Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 15

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

   Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

Our spiritual practice revolves around always thinking of 

You, surrendering all to You, chanting Your Holy Names and 

meditating on You, the Eternal, Omnipresent, Observer of 

all, including the Silence. 

We think of You as the Source of the light within us, as well 

the light of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Thank You for 

leading us, on what is for us, the best way, the way of 

constant remembrance of You, to reach You.

Engaging in our spiritual practice of always thinking of You, 

our consciousness is cleansed of anger, lust, and greed.

  Consequently, we separate from the sin, suffering, and 

wickedness of Maya.  ThankYou for showing us how to let go 

of all things that interfere with our efforts to always 

think of You.

  Thank You for advising us to always think of You.  Thank 

You for watching over us in so many ways, reminding us to 

remain steadfast in our prayers and thanksgiving, 

our concentrating, and meditating on You.

As we separate from Maya by aways thinking of You, we 

are reestablishing ourselves in the tranquility of our Eternal 

Self.  This Self is also known as Pure Awareness.  Thank You 

for teaching us how to practice separating and remaining 

separate from Maya by always thinking of You.

 Thank You for showing us how to go back and get the 

spirituality that our ancient ancestors had in order to move, 

as they did, forward into the Nowness of You.  We meditate 

on You as being Pure Awareness, the Supreme Life Force, 

here now, witnessing Silence and Now.

Surrender, to us, means  submission, service, offering, all to 

You.  This is our ancient spiritual practice:  All that we think, 

will, feel, say, and do, we do as submission to You. Thus, our 

Awareness is purified and we remember that we can never

 be separated from You, the original Immortal Nature of all.

This ancient spiritual practice, coupled with the knowledge 

and experience that we are not this body, we are everlasting 

 spirit soul.  This is our ancient spiritual teachings and 

practice.  It leads to union with You:  Supreme, Being, Pure 

Energy, beyond any sort of gender or duality, Absolute 


All of this praise and glorification here at 

everlastingomnipresentpeace.com is done as an offering, a 

service to You. It is through service to You that we associate 

with You, and we are purified of ignorance of Self. 

 As the purification of consciousness increases, we come out 

of our exile in delusion and are reestablished in our original 

position of eternal life.  We think of You, we concentrate on 

You, we  meditate on You as Infinite, Omnipresent, 

Omniscient, Omnipotent.  You live within us.  We live within 


We think of our real life as eternal, full of unlimited bliss and 

knowledge. It is reached by thinking, concentrating, and 

meditating on You at the 6th Seal/Chakra, the Pineal Gland.  

Gradually we rise up through the 7th Chakra/Seal, the 

middle of the top of the head, to union with You, Infinite 


From the seventh Chakra, this pathless journey leads back to 

You, here, now, eternally in this present moment. We 

commence this journey-less journey out of Maya, perpetual 

war of all sorts, to Infinite Awareness, the Self.  It really 

begins by always thinking of You.

We are looking from the Third Eye through the two eyes at 

the front of the head.  However, the Third Eye not only looks 

outside with great discrimination, it looks within also with 

increasingly magnificent discernment and increasingly 

experiences Everlasting Peace.  We meditate on You as this

 Peace and Its Witness.  

We are pure spirit, in quality one with You who are our 

Supreme Spirit.  We think of You as simultaneously 

larger than the largest and smaller than the smallest. Thank 

You for encouraging us to always think of You.  It is through 

this spiritual practice that we experience our Selves as Pure 

Awareness, looking out over Consciousness, Sound, and 


We think of You as suffusing and beyond the Pineal 

Gland. We are seeing from You, the reservoir  of  all 

knowledge, intelligence, and energy.  We are seeing from You 

through the Pineal Gland.  Thank You for showing us, 

through our awakened intelligence, how to improve ourselves 

and the societies in which we live.

This can be experienced as our consciousness returns 

to Its original purity by remembering You.  Our Eternal 

Reality,  the Source of this original purity, is You. This 

knowledge, to us, is real knowledge of Self.  

Offering all to You empowers us to always think of You. 

Thinking of You is remembering You. Our dominion over our 

otherwise restless, pointless, deceitful mind is our constant 

remembrance of You.  Therefore, we chant Your name and 

offer You everything. 

 You are the center of our prayer, study, sacrifice, service, 

right association, and meditation.  This way we cleanse and 

keep none sense thoughts and other distractions out of our 

natural tranquil consciousness.

Supreme Love of all the worlds, we are able to see and serve 

You in each other, the more our consciousness is purified and 

edified.  Verily, You are the source and substance of all 

purification and edification. This consciousness we regain 

by submitting all to You. 

By rekindling our love for You through this science of 

surrendering to You, we think of You increasingly; 

we associate with You.  We think of you, we concentrate on 

You, as the greatest purifier, the source of the light of the Sun, 

the moon, and the stars. 

 By association with You our awareness is cleansed of 

all misunderstandings, especially the misconception that we 

are the body and that anything or one, other than You, can 

last forever and give lasting satisfaction. 

We have no desire to accumulate wealth, followers, 

knowledge, nor fame. We simply are interested in being fit 

instruments of Your righteous will, and doing all we do as 

humble offerings to You. Thank You for sustaining us in this 


 By offering everything to You, we free ourselves from the

repeated causes and effects of mundane existence. In the 

process we are freed from the bonds of attachment to 

all impermanence. Thank You for strengthening us in this 

endeavor to stay out of Maya and remain in Your loving 


All that we give away we do as an offering to You, not so that 

we can keep it forever.  Thank You for awakening 

our intellect and guiding us in our aspiration to be 

consciously constantly with You.

By surrendering all we think, feel, will, say, or do to You 

we edify as well as purify our awareness. Thank You for 

revealing to us simple and practical methods for cleaning our 

 awareness; thus we realize our total freedom from 

entanglement with Your illusory energy,  Maya.

Thank You for forgiving us and revealing to us this ancient

method of purifying our consciousness by always thinking of 

You.  Truly, remembering You is the basic spiritual 

practice offered here at everlastingomnipresentpeace.com.

  Thank You many times over for revealing this spiritual 

practice to us. 

We think of You, we concentrate of You, we meditate on 

You as the Last Witness of the Greatest Silence, the Supreme 

Intelligence at the foundation of all creation, maintenance, 

and annihilation.

Thank You, for granting us the intelligence 

to offer this meager service of always thinking of You to You.  

Thus, we experience our transcendence to birth, disease, old-

age, death, and rebirth.

We think of You as beyond none character and 

character.  All life has its origin in You who are Absolute, 

beyond all dualities. By Your grace and mercy we are 

surrendering all that we do, offer, and give away, even our joy 

and suffering, we are surrendering to You. 

Now we are realizing the fact that You are our true, ever 

increasing, potential. You are One. Beyond all dualities of 

time, space, and place, You remain One, Infinite, 

and the same, changeless, eternally, amidst all the things that 

 change within You.

While supporting and sustaining all attributes of reality, You

pervade and transcend substance and space. Thank You for

helping us remember to offer all our austerities, and all we 

give away, to You.  This spiritual process depends on no 

material considerations, and it is ever elevating.

 This spiritual practice begins with association with  

You.  The beginning of this association is always thinking  of  

You, the  Most Enlightened One.  Association breeds and 

nourishes assimilation. 

Thank You, for helping us to serve You in all we do. Through 

this constant submission to You, we detach from the delusions 

of the physical and spiritual worlds, and the impersonal and 

personal concepts of ultimate reality.

Gradually, we sober up to our original love for You.  As this 

happens, we are empowered to want the very best for all 

sentient beings, who are but transient reflections of our very 

Best Self.  Thank You for helping us become intellectually 

independent enough to think for ourselves in the light of 

knowledge, observation, and experience.

With purification of consciousness we are experiencing  the 

fact that You are our true, ever increasing, potential.  Beyond

 all dualities of time, space, and place, You are One.  Amidst 

all the things that change within You, You remain One, 

Infinite, and the always the same.