Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association   2

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


Our greatest wealth is You.  The Ultimate Goal of our life is You.  Our very best long term 

investment is You.  Always thinking of You is the way way we quiet our consciousness so 

that we better see the various strategies for achieving our Ultimate Goal. 


 Of course, the closer we  get to You consciously, the better we see and the more 

our wealth increases. There is no risk in this investment, and there is the greatest return:  

Security,  fulfillment, inner joy, and contentment.


We dove tailing our thoughts and activities into such a way that we can always think. In 

this way, we sober our lower consciousness and awaken from its illusory misery, Maya.

Slowly, we are ever more conscious of You in and as the  Omnipresence of "Now."  


As we consciously unite with You, by meditating on You as Silence and the Supreme 

Witness of all, we free our lower consciousness from the morass of illusions and 

reunite with You, the Source of our History, our culture, and our ancient spiritual heritage. 


Overcoming impurity of consciousness and ignorance of Self are our battles.  They are the

roots of all the other political, social, economic, environmental, health, religious, racial, 

national, and any other battles that our negative Karma, and Maya, produce.


We think there is no one worthy of worship other than You. The Supreme Consciousness

and Awareness of all, within all, to whom we pray and upon whom we meditate, is You.  

Thank You for showing us how to come together around You and get ourselves together 

again for the benefit of all.


No one controls Karma and Maya, no matter how much material wealth one may have.  

With impure Karma, Karma contaminated with lust, greed, and anger, we make bad 

Karma, that causes us to suffer on the battlefield of life in Maya.  


Good Karma, Karma infused with love, charity, and compassion, causes us to awaken to 

service to You.  This helps us to further clean, quiet, and awaken our consciousness, and 

awareness, out of Maya. 


We can only awaken out of Maya.  No one in history has been strong enough: Spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, nor physically, to win the battle with Maya.  It is Your illusory 

power, the power of our Most Powerful Supreme Being, our  Source. 


We are engaging in this spiritual practice of seeing the Self as energy or spirit, and we are 

offering all to You.  In this way, we are purifying our consciousness of lust, greed, and 

anger.  They are being transformed, by Your association, into love, compassion, and charity.

In this way, we are awakening out of the Hell-filled battlefield of Maya.


We are purifying our consciousness of lust, greed, and anger  by always thinking of  You, 

and submitting all to You. This spiritual practice is helping us awaken and sharpen our 

intelligence.  Thus, we are winning our battles of awakening out of Maya, and 

we are coming consciously back to You.  Please accept this humble offering.


As we come back to You, we attain ever cleaner, higher and more tranquil levels of 

consciousness and intelligence. This spiritual practice of always thinking of You is our tried 

and true solution to our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical battles of awakening 

out of Maya.


We think of You as the Holy Land, the Kingdom of God within us. We are empowered to 

confidently be the Divine change we want to see, and we reawaken to Your 

Eternal Kingdom, the more we engage in always thinking of You. 


We extrapolate from past knowledge, observation, and experience that the best is yet 

to come.  The more we fix our consciousness on You, the greater is our experience of Your 

Eternal Omnipresence.