Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 3

Source of all Fulfillment and Peace, thank You for helping us to

experience harmony with You and the universe. Thank You for

showing us how to regain fulfillment and peace of mind and heart

through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You. Thank You

for teaching us how to rebuild our civilization on our original

spiritual foundation.

 Most Sure One, You are The All Mighty Source of all  honor,

self-identity, confidence, obligation (treating others as we would

like to be treated), inner joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. You, The

Most Pure and Fulfilling, saturate and exceed all sentient and

insentient beings, and all heavens and earths.

You are The Most Powerful, The One who pervades and

transcends all forms, fashions and circumstances. As a result of

experiencing the inner joy and contentment, the fulfillment of You,

we are losing our attachment to that which does not exist, the

material world, Your illusory energy.

Thank You again and yet again for teaching us how to remember

You through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice. Our prayer is

thanking You for awakening our discrimination and leading us on

the right path to reach You, while being a blessing to others. 

Our study focuses on learning more about Your names, fame,

paraphernalia, and pastimes. Our sacrifice is about offering all we

think, feel, will, say, and do to You. Because of this spiritual

practice, our Pineal Gland is decalcifying, and simultaneously our

lower consciousness is reawakening to its original, Infinite, Pure


At a deeply spiritual level we are all intimately connected with

You. We pray, study, sacrifice, chant, offer, and submit all to You

so that our Pineal Gland is decalcified and we experience this fact.

Everything, every pain, every gain, we are offering to You. As a

result we are actually purifying our consciousness while we are

simultaneously taking shelter in You. Gradually, we are

experiencing our eternal union with You.

Any kind of suffering, delusion, or illusion we inflict on any living

being is felt by us at lower illusory levels of awareness. We realize,

through purification of awareness, that the suffering or joy we

cause, consciously or inadvertently, is the cause of our own

suffering or joy in the worlds of illusion. You are the Supreme

Absolute Awareness, pervading and transcending all illusions of

pain, gain, notoriety, or admirable fame.   

 We study about You, Pray to You and offer nonviolent sacrifice to

You in order to transcend the illusory worlds. Thank You for so

graciously helping us to experience the benefits of praying to You,

studying about You, and offering our nonviolent sacrifices to You.

As a consequence of this spiritual activity of prayer, study, and

nonviolent sacrifice to You, our awareness is being cleansed of all

misgivings and our original, eternal life of bliss and knowledge is

gradually becoming our constant reality. We are always spiritually

stronger and are, as a result of this spirit strength, able to turn

evermore from our wicked ways.

You are the Supreme Controller, Guide, meaning and Ultimate

Purpose of life. By studying about You we are thinking about You

and increasing our ability to chant about You. This whole spiritual

process of thinking about You purifies and gradually expands our

awareness into its original nature. We are gradually reawakening to

You, our most pure and greatest identity, thus attaining all that is

Good, Righteous and Holy.


You are the Never-moving Omnipresence, The ever-present

Now, this includes today, yesterday, and tomorrow. This presence

contains and transcends all frequencies of silence. It is The Eternal

Conscience of all sentient beings moving and non-moving. 

Prayer helps us remember You. Remembering You is the main tool

for purifying our Pineal Gland. From purity of the Pineal Gland

comes clarity of consciousness. Gradually, we live in way way that

empowers us to overcome the illusory cycles of birth, death and


 You are Omnipresent, Eternal, Supreme Awareness, the Greatest

Consciousness within and beyond all. Thank You for being here,

present before us. Studying about You, speaking about You and

making non-violent sacrifices to You, assists us in our efforts to

always think of You.

It is through remembrance of You, The Most Pure, that our

awareness is cleansed of anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and

envy, the contaminants of consciousness. To the degree we are

purified and free of these brigands, we are making spiritual

progress toward You, our Supreme Being.

Most Trustworthy One, thank You for revealing simple yet

profound tools for cleaning our consciousness of lust, anger, greed,

illusion, madness, and envy. Gradually, we are experiencing our

original state of Pure Bliss consciousness, eternal, and full of

knowledge and comprehension.