Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Mantra Yoga  8

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Our wholeness and righteousness is cultivated 

and nourished by chanting Your Holy Names.

  Thank You thousands of times over for the taste

 for chanting Your Holy Names. 


We chant Your Holy Names and think of 

You as the Source of all integrity and



We are facing and overcoming the tortures 

of slavery to the insatiable senses and sense

 desire by constantly chanting Your Holy Names. 


We think of You as the Source of the strength

 of all foundations.  Absorption in thoughts of

 You, through chanting Your Holy Names, is 

strengthening us on all levels.  It is giving us 

the strength to free ourselves from the 

    spiritual,  intellectual, and physical miseries 

of the illusory worlds. 


Always chanting Your Names frees us from Maya.  

With this freedom from the illusory worlds comes

 knowledge of Self, continuous self improvement,

 greater productivity, and power. 


Moreover, our efficiency and the ability to protect

and defend ourselves on all planes of existence is 

always improving because of our determination to

 always call out and take shelter of Your Holy 



Gradually we are seeing that none is vile at the core. 

You, the Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and 

Peace, pervade and transcend the most subtle 

vibratory phenomena that make up the core of all. 

 All glories to the magnificence of Your Holy Names.


We believe You are the Source of all integrity 

and morality. The difficulties of waking,

 sleeping, and dreaming life are more 

 insignificant and easier to dissipate the more 

we engage in  this spiritual practice of 

chanting Your Holy Names. 


You have hundreds and thousands of Holy

 Names and all are infused with Your 

transcendental power.  Thank You for 

allowing us this sacred privilege of 

remembering  and chanting Your Holy



 In this spiritual practice of cleaning our

 consciousness by chanting Your Holy Names, 

our spirituality, our history, our memory, and

 our honor are gradually restored.   All glories 

to  the chanting of Your Holy Names.


We call out Your Holy Names, silently or loudly, 

which ever is most appropriate for us according

 to time and circumstances.  Thank You for 

    encouraging us  to chant Your Holy Names.


Our path to reunion with You consists of 

chanting Your Holy Names and being ever 

aware of the “Sound” of Your Silence, the 

Stillness of Your Being, and the sight of Your

       Infinite Colorlessness, and Crystal Blackness

 of  Your Space. 


All praise to Your Holy Names.  You are the 

Most Righteous, Sustainer of the space in 

which the cosmic manifestations have their 

beginning, maintenance and annihilation.  We

 chant Your Holy Names, working out our own

 salvation with diligence.


Thank You for revealing to us the benefits of chanting Your 

Names.  Divinity of all, we are all One in You.  We think of

 of You as the Source of all confidence, wisdom, knowledge

 and right understanding. 


The difficulties of the waking, sleeping, and 

dreaming life fade into insignificance the more we

 engage in this spiritual practice of chanting Your 

Holy Names.


We chant Your Holy Names thinking of You as

 the Source of the power that animates, radiates, 

and illuminates every body.  Every molecule, 

atom, every subatomic particle, every vibration 

of being is empowered by You.  


We chant Your Holy Names and remember

 You as our quintessential Source.  As spirit, 

we are eternally one with You and all

    creation.  Chanting Your Holy Names, we

           reawaken to this reality.


All glories to the chanting of Your Holy Names. 

 They are cleansing our consciousness and

 restoring us to our original harmony with You. 

 As this happens, we are regaining our dignity,

self respect, freedom, and peace.