Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


      Meditation  9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as Omnipresent One. We  concentrate on You as Omniscient One.  

We meditate on You as the One, ever existing Now, the Supreme Witness of everything; this

 includes Sound, Silence, Space, all sorts of images and forms, Nothing, and Now.


We think of  You, we concentrate on You, we  meditate on You as the indivisible, 

undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, beyond all dualities such as noise and silence,  

"I" and "AM."  Thank You for helping us remember  You.  Along with many other 

benefits, remembering You Purifies the Pineal Gland, our Eye of  Discernment, and

 brings us back to awareness of everything including nothing and silence.


Thank You a thousand times over for advising us to follow Righteousness and to side with 

Truth, the greatest edification for all. Thank You evermore for the great gift and 

Divine Blessing of remembering some of  Your glories and meditating on You. 


Thank You for helping us to be aware of Awareness even as we witness Awareness 

witnessing Silence.  We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as this 

Awareness, Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. 


We meditate on You as the Eternally, Tranquil, Silence that exists within and beyond

 all. Thank You for helping us remember to meditate on You by being conscious of our  

breathing, chanting  Your Holy Names, being still without thoughts and conscious of

 Your loving presence.


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate  on You as the Supreme intelligence.  

The Omnipresent first and last Witness of  Eternal Silence, You are the Source of all 

purity and Strength. 


Thinking of You, concentrating on You and Meditating on You are the primary tools we are 

using for cleansing our Pineal gland.  It is purification of the Pineal gland which 

leads to union with You beginning at the Seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra. 


By thinking of You, concentrating on You, meditating on You, and surrendering all to You, 

we associate with You.  In this way our consciousness is cleansed of the nonsense ego 

which identifies with that which is temporary, that which 

truly does not exist.


We think of You as the Source of our freedom of inquiry and critical thinking.  Thinking of 

You, concentrating on You and meditating on You helps us come back to You, here, now, 

in this moment. 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the Most Pure and 

Compassionate.  The main tool for cleaning our consciousness is this spiritual 

practice of always thinking of You. We do this via study of the scriptures, 

observation, experience, concentration  and meditation, all 

with You at the center. 


We think of You as Pure Intelligence, the Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator of all.

 Meditating on You fixes the awareness on You and purifies it of illusory beliefs 

and other unedifying elements things.  The ultimate goal of all of our endeavors is a return 

to conscious union with You. 


We think  of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You  as greater than "I AM, " 

The Source of Its Awareness.  Of the great powers in and beyond the universe, You are 

thought of, concentrated on, meditated  on, by us, as the Greatest of the great powers..  

Thank You for revealing to us how to awaken our discrimination and be led, ever more,

 by You into Your Most Compassionate and Righteousness Presence.


Supreme Consciousness which pervades and is  beyond all Galaxies, You are the Source 

of  infinite beauty and boundless blessings.  All praise to You.  We meditate on You 

as the Eternal, Omnipresent Silence and Its Everlasting Witness.


Meditating on You as the Silence and Its Ultimate Witness is something we can do in this 

moment to constant improve ourselves.  In the process of improving ourselves, we 

contribute to the raising of a more perfect civilization for the  health, happiness, good 

fortune and Divine Consciousness of  all.


We think of You as the Source of Real Education. We acquire real Education by always 

thinking of You and becoming devoted to You.  We meditate on You as the Silence, the 

Stillness, and the Premier Awareness of all.


Meditating on You as the Silence and Its Ultimate Witness, we gradually liberate our 

consciousness from distracting thoughts.  The more the consciousness is freed from 

thoughts, it returns to its original awareness, You. Thank You for showing us how to 

keep unedifying thoughts out of our consciousness.


 We are liberating ourselves by this spiritual practice of always thinking of You 

and meditating on You.  We think of You as the Awareness of imageless space.  We

 meditate on You as the Silence, and Its Supreme Awareness.


The essence of this spiritual practice, this devotional service to You, is to fix the 

consciousness on You. This procedure  consists of calling out Your name, and 

offering You everything.  Moreover, we think of You, we concentrate on You, we

 meditate on You as the Silence and Its Ultimate  and Greatest Witness of all.