Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association  12

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the Source of mother, father, family 

relations, all ancestors, children, descendants, and  all 

sentient beings. When we submit all to you by offering 

everything and singing our song of praise and thanksgiving to

You, You we are paying homage to all while purifying our 

consciousness with thoughts of You.


This spirituality of our most righteous and Supreme Being-

Aware  Ancestors, which You are revealing to us, consists of

calling out a name of  Yours that is most attractive to us.  

Partnered with that is offering Divinely centered Praise and 

Thanksgiving; Prayer, Study, Sacrifice, Service; Right 

Association, and Meditation.  


We are becoming more intelligent, following reason and 

common sense, knowing how to remain here, in the 

spiritual world, free from ignorance of Self, satisfied, and at 

Peace, in the midst of, yet separated from, the worlds 

of illusion. 


 To the casual observer, we might seem to be in the 

world, and we are, but we are not of it; we are in Maya, yet 

detached from it, in it but not of  it.


By always thinking of You, we can be in the world but not of 

it.  Utilizing the instrument of always remembering You, we  

separate from Maya. 


 Armed with the sword of  detachment and the rod of 

discrimination, we are ever attached to You while we move

intelligently and detached through the worlds of illusion.


We know, in light of our research, observation and 

experience, that we are not matter with a soul trying to have 

a spiritual experience. 


We are eternal spirit surrounding, spread through, perceived 

throughout and transcending matter.  Again, our ultimate 

goal in life is eternal, conscious, union with You, 

our Divine Supreme Being.


Our objective  is treturn to You.  Submission of all to You 

is our way of transcending cause and effect, Karma, and 

returning to our Eternal Life in Union with You.


 The goal of the spiritual teachings at

 everlastingomnipresentpeace.com, is union with You, the 

Ever Lasting, Omnipresent, Spirit/Soul/Awareness of all. 

 Good works  does not get it; submission to You does get this

 union with You.  We know this as a result of scrutinizing very 

objectively our research, observation, reflection and experience.


The goal of this Spirituality which encompasses, permeates,  

and transcends Philosophies and Religions is You, the age-less 

One.  The material body ages.  However, we as Eternal 

Spirit/Soul, in quality one with You, never age and live 



We think of You as the Source of all Virtue.  All praise be to 

You, Supreme Love of all. This knowledge of self and 

Supreme Self is the ancient knowledge, passed down from 

You to master to disciple since time immemorial. Thank You 

for granting us a modicum of experience of  Your Divine 



Pursuing the above further, we, as soul, do not experience

 old age, disease and death.  That is of the body, not the soul. 

The more we think of You and are purified, the less we make 

bad Karma and the more our Karma is good.  However, 

cause and effect, Karma, whether good or bad, keeps us 

entangled  in the worlds of suffering, Maya.


 We, the living entity extending throughout the body and 

beyond, are the Soul, in quality one with You, the Supreme, 

Eternal, Soul. The goal of our life is to discontinue reaping 

and sowing in Maya, and return to union with You. 


We come to You for Protection, Justice, Victory, and 

Fulfillment over the ignorance and wickedness that entraps 

us in Maya.  Thank You for providing purifying shelter, 

protection and elevation out of  Maya.


We think of You as the Most Dependable One.Truly, we come 

to You for  the enlightenment of Self:  constant knowledge and experience 

of You. This  is the way we transcend the wickedness of ignorance

 and  overcome  Maya. Thank You for everything, just as it is

 Thank You.


This spiritual practice begins, progresses, and ends with 

always thinking of You. Beyond always thinking of You 

is Meditating on You, this leads to union with You, the eternal 

One who pervades and transcends Silence and the 

Infinite Stillness of  Being.


This Spirit or true Self is Home.  You are our Home. 

Where we want to be, where we belong. You 

are our Supreme Being of Peace, the place where self 

ignorance is vanquished by Enlightened Self Knowledge and 

experience. When we are consciously here with You, we 

are consciously Home again.