Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 2

You are Love.  There is always time for You.  The more we 

cleanse our consciousness by always thinking of You, we unfold 

You, the Divinity within all. 

 We do not have to wait on the world to awaken before we  

start experiencing You, the Love of all.  We just have to live our 

life in remembrance of  You.  We remember You by always  

thinking of You.  

We can always think of You by surrendering all of our thinking, 

feeling, and willing to You.  Gradually, the devotion to You will 

come to the front of our life.  

As our  devotion to You increases, we begin to feel greater 

compassion for other living beings.  By degrees, compassion 

evolves, enlightenment comes, and Your endless love manifests 

through all levels of our consciousness.  We return to being as we 

were, an ever clearer and wider channel through which Your 

unlimited  Goodness, Mercy, and Endless Love flows.

You are our tried and true, real friend.  You have been with us and 

will always be with us.  It is up to us to use our little independence 

to fix our mind on You and thus move ever closer to 

consciousness with You.


The real enemy is our mind out from under our own  control.      

Fixing the mind on You through prayer, patience, study,  

sacrifice, and meditation, puts the mind under our own control and 

makes it our best friend.  

Moreover, fixing the mind on You purifies our Pineal Gland and 

hence, our consciousness.  Thus, with purified consciousness we 

can better  submit to Your guidance  through the battlefield of 


As a consequence, of fixing the mind on You, we are increasingly 

able to be in the spiritual world though seemingly in the material 

world. Thank You for continuing to help us unite with You, 

ourselves and others.  Thank You for awakening our 

discernment, helping us to see who the real enemy is, and leading 

us on the Right Path to reach You.

With exceeding grace, detached from the material world through

our spiritual practice of prayer, study, and sacrifice, we are

manifesting, increasingly, Your dignity and serenity, while we are

gradually sobering up to the eternal reality of You.


Most Righteous One, You who are without beginning, middle, or

end. No one is equal to, nor co-eternal with You. Thank You for

Your mercy upon us.

You are the Divinity Who pervades and a simultaneously beyond

waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental

consciousness. Thank You for showing us how to awaken our

discrimination and be led by You.


 Constant remembrance of You through prayer, study, and

sacrifice purifies our consciousness. As the awareness is

purified, repenting, following righteousness and doing good come

very naturally and easily. Thank You for teaching us how to know

and be our Self simply by remembering You.


 Pure Awareness, You are the source of all wisdom, and right

understanding. Thank You for awakening us and reuniting us with

our righteous past.

The more we see and serve You through prayer, study, and

sacrifice our consciousness is transformed from materially

contaminated and illusioned to soberly realized, spiritually pure

awareness. Thank You for teaching us how to pick ourselves up

and how to get ourselves together again through prayer, study, and

nonviolent sacrifice to You.

Spiritual realization brings in its wake true knowledge. We see

with equal vision. We are equal-minded toward all. Living

in  consciousness of  You,  we serve You in all. Thank You for

teaching us how to realize our individual integrity within You

through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.

By constantly praying to You, studying about You, and making

nonviolent sacrifices to You, we are becoming increasingly

more spiritually strong and undiviated from our duty of

manifesting Divine consciousness. Thank You for guiding us on

this ancient and well used path of devotion to You.

Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You are spiritual tools 

for  sobering us up.  In the process it is revealed to us how to 

remain consciously one with Your Perfect peace as we witness 

and transcend all the trials, and other circumstances of life in the 

ephemeral, illusory worlds.

We are being freed from the fear of birth, old age, disease, and 

death by always thinking of You through prayer, study, and

nonviolent sacrifice. Using these tools we are slowly but surely

returning to You, here, now, in this present moment.

Thank You for resurrecting us from the illusion of spiritual,

intellectual, mental and physical disease and death, through prayer,

study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.

 Thank You, for allowing us the intelligence to study about You,

chant Your glories, pray to You, and offer nonviolent sacrifices to

You while we go about seemingly mundane activities.  Source of

all compassion and wisdom, thank You for helping us to always

think of  You through our meager service to You.

You are our Supreme Spirit. We are spiritual beings, in quality one

with You,  Under the influence of ignorance, we identify our

spiritual longing for You to be material, and seek to satisfy such

longings with external material considerations.

As a result of thinking of You, we are fixing our consciousness on

You and purifying our awareness of anger, lust, and greed, the

impediments to wholesome cognitive and spiritual development.


Ignorance declares... I am this body and I have a soul.

Enlightenment, which comes in the wake of thinking of You,

responds, "I am this Spirit/Soul, beyond form and formless, and I 

permeate and exceed all bodies and all forms."

 The soul, enlightened by Your association through prayer, study,

and nonviolent sacrifice cannot be comfortable, nor ever satisfied,

surrendering to the ignorant demands of the flesh. Thank You for

teaching us how to love and serve all sentient beings by always

thinking of You.

This refusal of Spirit, enlightened by Your association, to

surrender to flesh is the source of the various interior and exterior

wars we witness and encounter in the material and

spiritual universes. Thank You for teaching us how to always think

of You, and stay out of the temporary illusion known as the

material world, even in dreams.

By fixing the mind on You, the mind is controlled and the

awareness is cleansed of  the illusory desires for sense 

gratification.  This is working.  We can look back and see how our 

consciousness has ben cleansed  and is being purified, 


In the Pure Spiritualistic state of life, sense gratification is

meaningless. The All in all and end of all is You. To the extent 

our  mind is fixed  on You the consciousness is purified of anger, 

lust, and greed, the miscreants who drag us deeper into hell on 


The consciousness is purified through prayer, study, and 

nonviolent  sacrifice, patience, and submitting all to You.  

Gradually, we experience the Omnipresence of You, the Most  

Perfect  Peace.