Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association   16

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We have observed and experienced on a mundane and 

spiritual level as well as researched  History.  We assert 

confidently that our competitive and cooperative 

businesses are constantly improving when our consciousness 

is purified as a result of offering all to You.


  When you are at the center of all we think, feel, will, say, 

and do, wtreat others with dignity, respect, and Love, 

knowing this so called other is at the deepest reality, You.


When we doing  all for You, We are ever increasingly 

conscious of You.  As a result of our increasing purity 

and consciousness of  You, we naturally produce the best.  


This production of the best includes the most edifying Arts 

and Sciences, the most nutritious and sustainable food, and 

the most comfortable and adequate clothing and shelter. At 

this level of consciousness, all produced can be recycled for 

the betterment of the earth, water, and air.  


With purification of consciousness comes the ability to 

produce the most excellent food, nutrition, health care;  

education, shelter, clothing, education; clean, quiet, and 

wholesome neighborhoods.


Intelligence, knowledge of History, and knowledge of 

Self demand, if we would be free from the disease of Maya, 

that You be the center and purpose of our activities.  The goal

of our individual and collective civilization is You.


Education that unfolds our Divine Nature and hence, our 

natural proclivity for a particular honorable skill helps us 

produce unrivaled goods and services for the edification of 

our population, all Sentient Beings.


Service done as submission to You purifies our 

consciousness.  When we act with ever increasing purification 

of consciousness, our activities are done ever more  

unselfishly with  ever greater  consideration for the welfare  

of others, including our earth, water, and  air.


Blessed are the pure of consciousness for they shall constantly 

experience the Omnipresence of  You.   The Sunshine and 

always thinking of You are the main "Foods" for decalcifying 

the Pineal Gland and  experiencing You, the Divine Source of 

our being.


We always work for You. Our work for You is our Offering, 

our Service, our Submission, our Surrender, to You alone. 

This helps us to always think of  You, the Most Pure, the 

Source of  Infinite Wisdom.  By associating with You in this 

way our awareness is purified.


Under the influence of rational thoughts, we make good 

Karma for ourselves.  Our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and 

physical contentment and joy can be traced to our own 

most rational thoughts.  Those most rational thoughts arise 

from a consciousness that has been purified of anger, lust, 

and greed by association with You.


                                       To the extent our awareness  is purified and

                               stengthened to its original pure state, it is empowered to 

                                 repel and neutralize the smallest suggestion of a self 

                                deprecating, arrogant, or destructive thought toward 

                                                  self or toward any sentient being.


To bring about the revolutionary change needed to free our 

consciousness from irrational thoughts, thoughts

contaminated with anger, lust, and greed, we need Your 

Divine Association.  Through this association our 

consciousness is cleansed of irrational thoughts and we gain 

Your Wisdom and Guidance.


Naturally, our moral standards rise in response to the 

purification of the Pineal gland, awareness and 

consciousness. We do this by concentrating evermore on You 

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  This helps us to be 

stronger, happier, and more fulfilled.


We see this Divine Wisdom manifested in various 

degrees in the many scriptures of the Eastern and Western 

worlds.  This is the type of wisdom that shows us how to do  

good, purify our consciousness and gradually come back 

to You. 


This Divine Wisdom has been taught through many of the 

words, deeds, and life's activities of  Shankara, Confucious, 

Krisna, Muhammad, Mother Mary, Ram Chandra Maha 

Raja, Mari Bhai, Yehoshua Ben Joseph, Ramana Maharishi, 

Kuan Yin, and many other great saints, sages, prophets, and 

incarnations from various countries throughout history.


Your divine  wisdom, which we are just now beginning to 

gain conscious contact, can be tried and tested by our own 

experience.  We are gaining evidence through practical 

application that we are definitely drawing ever closer to You, 

the Source of ease, peace of heart and mind.  


Our consciousness is slowly but surely evolving into Your 

presence and likeness again.  We owe our spiritual progress to

Your Most Excellent Association.  Thank You many times 

over for showing us how to consciously and practically 

associate with You.