Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Right Association  9

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.


Practicing remembering You, our consciousness 

is purified ever more, empowering It attract

 positive, edifying, thoughts.  These quality of

 thoughts lead us back to Your Eternal 

Omnipresence, Peace.


Always thinking of You helps us remember 

You.  This brings us by night and day into full 

union with You, our divine Intelligence.


We think of You as the One Supreme 

Intelligence that pervades and transcends

all the Galaxies, including nature Itself. 


We believe You are here before the Galaxies 

and Nature began; while they exist, and after 

their existence ends.


 It is identification of the Self as Spirit, 

Energy, or Soul, and always thinking of You 

that aligns our consciousness, awareness, and 

intelligence with You.


 Alignment with You, the Omniscience within and 

beyond all,  empowers us to see  Your existence 

within and beyond the Galaxies and Nature. 


While we are reawakening, coming out of 

Maya and uniting with You, our Third Eye is

opening.  We begin seeing, recognizing and 

remembering You, pervading, transcending

 and witnessing all.


 Wisdom, knowledge tried by our experience,

demands that we strive to always to remember 

You.  It is this this practice that enlightens our

 intelligence, which enlightens our knowledge.


Striving to remember You is the wisest course

 of action we can embark upon.  As awakening 

souls, we are seeing that it is Your magnificence 

working through us that is cleansing us of Lust. 

 This cleansing happens to the degree we 

remember You.


The more we are purified by Your association,

 we have ever greater respect and care for the 

smallest of Your creatures.  


We believe You are the same in all creatures, 

no matter how small or insignificant 

they may seem to the consciousness of some

of us.


Our consciousness is increasingly quiet, our 

awareness is sharper, and our intelligence is 

clearer, the more we remember You.  This

spiritual practice is constantly making our life 

more meaningful and pleasant.


The beginning of taking shelter in You is engaging 

in always thinking of  You.  This is also the start

of the process of remembering You and 

associating with You. 


We remember You,  we believe You are within 

and beyond the intelligence of every being in 

existence, visible or invisible.


 We purify of our consciousness, awareness, and

 intelligence, by associating with You.  This is our 

method of knowing the Self, transcending Karma,

and remembering that all, with the exception of 

You, is illusion.  You are the only Reality.



We believe You are the Supreme Love of all

 the Worlds.  Our route to reunion with You is 

 constant remembrance.  This association with 

You is our self purification process.


The methodology of this purification process 

consist of chanting Your names and glories, 

submitting all we think, feel, will, say and

 do to You and meditating on You.


Meditation practice consists in keeping the tip of

 the tongue at the soft spot at the back of the roof 

of the mouth and looking out from the Third Eye, 

the Pineal Gland, at the back of our closed eyes. 

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