Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



 Right  Association  1 

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Association with You through our spiritual 

practice of remembering the Lotus Feet of 

Your Pure Devotees is our Great Blessing. 

 This helps us focus our intelligence in the

 Peace and Tranquility of You.


Remembering Your Pure Devotees engenders 

greater Devotion to You.  This empowers us to 

 move with ever less obstacles toward union 

with You. 


The closer we get to You, the more we have 

 compassion for other living beings. This Force 

of Your Purity  carries us onwards, upwards, 

and inwards to a more cultivated, refined, and 

fulfilling life.


We think of You as the Most Virtuous and Pure.  

Through our spiritual practice of fixing our intelligence 

on You,  we become more pure, keeping negative, 

irrational, insatiable, sense permeated thoughts out of

 our  consciousness.


Our consciousness, awareness, and intelligence

 are purified and strengthen by Your association. 

we are ever more enlightened and see Your 

reality  pervading and transcending all.


    By associating with You, our awareness is 

      purified and we become what we were before 

       the illusory fall into the temporary material 



By associating with You, our consciousness,

awareness, and intelligence are purified.  As

this happens, we become what we were before 

the fall into the illusory world.


    Before the fall, we were in a state of unspeakable,

 Bliss.  It is association with You, through 

remembrance, that is drawing us ever consciously 

back to this union with You.


  We also associate with You through 

remembrance of  our teachers who were 

devoted to You.  This enhances our prayer, 

study, sacrifice, service,  right association,

 and meditation.  All of this spiritual

 practice is centered in You.


 Our thoughts, willing, feelings, and doings, the

 contents of our character, are certainly cleansed 

and purified by Your association.  


we certainly cultivate immaculate character by

 associating with You.   Submitting to You all

 that we think, feel, will, say, and do is one of our 

ways of associating with You.


  You are our Divine Intelligence, our Supreme Being. 

Associating with You is our purifying process. 

 We know from research, observation, and 

experience that we are slowly reuniting with 

You through this spiritual practice.


We think of You as our Supreme Being the Most

 Expansive, Divine Self.  You are Absolutely Free, 

eternally the Supreme intelligence of all.


  We are experiencing the lower self as intelligence

 and You as Divine Intelligence.  Demigods, Demons, 

and all Sentient and Insentient Beings, are aspects of 

Your One Divine Nature.


Truly, You are the Eternal, Supreme One, in

 and beyond the many who are all One in You.

By always thinking of You, we are gaining 

greater compassion, love, and understanding

   for others, and an ever greater unity with You.


 A life of remembrance of You is a life in

  association with You.  Through association 

with You, the Supreme Pure, our 

consciousness, awareness, and intelligence are

 purified of the suffering causing poisons;  

anger, lust, and greed.


We think of You as One without a partner, closer

 than the air our lungs breathes. You are  so small,

 and simultaneously so large, that You are within 

  and beyond our current consciousness, awareness, 

  intelligence, and the Galaxies.


The more our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence are purified due to Your association,

 the more we can live a life of real freedom and 

peace;  the freedom and peace at the foundation 

of our being.