Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 12

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha


We do for You.  Finding our "Calling" and doing it for Yo

gives meaning, significance, and worth to our work and 

Divine purpose and dignity to our life.  Thank You for 

teaching us how to offer, surrender, submit, serve You in all 

we think, feel, will, say, and do.

We think of You as within and beyond the most subtle, 

the most complex and gross.  Submitting to You helps us 

remember You.  Remembering You is the way we are 

returning to consciousness of You.  Thank You for helping us 

remember You with every breath.

 We have no desire for Mystic Siddhis, visible or invisible 

followers, material or spiritual wealth, fame or 

fortune.  What we really need is to never forget and 

always remember You, birth after birth.

As Pure Consciousness or Absolute Energy, You are referred 

to by many names. You are within and beyond all names.  

We refer to You, think of You, concentrate on You, and 

meditate on You as the One in the many in whom the many 

manifest, grow, and dissolve. 

 Moreover, You have unlimited attributes, names, and 

forms.  We think of you You as the Most Pure and Perfect 

Center, the complete Balance of all, within and beyond all 

names and forms. 

 Thinking of You associates us with You and purifies 

our consciousness.  This benefits ourselves as well as society 

by lifting us from the misery of Maya and reestablishing us in 

our original Divine Consciousness

We think of You as Omniscient, looking out 

through every eye, and hearing through every ear.  Verily, 

You are immanent and transcendent, pervading and 

transcending terrestrial and extraterrestrial. 

We think of You as the Source of the intelligence and other 

powers of the Cosmic Manifestations.  In this light, creation, 

maintenance, and dissolution rest in You alone.  You are our 

Supreme Being.  None is fit for worship other than You.

Thank You for helping us remember that planet earth is here 

in the universe also.  There is no up nor down, no north, east, 

south, nor west.  We think of You and meditate on You as the 

Supreme Absolute, within and beyond all dualities, 

immanent and transcendent in and beyond the universes. 

We meditate on You as the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Witness

 Witness of eternal Now.  Not even leaf tumbles to the 

ground without Your knowledge.  The seed germinates, the 

tree grows and decays back into the earth within Your 

Omnipresence and Omniscience.

All praises to You, Supreme Soul of the cosmic 

manifestation.  You do not derive Your subsistence from any 

source other than Yourself. Thank You for showing us how 

we to develop our original Self Worth, Endless Love for You.

We are coming back to our Eternal Love for You by seeing 

and serving You in all and all in You. Thus, we are 

empowered to love each other.   We reverence no crystal,

 images, or any other stone.  We think of You, concentrate on 

You, and meditate on You alone.

All glories to You, Divine Excellence of all the Cosmic 

Manifestations. Our ideal is to see You and serve You in each 

other, in every atom in every particle in which You pervade 

and transcend throughout the cosmic manifestation, 

gradually we are realizing there is none other than You.

There is only You within and beyond all temporary physical, 

mental, intellectual, and ego coverings. Thank You for Your 

association through submission to You.  This is bringing our 

will back into harmony with Your Will, the way of Eternal 

Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace.

Submitting all to You  is one of the primary tools we are using 

to align our consciousness with Yours.  You are our Supreme 

Being, the Most Gross and Most Subtle One, pervading and 

transcending the most gross and subtle vibrations.  

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as beyond dark and light, wrong and right.  Sharing our 

humble knowledge, observation, and experience of You is our 

submission to You. 

We regain, increasingly, our emotional stability, and we

 realize our original changelessness within and beyond all

 changes, by seeing and serving You everywhere, in 


Even the space between the infinite frequencies of silence is 

pervaded and transcended by You.  You are the source  of the 

cosmic manifestations and the Most Subtle, more subtle than 

space.  Smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest, 

simultaneously; surely, You are the Greatest.

We think of You as the Source of our mind, imagination and 

intelligence.  Without You we cannot truly stand. The more 

we fix our mind on You, by always thinking of You, the more 

we are awake, alive, centered and stable in the present 

moment throughout all the vicissitudes of life. 

Always thinking of You, remembering You, allows us the 

sacred privilege of basking in the radiance of Your 

purifying association.  It is everlasting, constantly 

increasing beauty, within and without the universe. Thank 

You for helping us to fix our mind on You through constant  

remembrance You. 

It is You and You alone who are the pilot and co-pilot of our 

life.  You rule exclusively. You have no partners, no equals, no 

friends, no enemies.  

All are the same in Your sight. In fact, You are all, 

everywhere. You have everything and nothing to see.  At this 

point, we have long said goodbye to Maya.

We think of You as the Utmost Pure.  By constant submission 

of everything to You, we fix our mind on You.  As this 

happens, our consciousness returns to its original state of 

purity and peace.  

Thus, our oneness with You, as an eternal, 

incomparable, beautiful soul, is known and experienced as 

the Self of all.  We meditate on You as the Silence and as the 

Eternal Witness of the Silence and the Stillness within which 

the Silence dwells.

The more we submit to You, all we think, feel, will, say and 

do, the greater is our realization that You are the Seer, The 

Light, by which all of Your cosmic manifestation is seen. 

Our business is to concentrate on You and thus spiral up and 

out of the ocean of suffering. Thank You for showing us that 

service done as submission to You is an excellent way of fixing 

the mind on You. 

Only You are always above the ocean of suffering 

where repeated birth and death are taking place.  You punish 

the evil and reward the good through Your law of Karma.

You are Supreme Being, beyond beginning, middle and end. You pervade and transcend the wetness of water and the strength of the wind. Thank You for showing us how to realize our original, eternal peace through service to You.  

Service to You begins with always remembering You.  Always remembering You begins by calling out Your Name and offering You everything.  Gradually, we begin seeing You everywhere, within and beyond everything.

Thank You, Supreme Consciousness, for teaching us the art 

of fixing our mind on You through service to You. This 

scientific process is the art and science of surviving, and 

thriving in security, freedom and peace. 

Surviving and thriving happens because our 

creativity, intelligence, and energy gradually aligns with 

Yours.  This Spiritual practice of always thinking of 

You is the engine which drives our spiritual practice and 

hence, our consciousness back to You. 

In this present moment, You, Ultimate Reality, are at hand, in 

the "Sound" of Silence, as the Witness of the Supreme 

Stillness of being, as our innermost reality and Supreme 

Friend. Thank You for teaching us how to associate with You, 

the Supreme Pure, through surrender to You. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Supreme Awareness,  witnesser of the coming and

going of the Universe, the source of infinite beauty 

and boundless blessings.

 You are the One, the greatest simplicity, the Source of our 

eternal, true nature of Tranquil Bliss. Thank You for teaching 

us how to clean up our  consciousness, and hence our lives, 

by always thinking of You.

We are living in the present moment, doing good, not for 

expectation of future rewards, but simply out of the clean 

heart and right spirit that comes as consequence of purifying 

our consciousness via Your association.

Through surrendering all to You we are associating with You. 

This helps us to always think of You.  This leads to 

concentrating on You and meditating on You. This is the 

consciousness purifying process offered to You and shared 

here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.

Universal  transformation through self transformation, we 

must save ourselves first.  As far as we are concerned, it 

seems impossible  for one to make a positive contribution

to solving the problem of birth, old-age, disease, and death.

  without consciousness of You.

  We upgrade, transform and improve our self by seeing the 

True Self as Indestructible Spirit, Energy, or Consciousness.  

In the same moment, we engage the consciousness, within 

which is the mind, in always thinking of You. 

This way of always thinking of You is the spiritual practice 

that we, here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com are using, 

and we are definitely making a positive contribution to 

solving the universal problem of birth, old-age, disease, and 


Thank You, Supreme, Eternal, Power of the universe. You are

teaching us the supreme benefits of surrendering all we think, 

feel, will, say, and do to You. 

Moreover, You are teaching us how to submit all to You at all 

times. This process cleanses our Pineal gland, purifies our 

consciousness, and helps us to fearlessly follow You at 

all times, evermore.

 Thank You for allowing us the sacred privilege of 

remembering Your Holy Name and submitting all to You, 

while we go about our mundane affairs. The more we 

surrender to You, and You alone, the more we recover from 

our sin-sick forgetfulness of You and return to wellness of 


We do all as an offering to You and to You alone.  This helps 

us remember You.  Our business is to remember You, not to 

make a business out giving to anyone else, nor to give because 

we will eventually get more fame, prestige, or some sort of 

material or spiritual wealth in return.

Always thinking of You is surrendering the mind to You.  

this practice associates us with You.  This gives us the 

power to still and quiet the monkey mind.  As this happens 

we gradually realize the body as the Temple of You, The 

Supreme Soul. We are the soul, and You are the Supreme 

Soul in and beyond all bodies.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Changless, Supreme Knower of the changing 

frequencies of  Silence.  Upon close observation and 

investigation, we see that Silence changes.  However, You the 

Best Witness of Silence, are always the same.

 Through You, we are offering this knowledge  Sentient 

Beings in and beyond this universe.  Those who have

 eyes to see and ears to hear can use this knowledge to look 

from within and find You, the greatest mystery and the 

Eternal Benefit, present here and now.