Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association  18

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Thank You for helping us to simplify our life, enjoy solitude, 

transcend poverty, weakness, and fear.  We are doing 

this by joining with You, consciously, through this spiritual 

practice of keeping You at the forefront of all our thinking 


Somewhat like a child sincerely offering the vastness of the

universe a leaf, a flower, or a drop of water, we offer You our

humble praise and thanksgiving. This helps in our efforts to 

always think of  You.  


Gradually, our consciousness is purified, situated again 

above, and far beyond, desire, including the desire for 

desirelessness and even the desire for You.


Moreover, we achieve economic freedom and general well 

being  by keeping You in front of us, "driving our 

chariot," We do this by offering to You all we think, 

feel, will, say and  do, keeping You in front through constant 



This spiritual practice of always thinking of You is helping us 

in our  efforts to learn more about You. This is our method of 

transcending lust,  anger, and greed by cleansing our 

consciousness through Your purifying association. Thus, 

while working out our own salvation, we are improving 

our lives completely, materially and spiritually.  


 In addition to always thinking of You, we must change our 

self  concept from material to spiritual. Our true nature is 

spirit.  It is the Eternal Well Wisher who pervades and 

transcends all designations of class, caste, race, religion, 

wealth, creed, color, etc., or species of life.


Assuredly, we do not have to struggle trying to change the 

world.  When we, with purified consciousness, change our 

concept of the self, we change the way we see the world. 

When we change the way we conceive the world, the world 

we see changes for the better. 


The world we sees starts and ends with the way we see who 

we are.  We are the eternal soul, free of all distinctions, labels, 

and designations, dependent on no material considerations.  

Our own name, language, our own culture, folkways, mores

and norms are centered in You, our own Original Nature.  


This knowledge, observation, and experience of Self as spirit 

is the basis of our spiritual growth.  We see how our lower 

consciousness has been gradually evolving into the excellence 

of  Your Omnipresence.


Our cultural development is based on our spiritual 

practice.  It refines our consciousness into Your likeness again.  

Thank You for helping us achieve our maximum potential, 

union with You.


The more our consciousness is purified, the better we see how 

Karma and Justice fits into the scheme of things, how life is 

fair.  We reap that which we have sown.  We are responsible 

for the life we are living. 


 As we have treated other sentient beings, including the earth, 

water, and air, so we are reaping the consequences of our past 

deeds.  Others are instruments through which our Karma has 



Thank You for helping us see and understand the true self, 

the self  as awareness, as consciousness.  Thank You for 

helping us to build our confidence, our self-assurance, 

our determination to persevere with patience on the path of 

union with You.


Thank You for helping us get our understanding up and 

right.  Thank You for helping us to awaken, and regain a 

more thorough knowledge of Self.  Again, thank You for 

teaching us how to nurture our spiritual life.


Divinity of the universe, the Source of Justice and Peace, 

our life is in You; its reason, its purpose, and its goal is You. 

By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix 

our mind on You. 


Fixing the mind on You decalcifies the Pineal gland and 

 purifies the consciousness.  The more  our consciousness is 

purified, the more we experience the return to our original 

position where there is nothing outside of tranquility and 

bliss to witness, be conscious of, or experience.