Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Sangha, Right Association  7

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayathri.


We think of You as the Master of Educators. Thank You for teaching us how to be 

conscious of the Silence and the Self as spirit.  Thank You for helping us become more 

serious about chanting Your holy names more properly, more correctly, and offering You 



We think of You as the Source of real education, education that brings us back to You. 

Thank You for showing us how to better submit all to You in loving service. Thank You for 

showing us how to remember You constantly.   This is how we are progressing in our 

spiritual life, uncovering our original Love for You.  In this way we are able to worship You 

with Love and devotion, and thus love all.  


We think of You as Pervading and transcending all names, gods, and images.  You are Pure 

Awareness.  Our deepest voice, our Supreme Leader, and our greatest influence is You. The 

ultimate purpose and goal of our life, our true liberation from all illusory energy is You, the 

only reality. 


We think of You as the Greatest Teacher.  Thank You for teaching us the submission 

process,  consequently, we are bringing more light to our traditional beliefs.  Realizing 

more deeply the truth of who we really are, who You are, and the fact that You are right 

here as our ever higher consciousness, we function ever better  even in mundane activities. 


Thank You for awakening lower consciousness to the importance of hearing, chanting, 

chanting, being conscious of the silence, and surrendering to You.  We think of you as the 

Source of all the Source of all the Arts and Sciences. 


We think of You as the Source of all Consciousness, Ethics,  Truth, and Strength.  You 

pervade and outshine all colors, tribes, races, creeds, nationalities, species, and any 

other temporary, illusory designations. This spiritual practice of remembering You 

sobers lower consciousness and brings us forth by night and day into Your Everlasting, 

Omnipresent, Divinity. 


We are consciousness.  Always thinking of You surrenders our lower consciousness, and 

consciously associates it with You. This gradually brings forth Your Divinity from within 

consciousness which it pervades and transcends. 


Your Divinity is the transformer.  It is the only power that can really bring about the most 

positive change we need at the at the foundation of our consciousness. It is the basis of 

positive the revolutionary change we need for the edification and civilizing all levels of 

our consciousness.


As we more critically deconstruct and reconstruct the knowledge uncovered as a result of 

this research and  surrendering process, the deeper we come into the truth about the 

nature of life, the self, and You, the Supreme Life of all that lives.


We think of You as Our Supreme Being.  You are our Supreme Being.  You never come, go, 

nor change. Wassociate with You, by the surrendering process of offering all to You and 

calling out Your name.  The more our lower consciousness sobers up, by virtue of Your 

association, we experience the fact that we too, as spirit, never come, go, nor change.


The experience that You are our Inseparable Supreme Self causes us to strive more 

diligently  in our spiritual practice, knowing that this purifies our Pineal Gland and 



 You are the Most Trustworthy and Pure,  It is this purification of Your association that 

enables us to experience You as the Highest Self.  Experiencing this as the Self, Supreme 

Being of all, we ever more confidently follow Your most righteous lead back to You.


By surrendering to You we purify our Pineal and thus cleanse our consciousness back to 

higher levels of illumination. Gradually we experience You, the Source of all being at the 

source of the consciousness within  and beyond our Pineal gland.


The more our  Pineal gland  and consciousness are purified the greater our ability to follow 

Your righteous  guidance.  As this happens, our Pure, Most virtuous consciousness shines



The more we are purified by Your association, the more we manifest internal and external 

cleanliness.  This cleanliness promotes our original fortitude.  Forbearance, self restraint, 

honesty, purity, and control of our own mind are virtues that come with this fortitude. 


 Discipline of the senses, discernment, truthfulness, compassion, charity, empathy, and love 

for all sentient  beings, come with purity of consciousness.  This consciousness is a direct 

consequence of always thinking of You, the Purest, the Best Association.


No doubt, to the extent we can remember You, to that degree we rise from the seductive 

temptations that entrap us in the sufferings of Maya.  


The more we stay out of the seductive tricks of Maya by fixing our mind on You, the more 

we manifest various degrees of the bliss and comprehension of Your infinite glory.