Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Sangha, Right Association  6

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


It is through this remembrance of  You that our lower consciousness is purified, and it is 

sobered to its original position of Pure Awareness. This is spiritual revolution.  


This revolution in consciousness, spiritual revolution, brings more purity, spiritual 

prosperity, security, and peace into our otherwise dreadful life.  Simultaneously, it is freeing

 us from the perpetual struggling and suffering with the illusionary energy, Maya.


As the Witness of all perceptions, and directions, You are our Omnipresent focal 

point.  If  we feel another focal point, or point of unity, other than You is needed, Your 

Silence is our focal point. 


Verily,  at a certain point in our awakening, Images and perceptions are abandoned.  They, 

at that point, seem to hinder our inner vision and experience You our Supreme Being,
beyond form, formless and all description.


Beyond the so-called real and the unreal, this wisdom, based on the purification of the 

Pineal gland and consciousness, has its roots in always thinking of You.  Thank You for 

bringing us back up from the negative to the Most Positive.


  Keeping our mind fixed on You works.  It is freeing our consciousness from so much of 

suffering caused by lack of  knowledge of Self, and  distractions that lead us away from 

the experience of  You.


The cause of this problem of  suffering is identifying the self and others as material, 

mental, intellectual, or ego, zombies; the walking dead.  Thank You for helping us see the 

Self as Spirit/Energy,  choosing to seek You and Your Righteousness to solve our problems 

and to make life increasingly comfortable.


We look to You, our Supreme Being, and get new, yet ancient, education and solutions for 

our new and age old problems of suffering.  Choosing to seek You and Your 

Righteousness is the best choice we have ever made.  Thank You. We are truly grateful to 

You for all Your help.


We regain this natural clean consciousness and right spirit to the degree our Pineal gland is 

cleansed of material contamination. This cleanliness arises from You, the Source of the 

Tranqui, Pure, Consciousness that flows down through the Pineal gland. 


To the degree our consciousness is purified, we experience, amidst terrific chaos, the 

Infinite Freedom of You, Eternal Tranquility. terrific chaos, the Infinite  Freedom of You, 

Eternal Tranquility.  Thank You for showing us how to earn this sacred privilege


We think of You as our original, pure, spiritual foundation, the Source of all consciousness.

You, Supreme Spirit, saturate and go beyond the limits of every atom, proton, neutron, 

electronsubatomic particle, wave, and most subtle vibratory phenomena.


We think of You, as the Source of all life.  We see You as the Witness of Silence, everywhere,

within everything. Thank You for teaching us how to be in harmony with You, Nature's 

Divinity.  Thank You.  We are grateful to You for engaging us evermore in Your 

Transcendental Loving Service. 


We think of You as saturating and surpassing all material, mental, intellectual, and 

spiritual worlds. Fixing the mind on You, the most pure and perfect, purifies 

our consciousness and brings us ever closer, consciously, to You. 


When we are so fortunate as to be able to remember You in all we do, we are in  constant 

association with You. By persistent association with You we become evermore quiet 

and still within, experiencing evermore Your Loving Omnipresence.