Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Prayer/Study/ Sacrifice/ 8

You are of unlimited purity, strength, and subtly.  Earth, water, 

fire, air, and either is saturated and surpassed by You.  Thank 

You for showing us how to grow and develop our Divinity by 

fixing our mind on You.  In this way, we reclaim our Self, 

our original Culture and our Civilization.  

You are the Supreme Source of all sound, and total freedom.  

You are within the Great Silence, and  the Great silence is within 

Verily, You are within all while at the same time, You are beyond 

all.  Surely, You are the Supreme, Everlasting, Witness of the 

comings and goings of all.

Certainly, You are diffused through all fields of activity 

and  inactivity and are, at the same instant, beyond all space and 

processes.  That which is aware of consciousness is  Awareness.  

Awareness Infinitum  is aware of the many levels of Awareness.

We fix the mind on You for the purification of the Pineal Gland.  

In this way, we come back into Pure Awareness, beyond Pure 

Consciousness, Awareness is aware of consciousness.  Gradually, 

we reclaim our Total Freedom, our Original Divinity, our  Eternal, 

Divine Awareness.

At this level of divine Awareness we are manifesting who we 

really are. This true identity is the Eternal, All-

attractive, Unalloyed, Divine Love.  This is the Supreme Witness 

of all, the "No thing", the Bliss Permeated Nothing, Neti, Neti. 

As we manifest our Original Divinity,  we naturally understand 

the various life situations and, with great compassion and love, we 

serve You.  Through this devotional service to You, we render the 

best, most compassionate, service for the betterment of everyone, 

all sentient beings. 

This All Inclusive Supreme Being, the Premier Witness of all, 

including Its own Being,  is also known as the Greatest 

Integrity.  It is the root and ground of all, the Supreme Witness of 

the comings and goings of all Cosmic Manifestations.

To solve the humongous problems we are faced with, to get out, 

and stay out of that tremendous quandary, Maya, we must have a 

Divine Solution.  This Divine Solution is Devotional Service to 

You.  It  begins with always thinking of  You, the Supreme, 

Infinite, Divine Awareness within  and beyond all.

You are Supreme among the greatest lords.  All pay homage to 

You.  Here before the beginning, during the middle and after the 

end, You spread through and surpass all manifestations.  

The more we engage the mind in thinking of You, the more we 

elevate the self  by the Self, casting aside petty weakness of heart.  

This is a methodology of consciousness purification, the greatest 


You are our inspiration.  Offering our prayers, studies, and 

sacrifices to You helps us to think of You.  By thinking of You 

constantly we resurrect our original condition of purity of heart 

and mind, compassion, generosity and peace.  

Moreover, by thinking of You constantly we transcend desire and 

possessiveness, regard all with equal vision, and  regain our real 

identity, our Eternal, Spiritual Identity. 

You are the only reality, the only Good, the only one we can truly depend on.  All auspicious conditions of  life, liberty, justice and equality originate with You.  Everything other than You is the illusion.  Having no endurance, it  does not exist.  For You there is no cessation.  Pervading and transcending all, You alone exist. Thank You for showing us how to renovate our consciousness and experience Your presence by purifying our Pineal Gland.

 You are the source of auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and the possessor of auspiciousness.  Pervading and transcending time and space, nothing itself cannot contain You. Although all are within You and You are within all, all can never contain You.  All loving kindness and all auspiciousness have there origin within You.  We  purify and control our heart and mind by purifying our Pineal Gland.  We do this by fixing the mind on You, the Supreme Purity within and beyond all.
You, the source of all merit, whose strength is immeasurable, are The Eternal, Divine Presence, within and beyond all the temporary material bodies throughout the cosmic manifestation, You are our inspiration.  By thinking of You constantly we are more than victorious in the waking and dream state of Consciousness.  You, The Most Meritorious,  are the only reality.  Constant remembrance of You purifies our consciousness.
You are the light on our path and the loving presence all around us.  Your reign of Truth transcends all the heavens and all the worlds.  All are within You but they can never equal You nor contain You. As our consciousness is purified of ignorance of self, and we return to living as spirit, we live in ever greater harmony, unity, and peace with each other. 
Gradually, as our consciousness is purified, we experience 

the fact that there is no other.  There was only You in 

various disguises.  Thank You for bringing us back to sanity 

and for accepting our humble offerings of prayer, study, and 

sacrifice.  We do this with all the love and devotion we have 

at our command.  It helps us remember You.

You are who are bigger than the biggest and smaller than the smallest, simultaneously. All strength, loving kindness, and all other auspiciousness have their origin within You.   Although all are one in You,  and You are within all,  all can never contain You.   The more we reawaken to Your likeness, through purification of consciousness, the greater our ability to stand, bold, strong, and responsible, lamenting neither for the living nor the dead.  We know that all are alive because You live as their Source. 
You are the source of all auspiciousness.  You are auspiciousness itself, and You are the possessor of all auspiciousness.  Pervading and transcending time and space, how can anything contain You.  Thank You for our health on all levels, our vision and enthusiasm, and our continued spiritual progress into union with You.

 A life of service to You, centered in You, is a life in association with You.  Through association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is purified, we rise above goodness, passion, and ignorance, and regain our true liberated life of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

Thank You for encouraging us in this spiritual practice of prayer, study, and sacrifice to You.  As a result of this spiritual practice we are transcending all dualities and regaining our natural state of deep stillness, our original condition of  Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.
Thank You for showing us how to increase our thinking of You.  This practice is cleaning our consciousness of illusion, madness, and envy.  As a result of this purification of consciousness we are coming back into our innate wisdom and creativity.  In addition, our compassion, charity, and love for all sentient beings is constantly expanding.

You are the Supreme Consciousness who sees through all eyes, hears through all ears, and knows all.  To the degree our consciousness is purified by always thinking of You, we are able to reawaken, rise, and cleanup our lives.  Thus, we live increasingly in the bliss and fulfillment of Your  Harmony, Peace and Love.

Thank You for helping us control our mind and other senses by thinking of You.  As a result of thinking of You we are purifying our consciousness, and liberating ourselves from the slavery and suffering of material self-identification.  Most importantly, our compassion, understanding, and love for all sentient beings is constantly increasing. 

As a consequence of fixing the mind on You, we are becoming more calm and peaceful in all our dealings, realizing freedom from all anxieties for gain and safety.  By Your association, we are realizing our natural freedom, oneness with the Omnipresence of  Your Perfect Peace. Thank You for teaching us how to fix our 
mind on You without deviation.
Praise be to You, Supreme Spiritual Master to whom other spiritual masters come to learn of the Self.  Thoughts of  You are freeing our heart of misery by cleansing it of sins committed when we were ignorant of  Your Supreme presence.  Of anything great, whether small or large, You are the greatest, the undisputed Source of all knowledge, intelligence, creativity, energy, thought, and Love.  By purification of consciousness, by always thinking of You, we are able to know and experience You, the Indestructible Intelligence which pervades all bodies.

You, are the Perennial, Eternal, Supreme Being who pervades and 

transcends all. Truly, You are the only one worthy of praise, and 

thanksgiving. Any marvelous, glorious or credible manifestation 

in any person, place, event, creation or thing manifested, springs 

from but an infinitesimal spark of Your limitless splendor.

Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness. You are The Super Soul of 

all:  Invincible, Infinite, of Unlimited Capability, Intelligence, and 

Creativity, full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss.  Eternally, You 

are beyond the cycles of past, present, future. Verily, You are the 

Source of our ancient Cultural legacy.

Thank You for helping us to always think of You. It is by thinking 

of You that our consciousness is becoming ever more purified and

we are able to renounce the desire for sense gratification.  

Moreover, with increasing purification of consciousness, we are

able to experience the fact that our true Self pervades and

transcends all ephemeral bodies throughout the cosmic


As all that we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to 

You,  our Pineal Gland is purified.  As a consequence, we are 

purified of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of 

consciousness, and the natural Self, Pure Awareness shines forth. 

In this state of Supreme Contentment we are 

empowered in the transcendental realm and thus are able to 

withstand happiness and distress without being disturbed; most 

importantly, we are empowered to remain free from wicked ways,  

knowing and experiencing the fact that it is not me, the love and 

bliss filled Self.  

The true self is Eternal Spirit, in quality one with You. The more 

we experience this true Self, the more we re-write ourselves back 

into our own History.

You are the Supreme Consciousness of all, pervading and beyond 

the beginning, middle, and end. Thank You for teaching us how to 

clean up our consciousness by always thinking of You.

 Thank You for showing us how to use prayer, study, and 

nonviolent sacrifice to help us to always think of You. Thank You 

for showing us how to use our thoughts to help us to come back 

into conscious union with You.