Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Meditation  17

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as the Source of the goodness and love that are present throughout every 

positive vibration.  Thank You for enlightening us to the fact that if we have time to 

breathe, we have time to meditate in Silence, on Silence.  Moreover,  we have time 

to thank You, to call out Your names, and to offer You everything.


We are spiritually and psychologically well armed when our mind is fixed on You.  We 

are purified on all levels as we meditate on You.  Thank You for teaching how to 

meditate on You.  


We meditate on You by being aware of looking from behind closed eyes, and being aware of 

breathing, all while listening to the sound of Silence and being aware of Awareness of 

Silence Itself.  This can be done simultaneously or individually.


The above meditation techniques are some of  our Spiritual Practices.  They unlock the 

many cells of Maya, chaperone us out of that illusion of separation and bring us back to

 the Infinite Freedom of You that is always here.


We meditate on You as within and beyond the moving and 

immovable.  We meditate on You as the Undistractable, 

Supreme Awareness.  This meditation practice cleanses our 

consciousness and brings us back into Your likeness 



Seeing the self as awareness and meditating on You is truly 

revolutionary, a one hundred and eighty degree change, 

beyond personal and impersonal, back to Divine Absolute.  

This is restoration to our Divinity.


Always thinking of You leads to concentration on You.  

concentration on You leads to meditation on You.  Meditation 

on You brings us back to the Source of the self, You.  Thank 

You for continuously telling us how, in so many different 

ways, to always think of You, to concentrate on You, and to 

meditate on You.


Silence is Space and Its Sound. We meditate on You as the 

Most Clean One, the Ultimate Observer, in and beyond 

Silence and Space.  Our business is clean up our life on all 

levels.  We do this by always thinking of You, concentrating 

on You, and meditating on You as Silence, Space, Its Sound,  

and the Supreme Awareness of all.  


Our most concentrated aim is You.  Our ultimate goal and 

objective is reunion with You.  We think of You as the 

Supreme Unity within and beyond all the diversity of 

the Cosmic Manifestations.  In fact, You are the Supreme 

Awareness of the Screen of Consciousness upon which all

   the cosmic manifestations appear and disappear


The closer we consciously get to You, the purer our Pineal 

Gland.  The purer our Pineal Gland, the cleaner our 

consciousness. We meditate on You as the Silence and the 

Witness of all consciousness.  Thank You for inspiring us of 

all ages and backgrounds to remember You and produce

 arts and sciences that help us concentrate on You and always

 move  ever closer in union with You.



Concentrating on You is the engine of our spiritual 

revolution, the evolution, the reformation of our 

consciousness and awareness back to Its original nature. We 

think of You as above and beyond the heavens above and the 

earth below.  You are within and beyond all. 


We meditate  on You as the  Supreme Witness of  Now and 

within and beyond all that is within it. We meditate on 

You as the Witness within and beyond Aum, Your original, 

primeval sound.  


Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything 

to You. This is service, surrender, submission, and sanity. It 

cleanses the Pineal gland and thereby cleanses the 

consciousness. The more the consciousness is cleansed, the 

greater our understanding, appreciation and experience of