Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 6

Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute, You are Indivisible,  

are  imminent  and Transcendent throughout the heavens and 

earth.  More subtle than air, either, and space, how can there be an 

image made of  You.  Verily, You are  within and beyond all 

images.  No finite  image can ever contain Your  

infinitude.  Omnipresent, there is no place where You are not and 

beyond, concurrently. 

We are one.  All praise to You, Supreme Being of the Cosmic 

Manifestation. Thank You for helping us to realize the priceless 

benefits of fixing our mind on You through prayer,  patience, 

steadfastness, study, and nonviolent sacrifice.

You are Supreme Divinity of all the lords.  Uncreated and

Indestructable, You are here before the beginning, during the

middle, and You pervade and transcend the end. Thank You for

helping us to see all aspects of our life with spiritual vision. 

Our vision is rooted in the fact that we are the spirit soul. You are 

the Supreme Spirit Soul at the foundation of all consciousness, our

Infinite Center Point, the source of our dogma.  All that we do, we 

do as an offering to You. Please accept our humble submissions of 

prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice.

You are the undisputed Source of all knowledge, intelligence,

creativity, energy, thought, and Love. Of anything great, whether

small or large, You are the greatest. Thank You for helping us to

know that purified intelligence  helps us to know more about You. 

Knowledge and experience of  Your Omnipresence inspires  us 

to  do good and purify our consciousness.  This helps us to raise 

our moral behavior, reform our lives, and continue to awaken 

to Your Supreme Reality.  Irrefutably, You are our  

Supreme Being.  

Beyond knowing about, You can only be experienced.  To the 

degree the  consciousness is purified, we experience 

Your Omnipresence.  Your  association purifies the Pineal gland  

and consciousness.

You, the Source of our methodology for liberation from the

illusory energy, are the only one deserving of praise for any

marvelous, or credible, person, place, event, or thing done. Please

accept these humble prayers of this Spirit Soul who is becoming

ever-more steadily devoted to You.

Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness. You are The Super Soul of

all: Invincible, Infinite in Capability, Intelligence, and Creativity,

full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss, Eternally beyond the

cycles of past, present, future, form and formlessness.

  Thank You for revealing to us the fact that our  true Self is not the

ephemeral body. The true self is spirit, in quality one with You. If

we are to have a life of Truth, Righteous, Love, and Peace, then it

must be built on a spiritual foundation.

Thank You for showing us why we do not want to die, why we do

not want to be ignorant, and why we want to be happy. We do not

want to die because we are the Eternal Soul. We do not want to be

ignorant because we are the Soul and the Nature of the Soul is

unlimited Knowledge. We want to be happy because we are the

Soul and the Soul's nature is Eternal Bliss.

You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller than

the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all the Solar

Systems have their origin and dissolution in You. By constantly

sacrificing, nonviolently, every thought and every breath to You,

we associate with You, the Most Pure.

 By associating with You, our awareness is  purified and we

become what we were before the illusory fall into the temporary

material world: Eternal, Pure, Undifferentiated Awareness, free

from vengeance, and any kind of bitterness toward any sentient

being. Thank You for showing us how to cultivate our self, as

consciousness, from that of a brute, to that of a human being, to

that of a Divine being, again.

By prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrificial association with You,

we free ourselves from slavery to insatiable desire for sense

gratification. Thank You for leading us in this surrender process of

prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You. These are our

primary tools for becoming free from the bonds of desire,

and gaining liberation from the miseries of repeated birth and

Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You transforms us from

beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of greed to

beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of Love. Most

importantly, these three spiritual tools help us to always think of

You. Thinking of You is the quintessence of our purification

process, our spiritual practice.

As a consequence of always thinking of You we are realizing the

enlightenment of You. The Reservoir of all pleasure, our innermost

reality, the very basis and goal of all consciousness and cultivation,

is what You are. We experience this by always thinking of You.

Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You are tools for helping

us to always think of You.

When we are able to constantly remember You, as a result of our

prayer, study, and our nonviolent sacrifice to You, all of our

thinking, feeling, willing, and doing  becomes more pure and

joyous. Our consciousness gradually experiences the

Satisfaction and Omnipresence of Eternal Peace.

You are the creative, maintenance, and annihilating force which

pervades and transcends the cosmic manifestations. Peace of mind

and its control are experienced by fixing the mind and heart on

You. This can be accomplished by the spiritual practice of prayer,

study, nonviolent sacrifice and service to You, along with right

association, and meditation on You.

You are truly the Supreme Truth, beyond the beyond. Thank You

for revealing to us a methodology for increasing our wisdom,

purifying our consciousness, harmonizing with nature, our nature,

and consciously integrating with You, by always thinking of You.

  Our consciousness becomes pure, wholesome and truly worthy

of  our original Divinity, to the degree our awareness is purified by

always thinking of You. By associating with You, the Supreme

Truth, we gradually accomplish purification of the Pineal Gland. 

In its wake comes clarity of awareness.

Thank You for revealing to us the intelligence and importance of

aggressively pursuing Truth, and nothing else.  Our quest for  a 

practical solution  for the problems of life has brought us to this 

ancient spiritual practice of our most righteous and progressive 


This spiritual practice really works.  It is directly perceptible 

through experience,  and  it is supported by great spiritual leaders 

in history from Krishna, to Buddha, to Yashua/Jesus, and 

many others found in the pages of