You. Thus, we are able to listen 

to You, follow, and be resurrected, character and soul, by 

Your time tested knowledge and wisdom.  The best 

knowledge and wisdom we are acquiring is a result  of 

striving for perfection by fixing our consciousness on You.

We think of You and concentrate on You as the animating 

Spirit and the Infinite Awareness within and beyond all 

beings. While contemplating You within and beyond all, we 

are developing an ever greater reverence for You. 

This associative attachment to You, the Most Pure, is our 

primary instrument for purifying our consciousness of  the 

brigands:  anger, lust and greed; as this is done, the Pineal 

gland is purified, our innate spirituality comes forth and we 

see that there is no limit to our potential for Spiritual 

Development and Love.

Thank You for teaching us how to study about You, how to 

make nonviolent sacrifices to You and how to meditate on 

You.  It is through this spiritual practice that our awareness 

is purified and we return to ever greater harmony with You 

and the universe.

It is through Your association that our consciousness is 

purified.  As our consciousness is purified, the better we are 

able to control the thoughts that attempt to enter our 


 It is through this control that our consciousness is purified 

and we progress in our self-cultivation, the basis of our 

culture, the foundation of our Spiritual civilization.

You, the most perfect One, the Supreme Being above all other 

beings, who holds us all together, are beyond being and non-

being, self and non-self, empty and fullness, center and center-

lessness, and all other versions of Ying and Yang.  Thank 

You for educating us out of the silliness of our miseducation, 

thinking the body is the self.  Thank You  for  rebirthing us and 

making us whole again.

All praise to You, Divinity of all nature, the Supreme Awareness

of all. Only You are fit for praise and worship. Thank You for

helping us in our struggle to be centered in You so 

        that we are truly situated in knowledge, as our Divinity is    

                 unfolded from within our own consciousness.  

All Thank You for helping us to know our self, to be our self,  and

to help our self. Thank You for helping us to comprehend why the

truly wise, who know the self as spirit, lament neither for the

                                  living nor the dead.

All are surly sowing what they will reap, and reaping what they

have sown. Thank You for helping us clean our Pineal Gland so

that we are strong enough to turn from our wicked ways and sow

                         righteous thoughts, feelings, and actions.

We purify our awareness by concentrating our mind on You. By

concentrating the mind on You our consciousness is purified and

we thus acquire a higher taste. The acquiring of a higher spiritual

taste empowers us to more easily release the lower, enslaving taste

for sense gratification.

 Meditating on You, we gradually awaken and realize You as the

changeless truth, within and beyond the vast and variegated names,

forms and formlessness of the various degrees of suffering

associated with the illusory worlds. These illusory worlds are also

known as Maya.

We are grateful to You for revealing to us the fact that the major

psychological impairment, at the root of our spiritual pathology is

the mistaken belief that the self is a material, mental, intellectual or

ego entity.

Coming to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spiritual,

changes our mind and the way we see the world. Most of all,

contemplating You, the source of the power of the objects of the

senses, liberates us from the bondage of sense gratification.

You, of Infinite Beauty and Strength, the source of our

transcendental consciousness, are the Solution within the problem,

and simultaneously, You are bigger than all the problems put

together. Thank You for helping us transcend the miseries of

material existence. You, the One, the Greatest Simplicity, are the

Source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings.

 While contemplating You through our prayers, studies, and

nonviolent sacrifices, we develop attachment to You. Our original

Love is uncovered, and our attitude is exceedingly positive and

attractive. This love yields understanding, compassion, and all the

other great virtues that are our original nature. 

You, the Most Just, the Source of all inspiration, are unfolded from

within our consciousness, the more our Pineal Gland is purified

and our consciousness is cleansed by the spiritual practice of

always thinking of You.

The more we worship You and You alone, the more we associate

with You, the Most Pure. Association with You purifies us into our

original nature. Thank You, Supreme Purity and Power, for

teaching us how to worship You, and You

alone, by always thinking of You as the Source of Sound and


Thank You for revealing to us various methods of thinking of You.

By thinking of You through our prayers, studies, and nonviolent

sacrifices we are empowered to restrain the senses from their

objects. Thank You for our fulfillment. Thank You for our peace.

Thank You for our love for You.

Always thinking of You keeps us in constant remembrance of

You. Remembering thusly, keeps us totally, consciously, in the

present  moment. In this state of consciousness we are

continuously purifying and controlling our senses.

Furthermore, we are performing our mundane tasks more

efficiently with greater love and affection for You. We know, from

knowledge, observation, and experience, that You are the  Source

of the Kingdom of Brahman, within and beyond the consciousness

of all.

You are the Heart, the Center-less Center, and The Infinite

Consciousness within us. Please accept our most humble, prostrate

obeisances from all sides, from above and below, inside and out.

Thank You for accepting our homage and our honest attempts at

restoring our Divine relationship with You by these humble

offerings called Our Word.

You are the Most Perfect, the Radiant Essence, the Source of

steady intelligence, the Divinity which makes our unity perfect. 

Thank You for showing us how to enlighten our intelligence, how

to have loving unity with others, and thus regain our spirituality

and constant moral uplift in the universe.

You, the One, the Greatest, the Self Produced, Supreme 

Being, are within all the gods yet all the gods together cannot 

contain You.  We meditate on You, through our prayers, 

studies, and nonviolent sacrifices, for our spiritual 


All Mighty One, the Infinite Intelligence within the 

consciousness of all, whom we secretly love the most, thank 

You, for allowing us the sacred privilege of regaining our 

spiritual intelligence through purification of Pineal gland and 


The more spiritual intelligence is regained the more we rise

through the Pineal gland into the spiritual world of union 

with You. This is our refuge, our strength, and the greatest, 

most righteous goal of our life.  Thank You for the 

attachment we have for You and You alone.

As a consequence of being exceedingly focused on You, our 

intelligence is ever stronger and not easily carried away by 

the senses.  As the mind is strongly engaged in thinking 

of You,  our consciousness becomes more purified 

and stronger  in its ability to resist evil in thoughts, words, 

and deeds. 

     It is not a matter of our getting  You into our world of 

illusion,  there is nowhere where You are not.  Our challenge 

 is to remember You and return to Your Omnipresent World 

                            of reality which is always here.

When our consciousness is more purified as consequence of 

    Your association, we are evermore conscious that You are 

                                          always right here. 

You are indeed beyond love and happiness.  You 

are Eternal, Blissful All Auspicious.

 1. You are within and beyond mind,  intellect,  the ego, 

and the reflections of inner self(chitta).  You pervade and are 

beyond the senses,  You are beyond this and that. You are 

within and beyond the ether, earth, water,  fire, air, ether, 

mind, intelligence, and ego. You are indeed beyond love 

and happiness.  You are Eternal, Blissful All Auspicious.

 2.  You are within and beyond prana (energy), and five 

types of breaths.  You pervade and transcend the seven 

essences, and the five coverings (Panchakosha). You are 

within and beyond the speech, the hands,  the feet, and the 

genitals. You are indeed beyond love and happiness.  You 

are Eternal, Blissful All Auspicious.

 3.  You pervade and transcend hatred and love, and all 

affiliations.  You are within and beyond lust, anger, greed, 

illusion, madness, haughtiness, and envy.  You are within and 

beyond the adharma and the dharma, wealth and poverty, 

desire and detachment, slavery and freedom. You are indeed 

beyond love and happiness.  You are Eternal, Blissful All 


 4.  You are within and beyond merit and demerit,  sins and 

good deeds, sorrow and happiness. You are within and 

beyond the Mantras and the Vedas, the sacrifice and the 

sacrificial fire.  You are equally within and beyond the 

wicked, the Holy, and all numbers.  You permeate and 

transcend that which is consumed, the consumption, and the 

consuming.  You are indeed beyond love and happiness.  You 

are Eternal, Blissful All Auspicious.

 5.  You are within and beyond fear and fearlessness, birth, 

disease, old age, and death.  You are always united, perfect 

and complete within Yourself.  No matter how many complete 

units to emanate from You, simultaneously, they all are all 

being consumed by You.  Doubt and certainty, nonexistence 

and existence, separation and reunion are all taking place 

within Your changelessness.  All are equal within You.  The 

Source of Your origination is You.  All mothers, fathers and 

other sources have You as their origin.  You are within all 

relatives, friends, Gurus, and disciples.  You are indeed 

beyond love and happiness.  You are Eternal, Blissful All 


 6. You are all pervasive. You are with and without any 

attributes, and with and without any form.  You are always in

 and beyond equilibrium.  

You are in and beyond attachment and liberation to any 

worlds. You do not have wishes for anything because You are 

everything, everywhere, everytime, always in and beyond 


You are indeed beyond love and happiness.  You 

are Eternal, Blissful 

All Auspicious.