Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Serve 5

Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha.  Thank You Gye Nyame.

 Thank You Aum.  Thank You Bha. Thank You Gayatri.

Hari Aum Tat Sat.  Namo Namaha.

We fell into Maya and  forgot who we were.  We think of You, 

we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You as Now, the 

Supreme Witness of Everything; this includes Sound, Silence, 

Space, Nothing, and Now.  

Meditating on You in these ways helps us to reawaken to our 

original self confident, intelligent, and creative ways.  This 

gets out of Maya and keeps us on the straight and productive

path to consciousness of You.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You, 

we praise You, as the Imageless, Changeless, Source, who is  

within and beyond the Suns, Moons, Stars and all Cosmic 

Manifestations.  Focusing on You in this way cleans us 

spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and physically.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as pervading and transcending all faces, forms, intellects, and 

aspects.  Furthermore, we think of You, we concentrate on 

You, we meditate on You as the Source of Cultural 

refinement, and the Source of All representations of Divinity.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Most Righteous, Supreme Leader, of all the Worlds. 

Thank You for teaching us that we are Eternal Spirit, Soul, in 

quality One with You, not the temporary material body, 

mind, intellect, or ego.

We think of You as the Infinite, Spiritual Core who pervades 

and transcends all life. Thank You for teaching us how to 

purify our Pineal Gland, clean up our consciousness, quiet 

our mind, love ourselves, love You, and all sentient beings.  

We do this by remembering You in all we think, feel, will, say, 

and do. 

To help us to remember You at  all times, we develop the 

habit of  calling out one, or more, of Your numberless names 

while we do everything. This is another way we always think 

of You, associate with You, cleanse our Pineal Gland, purify 

our consciousness, and cleanse our environment while we 

come back to knowledge and consciousness of You


This spiritual practice frees our consciousness of distractions 

and all other unhealthy things, impediments to our spiritual

advancement.  Most importantly, it restores our  spiritual 

and cultural heritage while bringing us back here to 


There is nothing with which to compare You, the Absolute,

whether that comparison has form or whether it is formless. 

This true Self, within and beyond form and formless, 

impersonal and personal, is our own Supreme Being.

Pervading and transcending all nationalities, tribes, colors, 

religions, creeds and species of life, You, as well as we, 

have no designations.  We, the true Self, are spirit, in quality 

one with You, the Supreme Spirit of all. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as our Protagonist, the Most Stable One, the One  who is still 

here after the end has come and gone, our eternal stability, 

whom by constantly remembering we return.  You are our 


Thank You for helping us respect and practice the best of our 

History and Culture.  Thank You for showing us 

 why and how we should cast our buckets where we are. 

In the light and purification of our association with You, 

coupled  with observation, and experience, we naturally gain 

true Self-Knowledge, Divine Guidance, and return to  

balance.  This is moderation in thoughts, words, and deeds.

 In this association with You, which is our purification 

process, we develop compassion and love for all. We begin 

to accomplish the goal of Yoga, union with You.  This process 

begins and continues by always thinking of You.

 Ever Unsulliable, Supremely Pure in all respects, You are 

our Supreme Being, Ever Existing without interruption. 

Thank You for teaching us how to be free from the insanity of 

thinking the true being is a body, mind, intellect, or ego. 

 Lower contaminated consciousness, causes us to think and 

act in the materialistic consciousness way of  life.  However, 

as we  clean the lens of the Pineal gland and evolve, by always 

thinking of You, we regain our most righteous historical and 

spiritual memory. 

As our Pineal Gland is cleansed, decalcified, we see that the 

true living being is pure awareness looking out through a 

material body, and You are the Supreme Awareness of 

all looking out through all bodies. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as Pure Spirit, beyond names, forms, formlessness, 

personal and impersonal.  We think of You, we concentrate 

on You, we meditate on You as ever free from death, 

 disease, old -age, and birth.  We think of You, we concentrate 

on You, we meditate on You.  We are One.

By always thinking of You our consciousness is purified, and 

we regain our historical memory and our ancient spirituality. 

Thus equipped, we rise out of the intoxication of thinking the 

self is merely physical, mental, intellectual, or ego.

  As we come back to sobriety, we return to our best Self, our 

spiritual Consciousness, and are the positive change 

we wanted to see in the world. 

Thank You  for telling us to always think of You. It is in 

always thinking of You that we are rising from spiritual, 

intellectually, mental, and more or less, physical death, to 

everlasting, more abundant, life on all levels of existence.

 We return to being the positive change we wanted to see in 

the world through Your cleansing association. We associate 

with You by calling out Your Holy Names and submitting 

all we think, feel, will, say, or do to You. 

  Thank You for helping us to know, understand, and 

experience that the real Self, although suffusing the mind, 

intellect, and ego, is far above and beyond them.

It is through a clean consciousness and a quiet mind that we 

understand who we really are, where we need to be, and how 

to get "Here."  This is our original position.  This original 

position is Eternal, Ecstatic, Bliss filled, Incomparable 


We are this Eternal Freedom looking out as consciousness, 

through the Pineal Gland, also known as the Third Eye. 

actually, it is the First Eye.  Looking out in this this way, we 

begin to gain a modicum of insight and recognition of You. 

Thus, we gain an understanding and on going appreciation 

of ourselves and others as, in quality, one with You.

We need to be consciously one with You, the Supreme

flowing, in various degrees, through all Pineal glands. We 

return to conscious union with You, the goal of Yoga, 

by following righteousness and always thinking of You.

 Truly, we think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate 

on You as the Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, indweller of 

all.  We think of  You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on 

You as the Source of all thought, within all thought, beyond 

all thought, and the Eternal Witness of all. 

  The beginning, middle, and end of  the cosmic manifestation, 

silence, and all space, rest in You. Thank You for bringing 

more light to our traditional beliefs by inspiring us to get up 

and do the best for ourselves. The beginning of doing for self 

is to search deeper and more critically for the truth of who 

we really are.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we  meditate on You 

as the source of all wisdom, joy, right understanding, 

Justice, and freedom.  All praise to You, Invincible, Unlimited 

Consciousness, and the Infinite Ocean of Knowledge. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Supreme Witness of the space in which the cosmic 

manifestation has its beginning, middle, and end.  This 

spiritual practice purifies  our consciousness  and gradually 

we can see  Your reflections in all  sentient beings, our sisters 

and brothers.

Pervading and transcending the morning mist, the dew, the 

grass, the earth and the breathing of all bodies, all has its 

origin, manifestation, and dissolution in You.  All Sentient 

Beings are  One in You.

 Ever-Pure, pervading and transcending the impure and the 

pure, matter and spirit, You are our Supreme Being, 

Unchangeable, Perfect, Pure Awareness. The one indivisible 

complete whole, You are equal to all but none is equal to You.

We meditate on You as this Supreme, Eternal, Most Subtle 

Power Force pervading and transcending all interior and 

exterior worlds.  Our evolution up through the different 

stages of our spiritual transformation depends on our 

remembrance of You, the Substratum of all beings. 

Through constantly remembering You, our consciousness is 

quieted, purified, expanded, and freed from desires. As this 

happens, we can see You, serve You, experience You, and 

more easily follow Your Righteous lead. 

Following Your Righteous lead is how we 

move away from illusions, back to the eternally clear, blissful, 

tranquil Silence.  This is our Original, Loving, 

Fundamental Nature of Peace. 

We think of You as the Supreme Knower, the Ultimate 

Creator, the Unequivocal Maintainer, the Perfect Annihilator, 

and the Consummate Observer. You are within and beyond 

The Silence.

Now, the stillness of space, and Silence, all are within 

You. Thank You for revealing to us various ways in which we 

may remember You, associate with You, and thus purify our 

lower consciousness of Self ignorance, the primary 

contaminant of our consciousness.

Constantly serving You, offering all we think, feel, will, say 

and do to You, is a part of the ancient spirituality that our 

Righteous Ancestors used for meditating on You, and 

eventually experiencing You.

Our Righteous Ancestors were positively 

transforming their consciousness, cleaning their 

environment, and gradually reuniting with You, consciously, 

by thinking of You, concentrating on You, meditating on You 

and submitting all to You. 

We think of You as the witness, the doer, the deed done, and 

the source of Everlasting life. Thank You for revealing to us 

how to lead our lower self with our higher self by always 

serving You. 

When we increase our service to You, we realize what we 

need to do to resuscitate our lower consciousness.  Our lower 

consciousness has been more or less spiritually, intellectually, 

mentally, and morally, more or less dead. 

 By thinking of You, concentrating on You, and meditating on 

You our consciousness and environment are coming back to 

life, becoming clean and pure again.  We are coming back to 

our original life of Everlasting, Omnipresent, Ecstatic, Bliss 

and Abundance.

As resuscitation of consciousness occurs, we regain true love 

for You, ourselves, and others. At this point, we are regaining 

real freedom, our total, original, endless spirituality, 

overflowing with comprehension and bliss.  

In the process of purifying the self by always thinking of You, 

the Source of all spirituality and moral uplift, we gradually 

realize Your Omnipresence.  Beginning with our own lower

consciousness, we reawaken, restoring our Divine 

Consciousness, that from which we were seemingly divorced.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on you 

as our sole refuge, strength, and inspiration.  We know 

we have nowhere else to turn for succor other than to You. 

The Source of our great spirituality has You as its Generating 

Principle. Your Righteousness is Everlasting, Omnipresent, 

and available to help us in this moment, this second, this 

instant. Thank You for helping us remember to do all as 

submission to You.

 All praise to You, Sustainer of the space in which the cosmic

manifestations have their beginning, maintenance and 

annihilation.  Thank You for helping us to serve You. Thus, 

we clean our consciousness, our intellect, our mind.

As a result of this top down cleansing, we are able to 

look through consciousness as Awareness, reawakening 

evermore to You as our Most Perfect Center Point, 

our Grand Uniter.  Consequently, our  environment and 

everything we come into contact with is cleansed and 

developed for the greatest benefit of all.  

We meditate on You as the Most Invincible, Infinite Ocean of 

Knowledge. Thank You for helping us understand and 

experience the fact that Justice is Your law of Karma; 

The greatest Freedom and True equality is union with.

We think of You, we concentrate of You, we meditate  on You, 

as the source of  centeredness, balance, love, fortitude, and 

Infinite joy.  Thank You for helping us understand how we 

can use everything to help us remember You.  By 

remembering You, we move ever closer to You, and we live an 

increasingly abundant and evermore fulfilling life.

All praise to You who are pervading and beyond the most 

subtle of pure, healing, vibrations. You are the Foremost 

Witness, within and beyond Infinite stillness of Being. 

Our action plan for everything we will ever need, here and  

here and after, is to always think of You, concentrate on You 

and to meditate on You as the Silence and its Prime Witness.

Through association with You, our vibration, also known as 

the electromagnetic field or Aura,  purifies and harmonizes 

with You, the Source of the Most Positive and Pure 

vibrations in and beyond the universe .  

Thus it is that our vibrations, without a word  spoken 

orally, contribute to the propagation of  clean, positive,

 healing vibrations throughout our ego, intellect, mind, body, 

our immediate environment and our universe at large.  

Thank You for helping us re-aquire our long forgottened 

spiritual awareness, clean consciousness and rational mind.  

This state  of consciousness helps us remember You and rise 

out of the spiritual  poverty and suffering of Maya.

Thank You for encouraging us to see the self as 

consciousness, energy, awareness, or spirit.  Thank  You for 

teaching us how to think carefully and critically, with an open 

and flexible mind.

  Thank You for teaching us to believe and speak only when 

what we have seen, heard, or experienced aligns with our 

knowledge, observation, and experience.  Moreover, it should 

help us remember You, return to consciousness of You, have 

direct experience of Oneness withYou, in this moment.  

Otherwise, if our surroundings are not conducive to  

remembering You, Silence and Silent meditation on 

the Witness of the Sound and Sight of the infinite frequencies 

of Silence is best for continuous self  improvement and the 

return to You.

We think of You, we concentrate  on You, we meditate on You 

as within and beyond the energy which vibrates at various

 frequencies.  Verily, You are immanent within the

vibratory fields, and simultaneously, You are far beyond 


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Immovable Witness of the Infinite Stillness of Being

 and all other states of Being and Nonbeing.  Thank You for 

showing us how to remember You.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as pervading and transcending the fullness and emptiness of 

time, space, and circumstances.  The Source of 

everything, the deepest Peace, and the Greatest Joy, we  think 

of, we concentrate  on, we meditate upon as You. 

Thank You for showing us how to purify our lower 

consciousness by remembering to serve You. The more this is 

done our consciousness is freed from contamination and we 

increasingly exhibit loving kindness toward all sentient 


We think of  You as the Supreme Divinity of all the gods and 

lords. Thank You for advising us to Serve/Submit all we 

think, feel, will, say and do to You.  By doing this our 

consciousness is purified and our will gradually harmonizes 

with Your will, the way of Peace.  

As our will gradually harmonizes with Your will, the more 

abundant are our virtues.  Moreover, the greater our ability 

to hear You and follow Your Righteous guidance.  Thus we 

return, back to our historical accuracy, our 

 transcendental memory, and our material and spiritual  


We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the only One Beyond unconditioning and conditioning.  To 

us, You are the basis of all spirituality and religion, suffusing 

and transcending all sorts of character and substance. 

Simultaneously, You are supporting and sustaining 

all attributes of morality and all levels  of  consciousness

 throughout the universe.  

     We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on 

You as the One from whom vast and variegated creations, 

are engendered, maintained, and annihilated; yet, You always 

remain the same, the Supreme Absolute within and beyond 

change, changelessness, and all other dualities.

Thank You for helping us develop the kind of intelligence 

that guides us to think of  You, concentrate on You, meditate 

on You, and to serve You with ever increasing devotion and 

love.  As far as we can see or understand, in the light of our 

knowledge, observation, and experience, You are our 

Greatest Good fortune.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the First, the Last, the Ultimate Witness of the Greatest 

Noise and the Greatest Silence.  Thank You for granting us 

this sacred privilege of increasingly remembering You.  The 

few glimpses we have had of You and Your Glory are the 

basis for our optimism.

Our  service to You is surrender to You. This entire action 

plan and spiritual practice is designed to help us to associate 

with You and remember You.  Associating with You is how we 

are coming back to You.  

There can be focus points or things that help us remember 

You.  However, sooner or later, these focus points have to be 

discarded.  Even so,  they can be of help at the beginning of 

our spiritual evolution.  

However, at a certain point these so called focus points 

 hinder our spiritual vision, experience, and our union 

with You.  Undoubtedly, You are beyond all names, forms, 

and mental concepts. 

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the  Most Abstract One, more subtle than any rarefied air 

or ether.  Truly, You are the Most Subtle One who is the 

Ultimate Witness of the vast infinity of Silence.  There are not 

and cannot be images of You nor Your likeness.  

  Meditating upon and within this Great Silence, the 

individual self is totally absorbed. We think of You, we  

concentrate on You, we meditate on You as the Source of this 

Great Silence and the Greatest of all energies. 

 No doubt, You are in the many and the many are suffused 

with You.  Nevertheless, You are beyond the many and the 

Great Silence.  The Ultimate Goal of our action plan and the 

motivator of our spiritual practice is longing to be reunited 

with You, Our Supreme Being.

We think of You, we concentrate on You, we  meditate on 

You, we remember You as the Supreme Witness, the Supreme 

Being, Self, Energy, or Consciousness.  It is upon You, the 

One, the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme 

Absolute that we  think.

It is You, who are within and beyond all forms, formlessness, 

names and namelessness, within and beyond all dualities, 

that we think about, concentrate on, and upon whom 

we meditate.