Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


    Meditation  15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You.  We concentrate on You.  We meditate on You as the boundless 

One, here before the beginning, middle, and end. Verily, we meditate on You  as 

the Zero Point and beyond, the Infinite Stillness of Being, the Source of all energy and 

intelligence, beyond the nadir and the apex.  We meditate on You and are gradually

 cleansed and redeemed of the temporary sin and bondage of ignorance; simultaneously, 

      we are reestablished in the Eternal, Infinite  Purity and Freedom of You.  


You are beyond the thought, the thinking, the thinker, and all the noise of the so called 

mind.  Awe meditate on You, we open the doors and shutters of our consciousness.  In

 this  light, we shed layers of ignorance and experience the fact that the self and You, 

although different in quantity, are in actuality One. we meditate on You as Supreme 

Awareness, the Most High, Pure, and Powerful.  By persistent association with You, 

we are gradually experiencing You as the Source of our being, Our Supreme Being.


By meditating on You, gradually we can see that You, the Most Perfect Peace, are always 

 here.  By always thinking of You our consciousness is purified and we can see how to

return to You:  Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.  Thank You for always helping us to 

remember You.  We meditate on You as our Supreme Being, the Source of all beauty and 

grace, the ultimate Goal of  all life, the Most High  Awareness, the Greatest Being, before 

whom all are equal. 


We meditate on You as the Most Subtle Awareness.  You are in all beings and all beings

are within You.  Yet, You are beyond all as Supreme Awareness.  We meditate on You as

 the Source of all consciousness and awareness.  Thank You for teaching us how to uplift 

our consciousness, shed the illusory mind, and realize Your infinitely beautiful, Eternal 

Divinity, by meditating on You. Thank You for revealing to us ways and means of 

         increasing our ability to constantly remember You.


We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You as Awareness, the 

Supreme Witness of Everything; this "All" includes knowledge, strength, fame beauty, 

wealth, and renunciation.  We reawaken to our self-knowledge and self-esteem by this 

spiritual practice of always thinking of You


We meditate on You as the Greatest Silence, and the Infinite Stillness.  Additionally, 

You are the Source of consciousness and the Ultimate Awareness that watches the 

birth, death, and rebirth of all manifestations in the Cosmos.  Our History and

 Spirituality inform us that we can have an ever more fulfilling and productive life

 by meditating on You.  Any place, any time, we can, and do, meditate on You as 

Silence and Its Supreme Witness.  Thank You for revealing to us this simple yet

             profound meditation practice.


The more we meditate on You, the more we are purified of unrighteousness; 

 we are more cultivated in terms of taste, intelligence, creativity, mental 

acumen, and physical health.  Thank You for teaching us how to use whatever 

we have, no matter how  insignificant, in Your service.  This is submission to 

You.  It helps us in our efforts to always think of You and be purified.


You are the Immeasurable Consciousness that is within and beyond all.  

We enhance our capacity to always think of You by chanting Your Holy 

Names and meditating on the Silence. This leads to concentrating on You, 

which leads to meditating on You as Supreme Awareness.


We meditate on You as the Constant witness  of the frequencies of silence.  

We think of You as the Supreme Constancy, the Ultimate Witness who maintains 

all balance within all. Everything we are doing on this site is an offering to You 

with all the loving devotion we have.  The more we meditate on You, the more we 

grow spiritually,  intellectually, mentally, and physically healthy.  Most importantly, 

meditating on You, we are reawakening, and growing ever consciously closer to You


We meditate on You as our most loving, quiet Inner Voice, the Source of all 

thought as well as the Power of Attraction in all sense objects.  We interact with You

 and thus better resist and overcome slavery to the senses; this, to us is practical and 



We meditate on You as the Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, In-dweller of all. 

Source of all betterment, of the great, You are the Greatest.  From the back of the eyes at 

the Third Eye, the Pineal Gland, we meditate on You as the Silence and the Awareness 

observing Silence.


We meditate on You as Supreme over all directions, concepts, levels of consciousness 

and awareness. They, whatever and wherever we consider them to be, are all contained 

within Your Infinite Wholeness.  We meditate on You as the only One who  can pervade

and transcend the silence and sound.  We think of You as the Source of complete Joy, 

    freedom, Security, Peace, and Pure Intelligence, truly everywhere.  


We meditate on You as Everlasting Omnipresent, Freedom, and Peace.  This is one of 

the ways we purify our intelligence. Gradually, by meditating on You, we regain 

 conscious union with You, who existed  prior to the beginning of anything, and who

          are the basis of all creation.  


We meditate on You as our Supreme Being, the One who is  always here, looking out 

through everything.  Our prayer is our conversation with You, and it is our praise 

and supplication to You, and to You alone.  Our meditation is our communion with 

You,  our listening to You, our union in tranquil bliss with You alone.