Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum. Thank You Gayathri.

Purity of consciousness is the way we get out  of Maya and 

begin to really prosper in freedom, security, and Peace.  A 

noble set of aims is not enough.  We cannot aim our way our 

of Maya.  To get our of Maya, we must change our Self 

concept and purify our consciousness.


Surrendering all to You fixes the mind on You, purifies our 

consciousness. This frees us from vanity and the mentality 

that attaches to temporary joys and sorrows. 


As all that we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to 

You,  our Pineal Gland is purified.  As a consequence, we are 

purified of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of 

consciousness, and the natural Self, Pure Awareness shines 



We offer You our humble praise and homage. This helps 

us to consciously associate with You. By doing this, our 

historical and spiritual memory are gradually restored.  


As our historical and spiritual memory are gradually 

restored,   we better see where we are, where we have 

come from, how we got to where we are, and how we can 

return to our origin which is  here, now, in this present 



Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness.  You are The Super 

Soul of all.  We think of You as Invincible, Infinite, of 

Unlimited Capability, Intelligence, and Creativity, full of 

unlimited Knowledge and Bliss. 


Any other person, place, occurrence, or incidence, is 

simply an instrument through which our Karma returns to 

its origin, ourselves.  In this light, after pondering this logic 

within the silence of our being, we are ever more enthusiastic 

about purifying our consciousness through this spiritual 

practice of always thinking of You.


To solve the humongous problems we are faced with, to get 

out, and stay out of that tremendous quandary, Maya, we 

must have a Divine Solution.  Our Divine Solution is 

Devotional Service to You, the Eternal Totality within all, 

beyond all.


Devotional Service to You begins with always thinking of  

You.  We think of You as the Supreme, Infinite, Divine 

Awareness, the Supreme Teacher within and beyond all.  

Other than You, no one can teach about You.


We change the way we see the self and purify our 

consciousness by seeing the Self  as spirit or energy and fixing

our consciousness on You.  Gradually, our consciousness 

becomes calmer, clearer, and ever more focused on You. 


Purifying our consciousness by remembering You is the 

means and the end, the Master Key to our greatest success, 

 reunion with You.


Your Prophets, Sages, Saints, Incarnations, and Avatars are 

exemplars of meaning and purpose in life, and unconditional 

love.  We regain this kind of purity of consciousness by virtue 

of Your association.  Remembering You is association with 



Space, No thing, and Now, are within You.  Remembering You

 in this way, we clean ourselves up, and we come back to our 

original position of dignity, self respect, confidence and 



Thank You for rescuing us, the "Donkey" out of the 

seemingly bottomless pit, the System of Maya, back 

to our original Eternal, Changeless, Tranquil, Well 

and Healthy Awareness.  We are doing this mainly 

by  always thinking of  You.


Karma Yoga is the spiritual practice of serving You in 

all we  think, feel, will, say, and do.  This enables us to

 think of You evermore.  Thinking of You leads to 

concentrating on You. 


Concentrating on You leads to meditating on You.

Meditating on You  leads to accomplishment of the 

Goal  of Yoga, union with You.


The goal of Yoga is accomplished by meditating

 evermore regularly on You.  We meditate on You

 as the eternal, infinitely knowledgeable, Divine 

Awareness at the foundation of all awareness.


This Divine Awareness, when we, through our 

spiritual practice, awaken to it, is seen and

 experienced as the Self, existing eternally as 

     the most intimate part of our own awareness

       of awareness as awareness ad infinitum.