Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Right Association  9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


We think of You as the One Supreme Awareness that

 pervades and transcends nature.  Unrighteous activity, that mental,

 physical, intellectual or spiritual busyness which is unedifying to ourselves

 and others, blocks our ability to experience Your  Omnipresence. 


Unedifying thoughts and behavior keep us in bodily identification

 and  deeper into Maya.  It is identification of the Self to be  Spirit, 

Energy, or Soul, and always thinking of You that cleans our 

consciousness.  As this happens, we come out of Maya and return

 to the true freedom and bliss of the Self.  With our Third Eye,

 we can see You,   pervading, transcending and witnessing all.


 Wisdom demands that we strive and always remember You.  

This is the wisest course of action that we can embark upon.  

As consciously awakening souls, we are seeing that it is Your 

magnificence working through the Pineal Gland that is 

cleaning us of contaminated consciousness.


According to the degree  of decalcification of the Pineal 

Gland, energy and intelligence radiates through every 

vibration in the body, mind, intelligence, and ego.  


It is in this light Pineal Gland decalcification that we are 

further seeing how crucial it is that we fix our consciousness 

on You. 


 We know from our meager experience that this  spiritual 

practice of always thinking of You is working for our 

consciousness purification, sanctification and our personal salvation.


We are spirit, never created nor destroyed.  Creation and 

destruction is of the material world.  It is definitely not of the 

Spiritual World.  We are not the material body.  We, as Pure 

Energy, permeate and are beyond the material  body. 


 The biggest fallacy that many of us are struggling with, and 

within, is the illusion that the body is the self.  From that 

                            erroneous belief arises the other illusions that we suffer with 

                                    while trying to make life real in the illusory worlds.


The beginning of this shelter taking process is engaging our 

consciousness in always thinking of  You, the Most Attractive; 

the more we do this, the better we can control our mind. 


 The better we control the consciousness, the easier it is to 

meditate on You.  The more we meditate on You the more our

consciousness is purified and we are cured of consciousness 

depravity, soul sickness.


 In the final non-bias analysis,  we see that we are ultimately 
responsible for our suffering.  People, places, things, or 

circumstances are merely instruments which channel our 

Karma, good or bad, back to us.  Purification of our 

consciousness is our method of improving, uplifting, knowing 

the Self  transcending Karma and doing the best for our 

ubiquitous community.


You, Pure Awareness, the Supreme Unity within our selves, 

are beyond impersonalism and personalism.   Beyond birth, 

death, monism, polytheism, manifestation and voidism,

universalism and all other dualities, You never change and

You can never leave us.  This is an experiential fact, backed 

up with solid  research, observation, experience, and common



Yes, at last, we are the witness of the covered awareness.  Just

as the sun is never covered by the clouds, we, in quality one

with You, are  never  really covered by the illusory energy. 


The wonder is, we think we are covered and we struggle to come 

back consciously to our primordial completeness.  At this point, uncovering 

our original awareness of You is the ultimate goal of our life.


To us, returning to conscious completeness makes the best 

sense; this when compared and contrasted with the vast and 

varied choices of  suffering we are offered by the aversions 

and desires of Your illusory energy.  


We protect ourselves from these variegated kinds  and 

degrees of suffering by taking shelter in You through constant 

remembrance.  We think of You as here, now, Omnipresent, 

accessible through the Sound of Silence, and or, chanting 

   Your names.


You bring the light of true knowledge to our traditional 

beliefs by inspiring us to search deeper and more critically 

for the truth of  who we and You really are. 


As we more critically deconstruct  and reconstruct this light 

of knowledge offered by You, the deeper we go into the truth 

about Self, life, and the nature of You, Supreme Being.