Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Mantra Yoga  9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


When we chant and hear Your Holy

 Names constantly, we go beyond our

 ordinary consciousness and awareness, 

and discover that our Source is Divine 

Intelligence.  It pervades and transcends

  consciousness, awareness,  and ordinary 



By repeating Your Holy names, our consciousness 

is gradually purified of the ignorant and diseased 

consciousness of egoism, bodily identification, 

material designations of self.


Chanting Your Holy Names is one of our 

spiritual tools.  With spiritual practice we

 can experience the fact that Your Holy 

Names purify our consciousness and 

empower us to discern and

 discriminate  between thoughts, 

and to renounce and transcend 

all thoughts.


Chanting Your Holy Names we are awakening 

to comprehend why our  Righteous Ancestors 

refer to You as the All Mighty,  the Source of

 all knowledge, strength, fame, beauty,

 wealth, and renunciation.  You are 

Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and

 Omnipotent.  These are some of the

 reasons why our Righteous Ancestors 

spoke such praise of You.


Chanting Your Holy Names, is, to us, the 

highest and most blessed privilege. We

 know from experience,  these spiritual

 activities as sacred, very purifying and 

can save us from some very awkward



As we more critically deconstruct and 

reconstruct the knowledge uncovered 

as a result of the chanting Your Holy 

Names, the deeper we go into the truth

 about Self, You, and the best direction 

to lead our life.  


Moreover, the more we chant Your Holy

 Names, we can see how and why You, the 

beginning, middle and end of everything, 

pervade and transcend all;  You can

 be drawn from continuously without 

diminishing in the slightest. 


Thank You for helping us purify our 

consciousness, absorbing it in You, by 

chanting Your Holy Names.  

Consequently, we are evermore content 

with what we have, submitting all we 

think, feel, will and do, to You. This 

is helping us come back to the 

fulfillment and Peace of You. 


It is the chanting of Your Holy Names

 that empowers us to do good and 

further purify our consciousness. 


We chant Your Holy Names and think

 of You as the root, ground, and 

nourishment of all reality. Thank You a 

thousand times over for passing down to 

us this Art and Science of remembering 

You by chanting Your Holy Names. 


Chanting Your Holy Names is purifying our

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 into Your likeness again.  As a result we are

 experiencing You and serving You with 

ever exceeding fulfillment and Peace.


Our chanting Your Names is associating with You,

 the indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute.   

Associating with You, the Most Pure, purifies our

 consciousness of thoughts of lust, anger, and greed; 



Committing wicked deeds makes bad Karma. 

This is the cause of our suffering.  We are 

gradually freed from suffering to the degree 

our consciousness is purified.   Chanting Your

 Holy Names is a big part of our purification



You are everywhere, all the time and beyond.  

Without You even "Nothing" cannot exist.  Truly, 

You are the beginning, the middle, the end, and

 evermore.  Even within "No-thing", there is You. 

The more we engage in chanting Your Holy

 Names, we realize this fact.



Nothing, no-thing, exists beyond the Quarks and 

Preons. You are within, before and after "Nothing." 

The Reason  it exists,  is You. Thank You for 

accepting our  humble chanting of Your Holy 

Names.  It is empowering us to see beyond 

"Every-thing" and  "No-thing".


You are the Source of all and the Witness of

 Infinity.  We chant Your Holy Names and 

reconstruct our spiritual system based on the 

fact that we are an eternal spiritual being with

 a temporary material body.


We chant Your Names while being conscious 

of You as the Silence, Stillness, and the 

Intelligence of awareness and consciousness.

 This intelligence helps us return to our state

 of being which is increasingly calm, still, 

silent, and free from thoughts.   


Your Holy Names stand to the best of reason when

 we analyze Their effectiveness in quieting our 

consciousness by keeping thoughts out and 

purifying it of negativity.  We know from 

experience that we can chant Your Holy

 Names, even sometimes when we are

 meditating on the screen of consciousness 

and the sound of silence