Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 4

You are the light of the eyes, The Silence all around, the Infinite 

Who pervades and transcends atoms, quarks, vibrations, all. You 

are the greatest Spiritual Force which are the basis and beyond the 

Cosmic Manifestations.  

Our most concentrated aim is You.  Our ultimate goal and 

objective is reunion with You, the Supreme 

Unity within all the diversity of the Cosmic Manifestations. 


Our  method for achieving this objective is recognition that the  

real enemy is our ignorance of  who we are.  We  we are in 

forgetfulness of  You, we are mistaking the body, mind, intellect, 

ego to be the self and we have not realized the fact that the real 

enemy is our  own mind out from under the control of the Self.

Purification of the consciousness by always thinking of  You is the 

tool or process we are utilizing to bring about this evolution of 

consciousness that will give birth to the real personal change 

required to make sense out of life and living in and beyond all the 


Thank You for helping us to keep within the perimeters of  Your 

truth, righteousness, love and peace. We know this is Your Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace because it helps us to remember 

You and leads us Back to You.  

The closer we consciously get to You, the purer our Pineal Gland.  

The purer our Pineal Gland, the cleaner our consciousness. The 

cleaner our consciousness the purer our intellect. The purer our 

intellect the more we are empowered to live a morally up right 

and productive life that leads us ever closer to You. 

You, who pervade and transcend all, are the creative, maintenance,

and annihilating intelligence of the cosmos. You were never

purposed nor established by any power. You are the source of all

power and glory. Thank you for teaching us how to focus our

consciousness on You through prayer, study, and nonviolent


As a result of this spiritual practice of prayer, study, and nonviolent

sacrifice for You, we are ever more in harmony with Your will, the

way of Peace. Our intelligence is sharper, clearer, and we are

experiencing the reality of Omnipresent Peace. We can clearly

see, as the ancient sages proclaimed, the self pervades, yet

is beyond the field of action and inaction, cause and effect, life and

death of the transitory worlds of illusion.
When we are in You, we are in harmony with Your will, the way of

Peace. Gradually, we can see Your everlasting beauty all around

us. Thus, we rise and free our minds from the muck and mire of

the illusory worlds. Thank You for helping us restore ourselves us

to our original consciousness of love, compassion, charity, sanity,

sobriety, and goodwill.

Your reign of Tranquility originates, pervades, and transcends the

Earth and all the Heavens. The Earth and all the Heavens are

within You, nonetheless, You can never be contained by them.

Please accept our humble offerings of prayer, study, service,

and nonviolent sacrifice with all the love and devotion we have at

our command.

You are beyond glamorous, and glorious. Mere words can only

make a feeble attempt to point out Your Super Excellence. Thank

You for revealing to us our ancient spiritual system which teaches

us to take what we have and utilize it for Your service. 

This spiritual practice leads to complete independence from all

sorts of slavery. Thus we come back into everlasting freedom, and

peace. By always thinking of You, through service to You, our life

moves with evermore meaning, purpose, and Divine Direction

toward You, the Source of  all Independence, Strength, freedom,

and Peace.

You are Supreme over all directions, concepts and levels. They are

all contained within Your Infinite Whole. Fixing the mind on You

through prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice purifies the Pineal

Gland. To the extent the Pineal Gland is purified, we advance

toward Your Kingdom within our awareness, regaining our natural

condition of clean consciousness and right spirit.

You are alone are Supreme Divinity, the only one worthy of

worship. All glories to You! Our enlightened life is in You. By

studying about You, with love and devotion, we fix our mind on

You. Slowly and surely we reawaken from the denseness and

despair of self-ignorance to the enlightenment of You, the Eternal

Reality of all.

Thank You for helping us to recognize You in all our prayers,

studies, and sacrifices. Acknowledging You in this way awakens

us from the mire and misery of material self-identification and

contamination to the infinite freedom and bliss of Eternal


Doing all prayer, study, and sacrifice for You, in remembrance of

You, affords us the sacred privilege of thinking of You. Thinking

of You brings us back into union with of You. In the process of

consciously reuniting with You, our self-image and self-esteem is

raised to more glorious levels.

You are the Source of thought, the One at the source of all being.

You are all the resources we will ever need, to do whatever we

need to do to return to consciousness with You. Thus we keep the

wheels of our spiritual practice rolling by fixing the intelligence on

You by always thinking of You.

You are our most loving, quiet Inner Voice, the Source of all

thought as well as the power of attraction in all sense objects. We

interact with You and thus better resist and overcome slavery to

the senses; this, to us is practical and sensible. Gradually, we

regain  conscious union with You, who existed  prior to the

beginning of anything, and who are the basis of all creation. 

 You are the changeless source of all purity and strength who

pervades and transcends all. We are so fortunate to be able

to remember You in all we do. This spiritual practice enables us to

be in constant association with You. Dedicated Living in this

manner enables us to be ever spiritually stronger, patient,

tolerant, and determined to live consciously in Your presence


Thank You for showing us how to pray, study, and sacrifice, to be

still inside so that we might better heed Your guidance and follow

Your righteous will. 

You, Supreme Reality, are at hand, in this present moment, in the

"Sound" of Silence, as the Witness of the stillness of being. Thank

You for showing us how to participate in the evolution of

enlightened beings through our personal prayer, study, and

nonviolent sacrifice, all done as an offering to You.

 You are the Source of  our consciousness. It is You who are

The Supreme Awareness, Most Powerful, Infinite witness of

the coming and going of the Universe, Thank You for teaching us

how to shed ignorance and unfold You, our Original Divinity.

 You, the Source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings, are the

One, the greatest simplicity. Thank You for teaching us the

importance of prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice with You at

the center. Thus we experience You, our Eternal Divinity, in this


You are within, before, and after time. As The Fountainhead of all

Consciousness, You are eternally established within Yourself as

Perfect Divinity. What we call mind is bundles of thoughts which

are bundles of so-called real and so-called imagined sense

impressions inside of consciousness.


You are the Source of all consciousness. Thank You for teaching

us how to uplift our consciousness, shed the illusory mind, and

realize Your infinitely beautiful, Eternal Divinity by always

thinking of You. 
Thank You for enlightening us and supplying us

with the right tools to reach You.  

You, Omnipresent Supreme Being, are The Supreme Awareness

that pervades and transcends all, including the infinite stillness of

being. Thank You for teaching us how to seemingly live in the

world while being ever conscious of You, the Most Detached,

Omnipresent, Innermost Divinity of all.  

All thought emanates from Your omnipresent silence, which has its

origin in You. Therefore You, being the Source of all the

intelligence of silence, are the ultimate Source of everything. 

Thank You for teaching us how to advance ourselves in all the

worlds by being increasingly conscious of Your Omnipresence.

 Thought, and the light of Heaven and earth emanates from You,

and eventually returns to You. You are the Supreme Creator,

maintainer, and Annihilator of all. Thank You for teaching us how

to constantly think of You.

 Constantly thinking of You, we return

to our sanity and thus cease chasing the insane pleasures presented

to us by the mind. In this revived, sane state of consciousness we

strive to improve our service to You, the Divinity which pervades

and transcends all consciousness.

 You are Pure, Unblimishable Consciousness, that from whom all

is born. You are beyond all dualities such as form and

formlessness, life and death, duality and non-duality. You are

smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest,

simultaneously. Everything exists as a part of Your Integrity. 

Nonetheless, You of Infinite Dignity always exist independently of



You are our Supreme Being and the Supreme Being of our

Righteous Ancestors. Verily, You are the Supreme Being of all.

Thank You for showing us how to awaken and come into Your

consciousness again.

 You pervade and transcend Heaven, the  atoms, quarks, Maya, all 

vibratory phenomena, and The Great Silence, Infinite stillness of 

being. The more we think of You, the more we grow spiritually, 

awakening, growing ever closer, consciously in You of You.

Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, In-dweller of all. Source of all

betterment, of the great, You are the Greatest. We concentrate on

You and are gradually cleansed and redeemed of the temporary sin

and bondage of ignorance; Simultaneously, we are reestablished in

the eternal, infinite purity and freedom of You. 

 You are The Most High, Pure, and Powerful by persistent

association with You, in the light of analysis and critical thinking,

we are gradually experiencing You as the source of the infinitely

magnanimous and omnipresent love at the base of all


Realizing our need for practical and substantial spiritual 

enrichment, we are seriously fixing our mind on You.  Gradually, 

we are consciously coming into Your Omnipresence