Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 6

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Ra. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Aum Ra.  Namo Namaha.

We think of You as the Eternal, Supreme Witness, pervading 

and transcending the Galaxies.  There is no force superior to 

You, the generating power of all creation, maintenance, and 


We think of You as always remaining the same, amidst vast 

and varied flux.  You are our Changeless One, the First, 

Middle, and Last Witness of everything.  We meditate on 

You as the Silence and the Final Witness, the Awareness, 

of all.

Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute, You are Indivisible 

Imminent  and Transcendent throughout the heavens and 

earth.  More subtle than air, either, and space, how can there 

be an image of  You. 

We think of You as within and beyond all atoms, protons, 

neutrons, electrons, quarks, vibrations, and spaces.  You 

cannot be restricted to an image, statue, or form.

Verily, You are  within and beyond all images.  No sort of 

 image can ever contain Your infinitude.  We think of You

as Omnipresent, there is no place where You are not and 

beyond, concurrently. 

We are one in You.  All praise to You, Omnipresent Supreme 

Being of the Cosmic Manifestation. Thank You for helping us 

to realize the priceless benefits of fixing our mind on You 

through prayer,  patience, steadfastness, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice.

You are Supreme Divinity of all the lords.  Uncreated and 

Indestructible, You are here before the beginning, during the 

middle, and You pervade and transcend the end. Thank You 

for helping us to see all aspects of our life with spiritual 

vision, our third Eye. 

Our vision is rooted in the fact that we are the spirit soul, 

consciousness or awareness looking out through the body 

from the Sixth Chakra. You are the Supreme Spirit Soul, 

the Source of Consciousness, and the Supreme Awareness 

looking out through the Awareness of all.

We think of You as our Infinite Center Point, the Source of 

our dogma.  All we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do as an 

offering to You.  Thank You for accepting our humble 

offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

We think of You as the Source of all knowledge, 

intelligence, creativity, energy, thought, and Love.  Of 

anything great, whether small or large, You are the greatest.

The more we purify our consciousness and awareness by 

always thinking of You, the more we gain in self knowledge.  

The greater our knowledge of self, the more our self esteem 

rises.  Thank You for helping us to always think of You.

Knowledge and experience of  Your Omnipresence inspires  

us to do good and purify our consciousness.  This helps

us to raise our moral behavior, reform our lives, and continue 

to awaken to Your Supreme Reality. 

 Irrefutably, based on our research, observation, and 

experience, You are our  Supreme Being.  You need no 

partners, wholesalers, retailers, or any other kind of 

middle beings. 

We think of You as the One Basic, Omnipresent Reality 

throughout the universe and beyond. You are the only One 

we need to worship or in anyway adore. We worship You, and 

You alone by always thinking of You.  

Beyond knowing about You, to be sure that one knows, 

one must have experience of You, backed up by researched 

knowledge.  This is hard evidence.

To the degree the consciousness is purified, we experience 

Your Omnipresence.  This is supported by undeniable 

researched knowledge.  When one has this, one knows that 

one knows of Your Reality.  

You, the Source of our methodology for liberation from the 

illusory energy, are the only one deserving of praise for any 

marvelous, or credible, person, place, event, or thing done. 

Please accept these humble prayers of this Spirit Soul who, 

by always thinking of You, is becoming ever-more steadily 

devoted to You.

Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness.  You are The Super 

Soul of all: Invincible, Infinite in Capability, Intelligence, and 

Creativity, full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss.

 We think of You as eternally beyond the cycles of past, 

present, future, form and formlessness, You are the 

Everliving Eternity within and beyond everyone.

  Thank You for revealing to us the fact that our  True Self is 

not the ephemeral body. The True Self is Eternal Spirit, in 

quality one with You.  Ancestors, DNA, Blood relations, have 

no meaning in this Spiritual World.  The True Self is Pure 

Energy, Spirit, free of all names, forms, designations, and 

bodily relations.

If we are to have a civilization of Truth, Righteous, Love, and 

Peace, then it must be built on a spiritual foundation with 

You at the center. The beginning of the spiritual foundation is 

seeing the self as not a body with a soul, but as a soul with a 


Thank You for showing us that we are responsible for our 

condition.  It is our own Karma, bad or good.  We are 

reaping what we have sown.  Therefore, it behooves us to 

clean our consciousness as rapidly as possible by always 

thinking of You.

If our consciousness is clean, due to remembering You, then 

our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing are clean.  That 

condition of living causes good Karma and clear vision.

Upon close and critical analysis of the political, social, 

economic, racial, and moral problems confronting our 

communities, we will see that these problems are rooted in 

ignorance of Self. 

 We are trying to build an eternal world on a temporary 

material foundation.  Lack of spiritual identification of 

the Self, trying to make life real compared to other material 

worlds, is why we do not have explicit and specific solutions 

for the political, social, economic, racial, and moral problems 

devastating many of our communities.

If our consciousness is dirty, due to forgetfulness of You, then 

our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing are dirty.  That 

condition of living causes bad Karma.  Our suffering is due to 

our own bad Karma returning to us.  Others are simply 

instruments by which our Karma returns.

Neither bad nor good works can free us from the cycle of 

 birth and death, only submission to You can do that.  

Therefore, all that we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do as 

submission to You.  This frees us from the cycle of cause and 

effect, Karma, and leads us on the straight path to union with 


Why we do not want to die?  Why do we not want to be 

ignorant?  Why do we want to be happy?  

We do not want to die because we are the Eternal Soul.  We 

do not want to be ignorant because we are the Soul and 

the Nature of the Soul  is unlimited Enlightenment. We want 

to be happy because we  are the Soul and the Soul's nature is  

Eternal Bliss. 

By submission to You, the Most Pure, One without a second, 

our consciousness and awareness are purified.  This is the 

natural condition of our consciousness and awareness before 

our fall into Maya.  Seeing the Self as Spirit and submitting 

all to You is our real solution for getting out of Maya and

building a Divine Civilization.

Our return to this state of None Dual Being, Supreme 

Consciousness and Absolute Awareness is the 

return to the Self.  Here, and only Here, is our Fulfillment 

and Everlasting Peace.

We think of You as Eternal and Omnipresent.  Within and 

beyond pain, gain, joy; disappointment, thinker, thought; 

noise, silence, and all dualities, You are the undifferentiated, 

indivisible, Supreme, incomparable,  Absolute.  

 Thank You for helping us to know that purified intelligence  

helps us to know more about You. We purify our intelligence 

and raise our self knowledge and self esteem by always 

thinking of You.

You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller 

than the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and dissolution in You. 

By constantly sacrificing, nonviolently, every thought and 

every breath to You, we associate with You.  We think of You 

as the Most Pure and Perfect. 

By associating with You, our awareness is purified and we 

become what we were before the illusory fall into the 

temporary material world.  

We think of You as Eternal, Pure, Undifferentiated 

Awareness, free from vengeance, and any kind of bitterness 

toward any sentient being. 

You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller 

than the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, and all 

the Solar Systems have their origin and dissolution in You. 

By constantly sacrificing, nonviolently, every thought and 

every breath to You, we associate with You.  We think of You 

as the Most Pure, Profound, and Honorable.  By associating 

with You, we return to our original Pure, Profound, and 

Honorable state of being.

 By associating with You, our awareness is  purified and we 

become what we were,  Eternal, Pure, Undifferentiated 

Awareness, free from vengeance, and any kind of bitterness 

toward any sentient being. the illusory fall into the 

temporary illusory world.

 Thank You for showing us how to cultivate our self, as 

consciousness, from that of a brute, to that of a human being, 

to that of a Divine being, again.

By prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrificial association with 

You, our consciousness and awareness are purified.  Thus, we 

free ourselves from slavery to insatiable desire for sense 


  Our consciousness becomes pure, wholesome and truly 

worthy of  our original Divinity, to the degree our awareness   

is purified by always thinking of You.  Gradually, we return 

      to natural state of Fulfillment and Omnipresent Peace.

 Thank You for leading us in this surrender process 

of  prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You.  This helps 

us become still and quiet, a return to one with Silence and 


These are our primary tools for becoming free from material 

identification of the self with its enslaving bonds of desire.

desire, and gaining liberation from the miseries of 

repeated birth and death.

Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You transforms us 

from beings of anger to beings of compassion, from beings of 

greed to beings of charity, from beings of lust to beings of 


Most importantly, the afore mentioned three spiritual tools 

help us to always think of  You. Thinking of You is the 

quintessence of our purification process, our spiritual 


As a consequence of always thinking of You we are realizing 

the Enlightenment of You.  The Reservoir of all pleasure, our 

innermost reality, the very basis and goal of all consciousness 

and cultivation, is what You are. 

We experience the bliss of what You are by always thinking of 

You.  Prayer, study, and nonviolent sacrifice to You are tools 

for helping us to always think of  You.

When we are able to constantly remember You, as a result 

of our prayer, study, and our nonviolent sacrifice to You, all 

of our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing  becomes more 

pure and joyous. 

Our consciousness gradually experiences the Satisfaction and 

Omnipresence of Eternal Peace.  This happens, the more we 

think of You, and return to Your Thoughtless Silence.

We think of You as the Source of all knowers, knowledge, and 

all that is known;  as such, You are the Creative, 

Maintenance, and Annihilating Force which pervades and 

transcends the cosmic manifestations.  

Peace of mind and its control are experienced by fixing the 

mind and heart on You. This can be accomplished by the 

spiritual practice of prayer, study, nonviolent sacrifice and 

service to You, along with right association, and meditation 

on You.

You are truly the Supreme Truth, beyond the beyond. Thank 

    You for revealing to us a methodology for increasing our 

  wisdom, purifying our consciousness, and harmonizing with 

                  nature by coming back to union with You.

 We are doing this by consciously integrating with You.  This 

is being done by our spiritual practice of always thinking of 

You.  This is forcing all unedifying thoughts out of our 

consciousness by filling our consciousness with thoughts of 


Always thinking of You consist of prayer, study, sacrifice, 

service, right association, and meditation, all centered in You, 

designed, geared, and focused for helping us return to 

consciousness and awareness in union with You. 

By associating with You, the Supreme Truth, we gradually 

accomplish purification of the Pineal Gland, consciousness, 

       and awareness.  In their wake comes union with You.

Thank You for revealing to us the intelligence and importance of aggressively pursuing Truth, and nothing else.  Our quest for a practical solution  for the problems of life has brought us to this ancient spiritual practice of our most righteous and enlightened ancestors.  

This spiritual practice really works.  It has brought us back 

to our beginning, beyond DNA,  Ancestors, Galaxes, time and 

space.  Directly perceptible through experience, supported by 

great spiritual leaders and scriptures, reason and common 


This spiritual practice of remembering You is our real 

solution.  It is offered, free of any charge or obligation, simply 

for Your consideration.