Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Mantra Yoga   14

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We are  spiritual beings who have fallen under

 the spell of  the illusory energy, Maya.  Chanting

 Your Holy Names and  remembering You helps us 

regain our memory, our freedom, our wellness and

 our sanity. 


Chanting Your Holy Names is our sacrifice, our 

service, our offering, and our surrendering to You. 

Thus, we put our labors and the  results of our

 labors, our treasures, in the eternal, transcendental 

location.  We leave them with You.  This helps us 

remember You, get out of Maya, clean up, and 

gradually return to You.


Being consciously with You is our original state

of pure spiritual existence.  Chanting Your Holy 

Names and Surrendering all to You, we are

 gradually rising from the depths of Maya's 

misery and being reestablished in the tranquil

 bliss of Your Transcendental Love.


Chanting Your Holy Names and offering You 

everything has brought into our lives more 

spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical 

discipline and joy.  All glories to that spiritual 

practice which is buttressed by the chanting 

Your Holy Names


We think of You and focus the consciousness

 on You by constantly chanting Your Holy Names. 

 This too is submission to You.  Gradually, our 

consciousness is purified of anger, lust, greed and

 their corollaries illusion,  madness, and envy.   


Your Eternal Kingdom permeates and

transcends all sentient beings, the Heavens

 and Earths. Your Kingdom is Here, Now, at

 hand.  Chanting Your Holy Names helps us 

experience this fact of life. 


Chanting Your Holy Names contributes towards

purification of the consciousness, awareness and intelligence. 

 This brings gradual experience of  the fact that we are all 

within You and You are within all, 


Chanting Your Holy Names is a primary 

step in surrendering to You. Thus, the consciousness

 is cleansed and we are more inclined to hurt never and

 to help  ever while our inclination to meditate on You



Your healing Love is eternally  pervading and 

transcending heaven and earth; both of which 

are at hand.  Thank You for loving memories of  

You.  They inspire us to chant Your Holy names

 with every breath and to further enlighten our



Thank You for helping us to better chant Your 

Holy Names.  We know from experience,

 observation, and reflection that Your Holy Names

 are instruments of inspiration and liberation for 

us, and they help us to better remember You.


 We chant Your Holy Names and think of You as 

the Supreme Absolute, pervading and beyond the 

universe and all other Forces, including Gravity and 



Chanting Your names purifies our consciousness and

awareness.  As this happens, we are increasingly able 

to see with our Eye of Discernment, our Single Eye, our

 Third Eye, far within the makeup of persons, places, and



The more we chant Your names we see and 

understand that You as the Source of thought,

 are the primary creator, maintainer, 



While we are chanting Your Holy Names, our

 consciousness is cleansed of ignorance.  Gradually 

it is pure enough to repel impure thoughts and

settle to Its original Pure State. 


Enlightened, conscious, and liberation from the 

pains of mortality, immortality and all sorts of duplicitous 

miseries of existence in Maya, are the fruits of chanting 

Your Holy Names.  Gradually, we are reestablished in

 equanimity and soundness of purpose.


As we chant Your Holy Names, we naturally unfold

 our original enlightened state of being.  Gradually, we

 reawaken into truthful living, humility, service, and 

simplicity, all done as offerings to You.


Chanting Your Holy Names awakens purity of 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence.  Slowly,

 we begin to live simply and think high, instead 

of, as previously, living complicatedly and thinking 



 We chant Your Holy Names and experience 

You as the Self, Divine Intelligence. You are within 

and beyond thought, space, time, and You are

 never not here.  Surely, You are the only One

 worthy of worship.