Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Mantra Yoga  13
Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We chant Your Holy Names and think of You as

 the greatest Consciousness and Awareness of all

 animate and inanimate been.  You are within and

 beyond the Cosmic Manifestations.  


Seeing the Self as Divine Intelligence, above 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence and 

chanting Your Holy Names,  is the primary 

"Medicine" to cure the illusory disease of 

material designation.


We chant Your Holy Names and think of You 

as the Supreme Self and Greatest Spirit, the 

Divine Intelligence within and beyond all.  We

 are All One within You, the Unity within and 

beyond all diversities. 


By this method of constantly calling out Your

 Names, simultaneously, prayer and meditation is

 occurring.  This is a consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence purifying process.


We chant Your Holy Names, the key to a life 

of ever increasing knowledge and bliss, to help 

us remember You. This purifies our 

consciousness and we thus transcend the 

ego and its negative qualities and behaviors. 

We are increasingly realizing the benefits of

Infinite, Omnipresent Silence, as a result of 

chanting Your Holy Names.  We increasingly 

appreciate chanting Your Holy Names with 

every incoming and outgoing breath in the



By purifying the consciousness, awareness,

and intelligence by chanting Your Holy Names,

 reunion of the lower consciousness, awareness,

 and intelligence with You is facilitated.  Thus, 

at all levels of our being we sober up to You, 

our Most Awake, Most Intelligent, State o



We begin to sober-up, to reawaken, by coming 

to the spiritual platform and chanting Your 

Holy Names.  


When we have a revolution in the way we 

identify the self, seeing the self as spirit being, 

pure intelligence,  rather than material form,

 we have come to the spiritual platform. 


We can come to the spiritual platform by simply 

changing the way we see the self, seeing the self

 as Intelligence pervading and transcending 

consciousness and awareness. 


Gradually as we begin seeing the benefits and

 tasting the bliss in chanting Your Holy Names, 

we begin seeing, ever more, the soul as the 

Immovable Self, You.  


This Immovable Self, we refer to as Divine

 Intelligence,  the Supreme, Eternal, Motionless

 Spirit/Soul, the Ultimate Ground of Being of 

all beings.


We remember You by chanting Your names,

 hearing about You and offering You everything.  

This is the business of cleansing our 

consciousness, awakening our awareness, 

sharpening and enlightening our intelligence, 

 getting out of Maya, and coming back Home 

to You.


By calling out Your name and submitting all to 

You, we purify our consciousness, awareness, 

and intelligence of the materialistic  disease.  As  

this happens, we are better qualified to follow 

You, the Most Holy Spirit, our Supreme Leader 

and Greatest Guide, here to Home, Divine



When we are chanting Your Names, we are 

engaging in an activity which purifies our 

consciousness and awareness.  This helps us 

experience the reality of You, here, now, in

 this moment.   


The best help that we can give ourselves is

the remembrance of You.  One of the best ways 

we are doing this is by chanting Your Holy 



Like the Sun rising at dawn, the more our 

consciousness is purified by chanting Your Holy 

Names, You, the Source of the "I" thought, are 

seen as the beginning of our consciousness,

 awareness, and intelligence. 


We are able to chant Your Holy Names and

constantly remember You.  This is our nonviolent 

sacrifice to You.  The more this happens, the 

more we know our self, can be our self, and help

 our self and others ever more