Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Mantra Yoga 12

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We can never thank You enough for sending 

us constant reminders, in so many different 

ways, telling  us to repeat, repeat, repeat,

 aloud, silently or as the breath comes, goes 

or holds, Your Holy Names.


Chanting the Holy Names helps us to purify 

and keep the  consciousness steadfastly on 

You. Gradually, ignorance is effaced, and 

our consciousness is cleansed of the polluted

 desires for sense gratification.  As we progress

 in this spiritual practice, we realize that we,

 the Soul, always was, always is, and always 

will be free. 


Thank You for showing us how to redeem 

ourselves and attain the highest purpose of life 

by chanting Your Holy Names.   This spiritual

 practice purifies our consciousness and brings 

balance and harmony back into our lives. 


Chanting Your Holy names with each breath 

frees us from the sin and bondage of ego 

consciousness.  It does this by helping us 

keep unedifying thoughts out of consciousness, 

quieten it, and awaken to the realization that the

 self is eternal, changeless spirit, pervading yet

 above, body,  consciousness, awareness, intellect, 

and ego.


Thanks be to Your Holy names for focusing us,

 centering us, and guiding us in the right

 direction back to Your Eternal, Omnipresent, 

Divine Love.  This is the Eternal Love that is 

the basis of all consciousness and awareness.  It 

is with the purifying power of this love that we 

can forgive, overcome fear, transcend anger, lust, 

greed, and all the other fetters of Maya.  


Thanks be to Your Holy names and Your Great 

Silence, for focusing us, centering us, and guiding

 us in the right direction to You, the One Divinity

 of all the worlds.  All praise to Your Holy Names 

and to Your Great Silence of which You are the 

Ultimate Observer.


Constantly chanting Your Holy Names and 

offering all activities to You, we are gradually 

transformed, reborn as spirit, the original 

Incomparable One who is totally aware, the

 One who is and lives as Eternal Spirit within

 and beyond all.


We think of You as within and beyond the First,

 the Middle, and the Last.  Ever-increasing 

Spiritual Power and Intelligence comes in the

 wake of  chanting Your Holy Names.  


Thank You for showing us how to redeem 

ourselves and attain an ever better quality of life 

by chanting Your Holy Names.  This purifies our

 consciousness.  Consequently, the consciousness 

expands, awareness sharpens, and our 

Intelligences shows that no matters how high or 

pure the consciousness, awareness, or 

intelligence becomes, there is always more.


We can never thank You enough for sending us 

constant reminders, in so many different ways, to 

repeat, repeat, repeat, aloud, silently, or as the

 breath comes, goes or holds, Your Holy Names.


We do not need full faith, nor need our Love for

 You be fully blossomed, nor need we be in a humble 

state of mine to repeat Your Holy Names.  You are 

the Most Pure.  The more we chant Your Holy 

Names  we associate with You and are purified.


Constantly chanting Your Holy Names is 

associative  activities with You.  As a result of 

Your Divine Association, we are gradually

 transformed, reborn as spirit, in quality One

 with You.


Chanting Your Holy Names helps us in our 

efforts to purify our consciousness of the polluting

 passions:  Lust, anger, and greed.  Those are 

the brigands that make our life more troubling, 

and they hinder our conscious union with You


Experience has shown us that the consciousness 

is purified and our life becomes easier as we 

remember and chant Your Holy Names.  We

 live more in the present, knowing from 

experience that the "Here After" is always 

"Here Now."  Judgement day is always here 

because the Law of Karma is always active.

  Now is the "Here" and "After."  


The consciousness becomes still, and the 

consciousness quietens, as we chant Your Holy

 Names.  Gradually we awaken and experience 

You,  the Original incomparable One, Divine

 Intelligence, looking out through the Body,

 Consciousness, Awareness and Ordinary



As we chant Your Holy Names, we gradually 

experience You, and see You, as the Ultimate 

Awareness, Consciousness, and the Supreme 

Intelligence of all.  



We chant Your Holy Names and knowing 

You as Omnipresent, we see You as the 

Supreme Witness, looking out through the 

Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence 

of all.


Chanting Your Holy Names is one way we are 

becoming absorbed in You.  Thus, as we sober

 up, to Your reality in our every day life, we can 

naturally apply this intelligence to all we think,

 feel, will, say, and do.