Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


   Raja Yoga  
Mantra  18

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Thank You for revealing to us how to experience

Your Omnipresence by constantly chanting Your 

Holy Names.  This is one of our spiritual tools which 

helps us remember You while protecting, purifying,

 and expanding our consciousness, awareness, and 



We chant Your Holy Names thinking of

 You as the Supreme Being of our greatest 

understanding, the Source of Infinite Peace.


We chant Your Holy Names and gradually 

experience You as within and beyond over 

and under, inner and outer, illusion and reality, 

and all other dualities.  


We, who we worship You by constantly chanting 

Your Holy Names, remember that You are

 Infinite Divinity, within and beyond all names,

 forms, and personalities. 


This spiritual practice of chanting Your Holy

 names and remembering You helps to transform

 us.  With this remembrance we evolve out of the

states of material, mental, intellectual, egoistic

 and spiritual suffering.  Gradually, we reawaken

to the tranquil beauty of the Self. 


The more we chant Your Holy Names, the more 

we see how to use them to ward off wicked thoughts 

while purifying our consciousness, awareness, and



Through the ages, souls such as we have chanted

 Your Holy Names and made spiritual progress to the 

Self.  While chanting Your Holy Names, our consciousness

 is quieted of unedifying thoughts. 


 As we advance in our chanting of Your Holy Names,

 They quiet the consciousness of all thoughts.  The 

consciousness becomes quiet and still, free from 

thoughts. At this stage of our spiritual development,

 we experience the tranquil joy of Everlasting 

Omnipresent Peace, emanating from the region of

 the Seventh Chakra.


The Seventh Chakra, also known as the Sahasrara 

and Crown Chakra, is located near the center of 

the head almost directly above the Pineal Gland. 

 This is the exit to Infinite Consciousness, 

Awareness, and Intelligence, first seen for some,

 as a huge lavender colored Lotus flower within

 inner consciousness and awareness.   


         This Pineal Gland, according to our research, 

observation, and experience, is the seat of 

awareness in the body, and the gateway to the

 Crown Chakra.  The exit to the Core of us all, 

   The Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Infinite 

      Consciousness, Awareness, and Intelligence, is 

this Crown Chakra.


We chant Your Holy Names from the Sahasrara

 by being aware of space, the screen of consciousness; 

air coming in and out of the nostrils, the sound of 

Silence;  being aware the rising and falling of the 

 air in the chest, by being aware of consciousness,

 being aware of Awareness Its Self, and being 

cognizant as Intelligence, pervading and

 transcending consciousness and awareness.


When Exercising or practicing chanting Your Holy 

 Names in one of the above ways,  it is very difficult,

 if not impossible for thoughts to enter our 

awareness, grow in our consciousness, and 

overwhelm our ordinary intelligence.


When we "Drop" our guard, and thoughts do come 

on the screen of  consciousness, consciousness is 

mistakenly  called "Mind." In  reality, there is no 

"Mind." There are only thoughts inside of 

   Awareness, on the screen of consciousness.


The more the consciousness is quiet and 

thoughtless, the greater  our experience of 

the beauty of Everlasting, Omnipresent Peace. 

      This is our original, natural state of Consciousness, 

 Awareness, and Intelligence. 


Always chanting Your Holy Names and thinking of 

You is remembering You, the Most Pure.  This is one 

of the spiritual practices we are using to experience 

knowledge of Self as Eternal, Pure Intelligence, above

 consciousness, awareness, and ordinary intelligence


We chant Your Holy Names and think of You as The 

Supreme Absolute, Here, Now, within and beyond the 

illusions of space and time. 


 In ignorance we think of You as name, form or 

personality.  Many of us began experiencing Your Eternal,

 Omnipresent Peace, by chanting Your Holy Names.  Then 

we experience the fact that this Peace of Yours is beyond 

understanding, while pervading it.  Name, form, boundaries

personalities, are meaningless in the Eternal Light of Your



Your Holy Name keeps our consciousness still and

quiet while enlightening us from the illusions of 

forms, boundaries, and personalities. 

 In Enlightened Intelligence, we know You are 

within and beyond living and nonliving, and You 

are within and beyond the temporary Cosmic 

Manifestations of names, forms, boundaries, and