Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 11

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha

Thank You for helping us return to our original spirituality.   

In this light, we understand what we were, where we are, and 

what we need to be, in order to be happy and fulfilled living 


 We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate  on 

You as the Silence, and Its Ultimate Witness.  In this  way, we 

are coming back to You our Greatest Self, You, who we think 

of as the Purest Awareness of all.

This present moment is pervaded  by You, the Greatest 

Witness of all.  We, your once disobedient and prodigal 

offspring,  are now coming back to our right intelligence. 

Thank You for inspiring us to be what we know we can be. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate 

on You as Eternal Being and all Knowing.  Beyond active and 

passive, profit and loss, light and darkness, birth and death, 

You alone are the Mightiest Power and our Supreme Being.


 Our goal is to return to You, here, now, in this moment.  

Always thinking of You is the Master Key to unlocking the 

door of return to You.  Thank You for inspiring us and

 encouraging us to give thanks to You, to be grateful to 

You, and to worship You and You alone.

Our spiritual practice, of which this is, is our service to You. 

You owe no one.  All are indebted to You.  Service to You is 

the key to remembering You.  remembering You is a way of 

purifying and expanding our consciousness back to You, 

Its Original State. 

Thank You for showing us the importance of spiritual,
mental and physical cleanliness, and how to realize it by surrendering to You and offering our homage to You alone. Thus, as our Pineal gland and consciousness are  

In our ever pure state of consciousness we increasingly love You within others and others within You.  Gradually we see, throughout the Cosmos, there are no "Others." There is only You pervading and transcending inner and outer space.

Praise to You, Thanksgiving to You, and Glorification of 

You. Application of this as a Mantra purifies the Pineal 

Gland and  consciousness.  Thank You for teaching us how to 

think carefully, analytically, critically, and independently.

We think of You as the One Supreme Intelligence who

 pervades and transcends the light and darkness, and all 

other dualities. The more the Pineal Gland is purified by 

always thinking of You, we experience the fact that You are 

the Supreme Witness, within and beyond the universe. Truly, 

the universe is within You, and You contain it, but it cannot 

contain all of You, although You contain all of it.

Simply using "Thank You" as a Mantra, we  can keep
unwanted thoughts out of consciousness and remain in the
consciousness, as if in a quiet Movie Theatre before the movie

 begins.  Gradually the inner show does begin, and we 

experience and remember the Eternal Self, the Bliss 

permeated Consciousness of all.

 When the consciousness is attracted by a thought that is 

contaminated with anger lust or greed, we can just say, 

silently, in our consciousness, "Thank You," beginning and 

ending it with some of Your Holy Names.  This effort can 

cleanse our mind and keep unedifying thoughts out of our 


We can also remember You by thinking about You, 

concentrating on You, and meditating on the Great Silence 

that is within and all around us.  You, the One Supreme 

Energy, which neither comes nor goes, are this consciousness 

and Its Supreme Witness. 

Remembering You as  the Witness of Silence we are 

meditating, knocking on the Beatific Door, drilling into the 

Holy "Soil" of darkness and light and reaching our original 

nature of Infinitely Eternal, Bliss filled Consciousness.  

We can to experience this Supreme Consciousness that 

pervades and transcends all, right here, in this moment. It is 

available now and can be experienced by Your Grace and as 

our consciousness is purified of bodily identification and the 

contamination of anger, lust, and greed.  

Thank You for helping us see and experience unmoving 

eternity amidst all the flux of the so-called material worlds. 

Thank You for helping us remember the Self, our Pure, 

Unfettered, Infinite Consciousness. 

It is in such remembrance of You that our consciousness 

returns to its Original Compassion and  Infinite Love for all 

Sentient Beings.  Simultaneously, we come back to our 

centeredness, and responsible state of consciousness.

Remembering the Self in all circumstances, we can remain in 

Peace, at Peace, as Peace, our natural condition, no matter the

 vicissitudes of life in the worlds of sufferings, Maya.  

While remaining in this Peace, simultaneously, 

our consciousness is  being purified and strengthen against 

further contamination by the evil forces of anger, lust, and 


Surrendering to You, all our praise and thanksgiving, prayer,

study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation, is 

our ancient method of cleaning the Pineal gland. 

As we clean or decalcify the Pineal Gland, primarily by 

always thinking of You, the consciousness is cleansed and we 

experience You.  We think of You as the foundation of all 

consciousness, the Supreme Self of all Selves.  

We meditate on You as Pure, Infinite Consciousness, beyond 

form and formlessness.  We think of You as the Source of the 

light of the Sun, Moon, and Supreme Power of 

all the Planetary Systems. 

The greater our association with You through surrendering 

all to You, the more we are purified  and realize our natural 

state of Pure Consciousness.  We think of this as the Source of

Infinite Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Life, Light, Truth, 

Righteousness, Bliss, and Peace.

We think of You as the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, 

Omniscient, and Benevolent, Creator, Maintainer, and 

Annihilator of the Cosmic Manifestation. To the extent the 

Pineal gland is purified, we are able to see the Self, pervading 

and transcending all names, forms, genders, descriptions, and 


Seeing all within the Self, and the Self within and beyond all, 

we engage in purifying our consciousness by always thinking 

of You.  Gradually we reawaken to our higher more 

enlightened states of  Infinite Understanding, Compassion 

and Love.

Ever more blissful states of Ecstatic Love is the nature of the 

Pure Consciousness that we know.  In the light of scriptures, 

history, and experience as the Soul, we know.  

We are increasingly attracted to this original bliss filled state 

of our Being.  It is unfolded to the degree our Pineal Gland 

is purified as a result of Your Righteous Association.

The more we purify and expand our consciousness, in the 

light of  "I am not the body with a soul. I am the soul with a 

body," the more we are liberated from Your illusory energy, 

 Maya, our indebtedness.  

To the extent we have purified the consciousness, to that 

degree we are transfigured and we manifest You from within 

our consciousness. We see You, the Self within and beyond 

the body, mind, intellect, ego, and all levels of 


Verily, after all, we see no one and nothing.  We experience 

Your Oneness everywhere, within and  beyond nothing and 

There is no one, including You, left to see

Thank You for advising us to submit all to You. By doing this, 

our consciousness is purified. Gradually our will harmonizes

with Your Will, and we are evermore free and fulfilled.

 This is true liberation and fulfillment.  It is Liberation from 

Maya, the debt of suffering where repeated birth and death 

take place, the illusionary energy, and fulfillment in the bliss 

of the Self. 

We have to clean up, purify our consciousness. This is the 

solution.  As we clean up our consciousness, we turn from 

our wicked ways.  Gradually, we are released from the debt of  
those cells within cells of  illusory suffering called Maya, and 

we rest in the tranquil bliss of the Self.   

We meditate in stillness and silence on You as the Supreme 

Witness of Stillness and Silence.  Thank You for revealing to 

us this method of being conscious of You constantly as 

the Witness of the Stillness and Silence.  Thank You for 

helping us see the Self looking out through this body 

witnessing Now.  

All praise to You, the Eternal, Omnipresent One, who is 

within and beyond "In" and "Out," potential and kinetic, 

and all other dualities.  You are One without a second,

 known by many names and no name at all.  It is You to 

whom other Spiritual Masters come to surrender and learn 

of the Self.  

Associating with You, through our spiritual practice of  

serving You, is enabling us to increasingly see and 

serve You in others and others in You.  In this way we are 

regaining the Monarch of all knowledge, knowledge of You.

By offering all to You, we are increasingly thinking of 

You. This is a process we are blessed to use for remembering 

You.  Remembering You is main purifying agent used for 

cleansing our Pineal gland and our consciousness.  A Vegan 

Diet, morning and evening sun helps, no doubt. 

 However, if we are not remembering You, all of the material

 diets in the universe will not help us attain You, our Highest 

and Best Consciousness.  This is our humble opinion based on

 our knowledge, observation and experience.    

Seeing that it is You within and without various forms of "The

other," we serve You exclusively.  Gradually we become again,

living expressions of Your precious, eternally selfless, 

and causeless love.

 We Praise You and submit all to You continuously. You are
the Supreme Love, the Source of self and its realization. 

Thank You, for revealing to us, through Service to You, our 

true Self.

Due to surrendering to You, we are experiencing the Self as 

the consciousness looking out through the Pineal gland.

 Gradually, we, as consciousness, are experiencing You as the

 Supreme Consciousness, the Source of the consciousness 

immanent transcending the body. 

We meditate on You as Supreme Spirit, beyond thought, the

Omnipresent Reservoir of All Pleasure and the basis of all

Divine Beauty, Love and Peace.

 In our poverty of intelligence we were striving after the 

illusion, that which does not exist. By the virtue of 

surrendering to You, we see that You are the only reality, all 

else is illusion.

Other than You, even Nothing does not exist.  It, like every 

other illusion, has no endurance.  It does not exist because it 

has no constant, everlasting, existence.  In a very strict sense, 

to exist means something has no cessation; it 

endures eternally. 

If it has a beginning, middle, and end, then, it does not exist. 

 You eternally pervade and transcend all beginnings, middles,

 and ends.  In the final consideration, You are the only true 

existence.  All else is illusory.

In the wake of this purification process, our consciousness is

returning to Your likeness. This experience is the basis of our

faith. It is a faith based on the concrete evidence of our 

knowledge, observation, and personal experience; thus it is

 that we know, we know, what we know.

You are the only permanence.  Of what value is striving for 

that which has no endurance? You alone are the only One 

truly worthy of our aspirations, our doings, or even, our 

thinkings. Thank You for engaging us in Your service by 

accepting our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

Most Unconditional Love, All praises to You and to You 

alone.  Association engenders assimilation. Submission of all

 to You, at all times, fixes the mind on You, forces it to 

consciously associate with You and thus be extricated from

 the intricate web of Maya, the suffering filled fantasy.

Although we are consciousness, we below are all fallible. You

are the Infallible, Supreme Consciousness within all 

consciousness.  You pervade and transcend all. We are 

victorious in the mundane, dream, and spiritual worlds the

 more our consciousness is constantly fixed on You.

We think  of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

 as the Source of all power.   The  Visible and invisible, 

emanate from You.  Thank You for teaching us how to purify

 our consciousness by always thinking of You.

  We have experience that this spiritual practice of purifying 

our consciousness by always thinking of You is bringing forth,

 ever stronger, our original forbearance, compassion, and 

incorruptible virtue.

The Producing, Grand Marshaling, and 

Annihilating Power of  birth, disease, old-age, death and 

rebirth, have You as their Source.  You do all of this without 

loss or diminution to any degree by any other power, negative 

or positive, demon or god.  

We think  of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You

 as greater than "I AM." Of the great powers in and beyond 

the universe, You are thought of, concentrated on, meditated

 on, by us, as the Greatest.  Thank You for revealing to us how

 to awaken our discrimination and be led, ever more, by Your

 Most Compassionate and Righteousness Presence.

You are within and beyond all bodily designations, all 

religions, colors, and species of life. Thank You for revealing 

to us this process of surrendering all to You. 

This spiritual practice is a method of worship beyond

 rituals and pilgrimages to Holy Places.  It helps us realize 

right here, You, the All Attractive, Ever Omnipresent 

Supreme Witness. 

 We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as  Supreme Awareness, within and beyond external sight, 

sound, and silence. Thank You for teaching us how to 

remember You.