Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association  10

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


By virtue of  Your association, consciousness is  controlled,

 cleansed, and focused evermore on You. It regains its union 

with You.  At the same time, it regains its moral character, 

and its highest Awareness.  Consciousness also regains its

 original confidence, courage and strength of character.


We are following this ancient spiritual practice of fixing the 

mind on You.  In the light of our knowledge, observation, and 

experience, this is the most practical process for cleansing our 

consciousness, at the same time, detaching it from the  

entanglement of Maya, the illusory energy.


You are the Most Virtuous.  Always thinking of You is fixing 

the mind on You by associating with You. Gradually, this 

association makes all levels of our consciousness virtuous 

again. Thus, our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing are once 

again totally edifying for the love and welfare of Self and our 

universal community.   


This consciousness cleansing process is rekindling and 

increasing our dormant respect and love for You, and 

through You, to all sentient beings.  Such an enlightening 

process brings in its wake a greater appreciation of who You 

are and where You are in all worlds.


Always remembering You, by calling out Your name and 

offering You everything, cleans our consciousness and gives 

us direct experience of  our true relationship You.


   Moreover, we understand evermore how to approach You, 

who we are, and the true nature of this situation we refer to 

as life.  Most importantly, we learn, by Your Grace, how 

to gradually transcend Karma and unite consciously with You.  


You are the Source of the real Love in our life. You are our 

love, entertainment, education, edification, and our

only real inspiration to be self productive.  By thinking of  

You constantly we are ever victorious over Maya in any state 

 of  consciousness. 


We organize around You, the Source of Everlasting Love, the 

only real Love there is because it keeps on giving, never ends, 

and never demands.  Thank You for helping us to be thankful.


You are the only Good, the only strength worth having, the  

ultimate goal, and the only one we can truly depend

on.  You are the only reality.  Everything else is Maya, the 



Always thinking of You, in the light of Your revealed 

scriptures,  Your Messengers,  Avatars, Prophets, 

Incarnations, Messiahs, and our personal experience, is our 

way of fixing the mind on You. Thus, we purify the Pineal 

gland and, via it, consciousness.


The Source of all loving kindness, all auspiciousness, 

all power  and glory, is You, Supreme Consciousness of 

all. You are all mighty in all respects.  Although all are within 

You and You are within all, all can never surpass You. 


The Supreme, Divine Ground of all Being, You, the Most 

Gracious, within and beyond these Cosmic Manifestations, 

are the  only reality;  everything else is temporary, Maya, the 



We think of You as the Everlasting Source of true love,  

kindness, and generosity.  All auspiciousness has its source 

within You.  It is through our purifying association of 

submitting all to You that we take control of our lives and 

begin to experience  You. 


Always thinking of You, submitting all to You,  is our 

way out of  Maya. Thank You for accepting our humble 

offerings to You with all the gratitude and love we can muster 

at this time.


You are the Most Excellent, Supreme Spiritual leader, the 

greatest Spiritual Master to whom other masters come to 

learn.  Our innermost urge to do right is driven by You, the 

Most Righteous.  


Thank You for teaching us how to take complete 

responsibility for our lives.  We cannot change our 

past, but we can change our future. 


We think of You as within and beyond all shapes and 

forms, and as our Greatest Security.  It is Your Perfect Love 

that frees us from fear and fulfills us.  This is the Love we 

must have, if we are ever to be content.  We are this Love, this 

Pure Being, this Preme.


You are the source of all auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, 

and the possessor of auspiciousness. Pervading and 

transcending time space, and all consciousness, how can 

anything contain You.  Definitely, You are Love itself and the 

only one who loves us naturally, completely,  unconditionally.