Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 11 

Thank You Aum.    Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.   Thank You Gayathri.


We have to clean up, purify our consciousness. This is the 

solution.  As we clean up our consciousness, we turn from 

our wicked ways.  Gradually, we are released from the debt of
those cells within cells of  illusory suffering called Maya, and 

we rest in the Tranquil Bliss of the Self.   


Thank You for helping us return to our original spirituality.   

In this light, we understand what we were, where we are, and 

what we need to be, in order to be happy and fulfilled living 



This union with You is the goal and purpose of our life. The

beginning of this healing process, this shutting out the 

physical world and controlling the mind, begins with the 

spiritual practice of always thinking of  You, the Greatest 

Instrument of our Absolute Liberation.


This present moment is pervaded  by You, the Greatest 

Witness of all.  We, your once disobedient and prodigal 

offspring,  are now coming back to our right intelligence. 

Thank You for inspiring us to be what we know we can be. 


 Our goal is to return to You, here, now, in this moment.  

Always thinking of You is the Master Key to unlocking the 

door of return to You.  Thank You for inspiring us and

 encouraging us to give thanks to You, to be grateful to 

You, and to worship You and You alone.


Our spiritual practice, of which this is, is our service to You. 

You owe no one.  All are indebted to You.  Service to You is 

the key to remembering You.  remembering You is a way of 

purifying and expanding our consciousness back to You, 

Its Original State. 

Thank You for showing us the importance of spiritual,
mental and physical cleanliness, and how to realize it by surrendering to You and offering our homage to You alone. Thus, as our Pineal gland and consciousness are  

In our ever pure state of consciousness we increasingly love You within others and others within You.  Gradually we see, throughout the Cosmos, there are no "Others." There is only You pervading and transcending inner and outer space.


Remembering You as  the Witness of Silence we are 

meditating, knocking on the Beatific Door, drilling into the 

Holy "Soil" of darkness and light and reaching our original 

nature of Infinitely Eternal, Bliss filled Consciousness. 


We can to experience this Supreme Consciousness that 

pervades and transcends all, right here, in this moment. It is 

available now and can be experienced by Your Grace and as 

our consciousness is purified of bodily identification and the 

contamination of anger, lust, and greed.  


Simply using "Thank You" as a Mantra, we  can keep
unwanted thoughts out of consciousness and remain in the
consciousness, as if in a quiet Movie Theatre before the movie

 begins.  Gradually the inner show does begin, and we 

experience and remember the Eternal Self, the Bliss 

permeated Consciousness of all.


When the consciousness is attracted by a thought that is 

contaminated with anger lust or greed, we can just say, 

silently, in our consciousness, "Thank You," beginning and 

ending it with some of Your Holy Names.  This effort can 

cleanse our consciousness of anger, lust, and greed, and 

return  our consciousness to Its tranquil, blissful state.


Remembering the Self in all circumstances, we can remain in 

Peace, at Peace, as Peace, our natural condition, no matter the

 vicissitudes of life in the worlds of sufferings, Maya.  


While remaining in this Peace, simultaneously, 

our consciousness is  being purified and strengthen against 

further contamination by the evil forces of anger, lust, and